SmithFly raft-tent will enable campers to sleep on water

Its human nature to pitch their tent near to the water while setting camps near a lake or pond. Now SmithFly,s new Shoal Tent enables the campers one step further. Shoal Tent is a floating raft with a tent topper that actually allows the camper to sleep on the water surface.

camping on water

No poles are required to set up the floating raft and also claimed to be withstand in high winds. It includes with three air chambers-the tent’s structural support is also expandable. The drop-stitched floor is or 6 inches thick when expended and doubles as an air mattress. The tent can be detached from the raft via series of hoo-and-loop fasteners, if the camper wants to use on the land.

floating water tent smithfly

It is better to know that Shoal Tent has a footprint of 8 by 8 ft and accommodate people up to 6’3″ tall either sleeping of standing up inside. Its weight is only 75 lb (34 kg) and can be packed into a storage bag

This floating raft tent will be available in the market by late December or early January how it can be prerecorded now for a price of US$1499.

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Taxa adds Mantis to its Funky Trailer flagship

Taxa Outdoor has been inputting for the last 7 year to get into the market. Like they unveiled NASA a small-living know-how into a series of funky trailers. Actually story started from original Cricket trailer then going with smaller and smaller with the trailers and living modules like the TigerMoth, Wooly Bear and Firefly. But now it’s going in a bigger direction as the company unveiled all-new Mantis that is 18-ft flagship that sleeps four adults in backcountry.

mantis camping trailer

After unveiling ground tent-topped Wooly Bear in last year, it was being expected that the company will carry on with smaller without getting into the non-camping cargo trailer or bike camping trailer markets. But there is always room for development and now Taxa introduced a trailer that’s 3 ft longer than the original Cricket.

“Our dealers wanted something with more sleeping room to round out our family of products beyond the Cricket, which is designed for two adults and two younger children,” says company founder Garrett Finney. “The number one selling trailer for the past decade is a 20-ft (6-m) trailer that sleeps four adults. This is our version of that.”

mantis trailer reviews

The oblique chaos of the exterior leads the way to a more frank interior having sleeping area at the ends and a kitchen and bathroom. The front has two bunk bed a sleeping area for 4 adults as promised by the Taxa while the back has a full size convertible bed/sofa.

As per information the Mantis will officially hit the market in October while estimated cost will start from US$32,500 for the Camp version.

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sCarabane wows the Crowd at Australian 4*4 Expo

While exhibiting motorhomes and trailers at Australian 4×4 Expo and Overland Expo by famous camper trailer companies, the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon dedicates some space for futuristic campers and technologies. This year Volkswagen California XXL isn’t only the head-turning concept camper. And this year France’s Green Cat Technologies has wows the crowds by unveiling a caravan that folds out into 360 degrees at camp, tracking the sun to provide electricity and hot water as per requirement.

It looks like a permanent, off grid tiny home, is actually folding caravan that packs into a 25.6-ft-long wheeled box via fold-down, flip-up and swing-out hardware on both sides. One side is equipped with large outdoor deck with retractable awning while other has two bedrooms to the central living area.

Named as sCarabane, it takes only 30 minutes from living to driving and it can be performed by only one person. Where its hardware is also impressive but its focus is on green technologies. It’s electrical rotation system enables to spin the caravan 360 degrees to optimize sun exposure, light and radiation flow to the solar panels water heating system. The caravan mounts on a circular track and can be rotated slowly as needed.

The company has built out an effective solar-harvesting system which is equipped with collapsible 65-sq ft parabolic concentrator mirror on the roof. It provides natural means of heating water for supply to the faucets, shower, washing machine and dishwasher inside living place. There is also a 500-W solar panel array installed on the roof. sCarbane utilizes the natural light and warmth of the sun. An adjustable bubble window allows the occupants to adjust the level of natural light and heat as needed which it provides through reflective shade of the bubble window. Further a manually adjustable rose window is installed with each bedroom to adjust the desired amount of light for the room.


Awesome Tree House-Dom’Up

Dutch Arboriculturist Bruno de Grunne and architect Nicolas d’Ursel from Trees and People have introduced a new suspension style cabin named Dom’up. It’s an innovative treehouse which attracts your attention and shows something innovative as compared to tree camping and traditional treehouse structures. In other words its easy to install tree shelter which leaves no impact on its surrounding environment and trees.

Dom’Up features a lightweight 16 sq m octagonal platform suspended between two trees, using Trees and People’s No Trace arboreal fixing system.

“The idea is to use the inner space of the forest, between the trees, rather than the inner space of a single tree which is full of branches and obstacles,” de Grunne tells Gizmag. “Using our hanging system, we can distribute the weight of the structure with greater support, while having a lower impact on the trees. In fact, a tree can adapt itself to the constant tension like it does naturally with constant wind and we can achieve zero impact on the landscape. It is much better for the trees to hang treehouses between trees with our No Trace hanging devices, rather than trying to build into one or more trees.”

Dom’up provides large terrace and wide open interior space which can be used as bedroom or living. Its equipped with UV-resistant double canvas tent shelter. Moving the bed to the terrace, users can enjoy night under the stars or just keeping the bed inside and zip up to enjoy cozy night in  tree tops.

The Dom’up structure has been made from steel. Wooden flooring and external railing has been installed to make it more secure which can be removed in winter or rainy periods how it can be reinstalled in spring. Access to the treehouse is possible by using wooden ladder or using specifically designed stairs or bridge, depending on the landscape.

It takes 2 days to install this treehouse and can be used for years.The body of the rig has been studied by the well-known engineering company Greisch, to be light, resistant and easy to build or remove, with no need of a crane,” says de Grunne. “The overall durability will depend on the weather conditions but the body of the structure can remain for decades and the tent materials for at least ten years.”

Ropes and Straps to be replaced after five years as per European safety standards. Tree and people are working on updated insulated version of Dom’up with a firewood heating system.

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Outdoor Hanging Tree Tenting Ideas

Tentsile, a british hanging tree tents maker firm, is going to release its new product Flite afterStingray, Connect and Vista. Flite is a lightweight and affordable four season tent, which can be strapped in a backpack, can be assembled in 10 minutes having capacity for two adults plus their gear, safely off-ground.

The basic purpose of a tree tent is to attach your tent to some trees and in this way off-the ground, campers can escape all creepy-crawlies, dampness and rocks.

Flite measures 45 x 15 x 15 cm (18 x 6 x 6 in) when packed in bag and 2.5 x 3.5 m (8 x 11 ft) when in use. This hanging tree tent provide floorspace of 3.75 sq m (40 sq ft) having weight just 3.3 Kg including its ratchet. Its load capacity is max 220 Kg and this off-ground hanging tree tent is accessible via zippable entry points.

You can assemble the outdoor hanging tree tent in 10 minutes as video provided by the firm but it requires few attempts.


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The Drifter-Outdoor destinations Trailer

Seattle, a Washington-based Drift House campers has introduced The Drifter for those who are in search for small and inexpensive trailer for weekend destinations. It includes a bed, kitchen area, some storage space and off-grid extras. There are so many types of trailers available in the market with different size and prices but The Drifter is smaller than those. It measures just 8 x 5 ft (2.4 x 1.5 m), weighing at 644 kg (1420 lb). it can be transported using 15-inch wheels and also finished in marine-grade aluminum and cedar wood.

The Drifter is well-insulated and suitable for all season as well, as disclosed by Drift House Campers. The interior is very simple and includes a Murphy-style bed, full-height closet, under bed storage, a small-spaced kitchen with sink and faucet. Outside there is small storage chest, a holder for skis, snowboards and tie-on connections for more gear. It can be accessed through a single door and a pair of double-pane windows for natural light and ventilation. A standard electric and water hookup is also installed outside.

Bike rack, spare wheel, extra storage, a pull-out awning and a toilet tent are also available as optional extras. Firm also offers modest off-grid goodies like battery, solar panel package, and solar powered lighting system.

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DIY Fantastic Outdoor Camping Ideas

During summer or winter vacations, people went outdoor to enjoy the vacations and they get relaxed and feel comfort after long period. People have different ideas to enjoy when they are at outdoor journey or at picnic. After reaching the desired place, first of all we search for an accommodation. Though we can get a room on rent however we have a great idea in alternate to this. We have some easy outdoor camping ideas for you while you go outdoor. If you want to save money or have short picnic budget then it’s good idea to bring your outdoor camping material with you. If you have your own vehicle or on rent then you can carry your luggage easily or can make a camp on the cabin of your vehicle or car. Keeping in view the weather conditions you should bring the camping equipments as per weather conditions. Otherwise it may spoil your picnic enjoyment. You also consider the No of the persons going on outdoor picnic so that you can bring or manage the outdoor camping as per requirement.

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