Continental will bring its wireless charging EV Pads to CES

There is good news for EV owners as Continental AG has announced today that it will introduce its version of technology at CES at next month along with a new onboard charging station promised to give EV owners a greater flexibility.

wireless charging pads

Inductive charging systems would be a game-changer for EV such as those BMW, Mercedes and other automakers and smaller startups which are in use for years. Now the EV owner will position the car over the top of a place instead of plugging their rides into a socket, where a primary coil will transmit power wirelessly to another charging coil in the car through magnetic induction.

Company says that one minute charging of 11 kW rate of inductive system will offer a kilometer (.6 mi) of range. Micronavigation will automatically position the car over charging pad with 10 times the accuracy of a typical parking assistant.

Company will also show its AllCharge system at CES.This essentially integrates the dedicated inverter, the component that converts electricity from an alternating current (AC) charging station into the direct current (DC) needed for electric vehicles, into a modified drivetrain.

Shortly Continental claims that it’s a universal onboard charger that “can utilize any charging point whatever the charging rate, type of current or voltage level,” and receives enough power in 10 minutes to run for 300 km (186 mi) of range. Not only this company says that its AllCharge system will effectively turns the EV into a mobile energy bank because its onboard inverter can also convert DC into AC to use to charge devices.

Production for AllCharge is planned for 2022 however it’ll show its early version of inductive charging system at CES 2018 in Las Vegas on January 8.

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Humanoid Robot carried Olympic torch in Daejeon

Robotics are entering in human life and now they will perform as directed even can carry a torch in opening ceremony of Olympics. Same happened in South Korea in a relay leading to  PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018. Hubo, a humanoid robot has performed this task. Hubo was built by a team at the KAIST public research university and took out the DAPRA Robotics Challenge in 2005, had to perform a disaster rescue operation to hand off the torch to the next runner.

robot olympics torch

Torch robotics run was performed on the KAIST campus as part of a three-day leg of torch relay in Daejon. Torch was handed over to the Hubo by Dr. Dennis Hong as professor from University of California, Los Angeles arrived in an autonomous vehicle.

Hubo walked 150 m to a brick after once having the torch to a brick wall that it had to cut through before it could give the flame to its developer, Professor Oh Jun-ho. Professor Oh, in turn, gave the flame to Jung Jae Lee, a winning team member of the Samsung Junior Software Cup, who rode in a special robotic chair with legs for propulsion called FX-2. Both only took a few steps.

“Today’s special Olympic Torch Relay celebrating [information and communications technology (ICT)] was a fantastic display of innovation and creativity,” said PyeongChang Organizing Committee (POCOG) President LEE Hee-beom. “ICT is a very important part of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Games as we aim to be the most connected and technologically advanced Games ever. Today was a chance for us to show the world some exciting technologies that will be showcased during the Games.”

The Winter Olympics begin in PyeongChang, South Korea on February 9, 2018 and run for two weeks.

humanoid robot

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Tiny Outdoor Dwellings built on solidified in Hawaii

Tiny house designer and Associate Professor at University of Oregon, Erin Moore has realized the construction of two dwellings amid a 300 year old solidified lava landscape in Hawaii. Named as Outside House, these pair of cabins are considered as place to connect with the land without any effect upon it.

The Outside House consists to two structures Mauka and  Makai. Keeping in view the client’s interest to preserve the land, these have been designed for modest living and can be installed without leaving a footprint and re-installed at any desired location.

tiny outdoor dwelling

“The center of the Outside House is the uneven, ever-changing ground between the pavilions,” says Erin Moore. “The unbuilt areas of the Outside House – lichen on the lava, a curved rock wall, a growing endemic mamane tree – are the essence of daily living in this place and what the client values most.”

Mauka is fully enclosed cabin as it has been designed as a comfortable place to sleep and to enjoy the views of lush Hawaiian landscape. It features a cozy double bed, seating and desk area, large glass sliding door and stunning wooden finishing throughout. The house is accessible via rear staircase.

The Mauka tiny house has been built with light wood-frame construction elevated above the lava ground through four concrete pillars. North and south sides of cabin are covered with a reflective film while the east and west sides are clad with western red cedar. For optimum air flow, the home is fitted with screened vents whereas the roof features polycarbonate sheathing to keep it protected from island rains.

Makai is outdoor shelter designed as a place to enjoy outdoor, installed several feet away from Mauka tiny house. Makai features a large sheltered open terrace with a basic outdoor kitchen and hidden open shower. The outdoor shelter is built with galvanized steel frame.

Both cabins, Mauka and Makai have been designed with a concept easy to install home kit and being light enough so that two people can carry it easily.

Outside House is this year’s first place winner of the University of Hawaii’s Building Voices Design Competition.

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Meet Riyan-The billionaire Child

Do you think that a child can earn so much that he becomes billionaire at the age of six? Really you are surprised that how much a child can earn at this stage. Meet little Riyan who comments about toys on YouTube and earn millions. Riyan last year earning was 11 million US$ (Approx 1.25 billion in PKR). He earned this money from YouTube videos watched by people through Youtube. He provides analysis and comment about toys on his YouTube channel “Toys Reviews

how to earn from YouTube

Forbiz Magazine has added this child name in the list of people earning a lot in 2017. His YouTube toys reviews videos have been watched by 16 billion people since 2015. Although he’s earning a lot but only few people know the child.

What is his complete name, where he lives? We just know that he is American. While interviewing to Washington Post, her mother told that Riyan was thinking about YouTube when he was 3 years old as he have been watching these types of channels with deep interest. Her mother further told that with the conditions to keep this secret that one day Riyan told me that I’m not using YouTube like other child. Then we went to a toys shop and purchased a toy. This was startup of his YouTube channel.

earning from Youtube

One of his video has been watched by 800 Million times. Since 2015 till January 2016, one million people have subscribed his YouTube channel. Now the channel has achieved the milestone of more than 10 million subscriptions.

  YouTube earning


Time-saving tips for web surfing

As per survey American spends two and half hours daily using INTERNET which is more than twice as they spent eating and five times more than they spent behind the wheel of a car. Whereas this duration increased while they use internet at weekend as they spend most time surfing the internet. Now this is time to find out amazing time saving web surfing tips so we can save our precious time enabling ourselves to relax in so much busiest life schedule.

After a deep research we’ve find out 5 amazing internet time-saving tips, same are enlisted below for your easy web surfing experience.

diy web surfing tips

1)   Try different browser

If you want to save your time while surfing internet then try different browsers rather than to try only one browser because different browsers have different features and add-ons. For instance if you are gamers then it’s possible that a browser don’t have required features but any other browser might have the required features.

best internet browsers

2) Learn the shortcuts

There are so many shortcuts available in your keys that can save a lot your time while surfing internet. Like most of us know that we use Ctrl+C to copy and then Ctrl+V to paste. Same like Window+M can be used to minimize your all documents if you want to access your desktop in a second.


3) Search smarter

Search engines are smarter so don’t write and they can understand for what we are searching so don’t search by inputting lines into your browser just input the phrase or keywords for your required search results. So search smarter by inputting phrases and keywords.

4) Just type Webpage

Almost all web browsers allows auto fill while searching on the web. For instance if you want to visit a website for instance then just type There is no need to type www or http/https before the site address.

5) Use Tabs

Using tabs on your keyboards will save your lot of time. Only one press of tabs with combination of appropriate key can perform a function in few seconds. Make it your habit to use your tabs while web surfing.

A Visit to Lalish Iraq

Lalish is a mountain valley village in Shekhan District of Nineveh Governorte in Northern Iraq near the border with Iraqi Kurdistan. There is temple of Sheikh Adi ibn Musafir which is considered the holiest temple of Yazidi faith. As the temple is since Ancient times therefor many archaeologists and historians say that this temple was part of Sumerian and other ancient Mesopotamian civilizations and from as early as the 25th century BC through to the 7th century AD the entire region of northern Iraq was an integral part of Assyria. Later it became the location of the tomb of Sheikh Adi ibn Musafir, who is a central figure of the Yazidi faith. The Lalish village is situated above the town of Shekhan which was the 2nd largest population of Yazidi prior to the persecution of Yazidis by ISIL. The distance from the Mosul is about thirty-six miles in northeast.

places to visit in northern iraq

Yazidis are expected to make a six-day pilgrimage to Lalish to visit the tomb of Sheikh Adi and other sacred places at least once in their lifetime. The other sacred places are dedicated to other holy beings. There are two other sacred springs called Zamzam (in the cave below Sheikh Adi’s sanctuary) and Kaniya. There are also Pirra Selat (Serat Bridge) and a mountain called Mr. Arafat in Lalish which are significant in other faiths. Yazidis living in this area are expected to make a yearly pilgrimage to attend the autumn seven-day Feast of the Assembly.

yazidi holiest tomb

places to visit in northern iraq

holiest tomb of yazidi faith

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temple of sheikh adi ibn musafir


“Take me home” system automatically rescues astronaut during spacewalk

Engineering firm Charles Draper Laboratory has patented a “take me home” automatic rescue system that enables disabled or disoriented astronaut to return to safety just by pushing a button. This system will rescue the astronaut who went wrong into deep space with no way to get back or where no person can reach to rescue them.

We’ve seen lot of science fictions where an astronaut floats off into the infiniteness of space due to accident or carelessness during spacewalk while nothing happened in real life. NASA has spent over half century to develop various system to help astronauts save themselves in case of emergency.

astronaut rescue system

The standard system is the Simplified Aid For EVA Rescue (SAFER) unit. It’s a simple U-shaped module installed on the astronaut’s life support pack. A bottle that contains pressurized nitrogen is installed at bottom while the arms hold tiny thrusters. The control unit on the chest allows the astronaut to jet back to safety in case losing during spacewalk. The only problem with the setup is that it doesn’t work if the astronaut is unconscious, confused, ill or blinded. To overcome this problem, the firm has developed a system that works like the automatic return on some upmarket drones where the press of button or a low battery charges causes to stop and then return to base.

As there is no GPS in space however it can be configured to work in a different ways. The sensors installed in this system can detect movement, acceleration or a change in position relative to a fixed location such as a spacecraft, and once activated. The system “take me to the home” also takes into the account time, oxygen consumption, safety and clearance requirements to calculate a route to return the person to safety using SAFER unit.

how to rescue astronaut

 As per patent, the system could operate the rescue by itself by taking control of the thrusters or can provide the astronaut with visual auditory and sensory signals using sensors and helmet display. It can also be configured to handle a number of expected scenarios and to work accordingly.

Draper says that the “take me home” technology could be applied on Earth, aiding first responders, fire fighters, skydivers, and scuba divers in disorienting situations. This automatic astronaut rescue system has been funded by NASA.


Rinspeed’s all electric mobility pod Snap will show at CES 2018

The Swiss automaker Rinspeed has disclosed more details about its latest concepts which is to be revealed at CES in next month. Explaining more about its two-part electric vehicle designed to be recycled and upgraded to keep pace with upcoming automotive technologies.

The basic concept is not actually new as we already learnt about Rinspeed’s Snap back in October. Its name has been taken from various components of the vehicle to snap into place. Primarily the pod is built to carry passengers while the skateboard equipped with the mechanics to carry that pod.

Rinspeed all electric mobility pod

Rinspeed’s imagining that Snap’s detachable pod can be replaced when needed while it can be used as a camping pod if not carrying passengers. As well it can be used as shopping space, “cozy cuddling pod” or as less romantic types of micro-dwellings.

Talking about inside’ there is soft leather seating, storage space, wireless charging systems and a host of screens for displaying movies along with messages and route information. It’s also an intelligent assistant that observes the passengers habbits and even can recommend user-specific restaurants. While the exterior, six projectors display the window with messages for other people on the road such as “Right of way granted” and “Caution, Children.”

The skateboard is installed with an electric powertrain. Two steering axels are there that allow Snap to turn practically on a dime. It features hardware and software required to make the vehicle autonomous along with other fast-aging mechanical and IT bits and pieces, however these will become outdated much quicker than the pod but can be recycled after a few years.

Rinspeed will show it at CES 2018 in Las Vegas in January 8-12. Watch below video.


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Modern home Indoor Planters DIY

Either you are owner of modern house or have a simple rustic living place; you don’t have excuse to maintain greenery in your home. There are so many ideas of home décor-indoor gardening is one of them. If you are nature lover then this is super fit idea for you. Maintaining indoor gardens in your living place has a lot of benefits. Fresh air for your body is one of them which is very dire need of every human body. As per research, plants and tree greenery maintain oxygen level in your living place.

There are so many ideas to start your own home gardening however it depends upon your choice and the space available in your sweet home. In today’s post I’ll share some fascinating indoor planter ideas with you. These planters are simple, rustic and easy to maintain. Ideas have been gathered from different resources for you. Try it and enjoy.

DAPRA plans to create Organic Surveillance Sensors

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Escape Pod by Podmakers-The Best Pod

UK-based firm Podmakers has introduced its Escape Pod imagining it as a garden retreat for workers, visitors or anyone in need of a little time out. Escape Pod is a versatile backyard dwelling that has many options to adapt even it include changing orientation to enjoy afternoon sun.

outdoor pod

The Escape Pod is built from birch ply and European however finished in cedar shingles giving it a strong fairytale feel and rustic look. If you are curious about interior of Escape Pod then listen, its interior features a number of configurations including an office space with integrated storage space, a bedroom with a view of the stars through the domed skylight, a studio with a day bed or a meeting space with room for ten.

interior of escape pod

However it comes with insulation and heating with different options like underfloor or by way of wood burner, having curved windows that can be placed at the buyer’s discretion. If the owner want to make full use of these windows, the pods must be placed on a platform around half a meter (1.6 ft) off the ground enabling to rotate to maximize the light shining through.

Price of Escape Pod begins at Euro 19800 varying as it depends on the configuration and style options.

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