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Either you are owner of modern house or have a simple rustic living place; you don’t have excuse to maintain greenery in your home. There are so many ideas of home décor-indoor gardening is one of them. If you are nature lover then this is super fit idea for you. Maintaining indoor gardens in your living place has a lot of benefits. Fresh air for your body is one of them which is very dire need of every human body. As per research, plants and tree greenery maintain oxygen level in your living place.

There are so many ideas to start your own home gardening however it depends upon your choice and the space available in your sweet home. In today’s post I’ll share some fascinating indoor planter ideas with you. These planters are simple, rustic and easy to maintain. Ideas have been gathered from different resources for you. Try it and enjoy.

DAPRA plans to create Organic Surveillance Sensors

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DAPRA plans to create Organic Surveillance Sensors

Dedicated to develop innovations that strive for transformational technologies change, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DAPRA) is an US Govt technology research arm which has announced a number of landmarks this year. It includes new gene editing technologies and development into brain computer interface devices.

DAPRA organic sensors

The latest one of them to be revealed has been named as Advanced Plant Technologies (APT) which in process of approval from science and technology community on the potential ways to plant physiology could be appropriated to detect “chemical, biological, radiological, and/or nuclear threats, as well as electromagnetic signals.”

The purpose of the program is to naturally modify certain plants so that specific response mechanisms are triggered when they are presented with specific stimuli. it has been recommended that existing hardware to be used to remotely monitor these responses so that these plants could be used an organic sensors. No new hardware will be developed but to measure such things as a plants’ temperature, chemical composition and reflectance, relying on the existing technologies.

“Plants are highly attuned to their environments and naturally manifest physiological responses to basic stimuli such as light and temperature, but also in some cases to touch, chemicals, pests, and pathogens,” says Program Manager for APT, Blake Bextine. “Emerging molecular and modeling techniques may make it possible to reprogram these detection and reporting capabilities for a wide range of stimuli, which would not only open up new intelligence streams, but also reduce the personnel risks and costs associated with traditional sensors.”

No specific plants or external stimuli yet specified as DAPRA says that it will be disclosed as the research proposals are evaluated. However the initial announcement does add that the goal is to “modify multiple and complex traits to give plants new capabilities that enable them to sense and report on numerous stimuli.”

All these initials are restricted to laboratories, greenhouse environments or simulated natural environments. Field trials will take place under the watchful eye of DAPRA only if the research proves successful.

plant survillience technologysource

App Plant Life Balance tells how to manage Indoor Plants for Improved Air Quality

We’ve observed many ways where augmented reality has informed us about our purchasing decisions but it depends if we allow these superimposing products into our living rooms. A new app called Plant Life Balance has followed a similar approach after a deep research. This app help users to decide their home with just the right amount of air and soul-cleansing plants.

indoor plants app

Science tells us that plants can purify our air and that makes our living place a little bit nicer but the team behind the new app Plant Life Balance has taken one step further as this App has been developed after reviewing more than hundred scientific articles to develop what it calls plant life balance index. By rating in this app you can decide that how much different plants can improve the life of urban dwellers, offering a reading of two basic metrics, air quality and wellbeing.

In its index you can observe the things like how different plants absorb volatile organic compounds and other particulate such as dust, pollen, soot and smoke, along with how plants in our living place can improve productivity and social behavior. Even it also takes into the account the surface area of plant’s leaves and how big the plants themselves are and which combinations of small and large plants can have maximum impact, depending on our living space.

gardening app

Using the app on smartphone, the users take a snap of the room and input number and size of plants in living their living space. The app Plant Life Balance then tells through rating that how healthy the space is. App also allows users to tweak things by dragging and dropping virtual plants into the room and adjusting their size as well.

best augmented reality app

App uses a catalogue of more than 90 plants that can be super-imposed onto a room and then finalizes a list of those selected plant which user can order to local nursery to green up the living place. This app is available free for both iOS and Android worldwide.

ssfree app to manage indoor gardens


DIY Modern Indoor Garden Ideas

Greenery soothes us. This is the reason we always love to spend time in a park or around trees. However, it is not always possible. With smaller apartments and lesser space to live with, modern indoor gardening trends are catching up. The little corners available in the balconies or window sill can be used for the same. The leftover or unused mason jars are great options to plant small herbs in the house.

The DIY indoor gardens can not only light up the house but also provide various herbs that can be used in the kitchen. For example, cilantro, oregano, and rosemary are perfect for the kitchen window-sill. Old plastic bottles in hanging along the walls in horizontal manner act as a pot for the plants. When it comes to space-saving indoor gardens, tea cups are an antique and sophisticated choice. Basil will grow well in an old wine bottle.

Old shoe boxes are sturdy and huge. They can perfectly take the modern indoor gardening trend up a notch and are eco-friendly too! If you have any leftover tin boxes of biscuits, tea leaves etc, plant some saplings in it and place them around the corner. Besides herbs, there are many small plants which flower all along the year. Planting the colorful flowering plants would add a splash of colors to your DIY indoor gardens.

Old bulbs look glamorous when used as flower pots. Paint some decorative designs with glass paint and tubes and glitter tubes. Use the spherical portion as the base and keep it upside down to make your space-saving indoor gardens.

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DIY Pallet Planters Project

DIY pallet planters are taking the world by storm. They are renewable, occupy less space, offer lots of varieties and easy to take care of. Out of all, they are very economical which makes them quite popular. The most favorite material for pallet planters is wood.

For those of us who are trying it for the first time, the idea of DIY pallet planters can leave us a bit nervous. But, in reality, is quite easy. You just need some usual things in hand to start making it.

Items needed: Clean pallets, sandpaper, hammer, landscape fabric, few nails (1 inch each), paint (non-toxic), paintbrush, a bag of soil and some saplings.

Before starting, let’s just keep in mind that it takes a bit of patience when trying the DIY pallet planters for the first time. Afterwards, you would get the drift and begin to enjoy it more!

Steps to DIY Pallet Planters:

  1. To begin with, choose some wooden pallets of your choice, depending on whether you want a vertical garden or a bed or
  2. Use sandpaper to remove roughness of the wood.
  3. After the wood is made smooth, paint it with your favorite color. Preferably, use a non-toxic paint, in case you want to grow some herbs or edible plants!
  4. Now, lay the pallet face down and use fabric to cover the back, sides, and bottom of the Fix it using hammer and nails every few inches.
  5. In the last step, slide the plants in, and pour the soil on the pallet and push it through the slots. Tightly pack the soil.
  6. Stuff it with a lot of plants to hide the soil. And your DIY pallet planters are ready!


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DIY Fabulous Terrace Gardens Ideas

When we talk about terrace then we can’t ignore the beautiful garden at terrace. Because terrace is a place in your home to enjoy and relax the free time like Sunday or after you return back from your office and you are so tired. So this place should be decorated well to give it a fresh and rustic look so it fascinate your mind. Let give a natural look to your terrace as there is no alternate to nature. Giving a natural look mean to start and grow gardens in your terrace. There are so many ideas to start gardens in your terrace but it depends on the space available in your terrace. If less space available then you may go vertical garden. Any way most of terrace are sunny and so a flower garden is easy to grow.  Add flowers to your terrace garden but 3-5 not more. Make a mini flower garden with combination of both perennials and annuals equally.

Here I’ve a collection of terrace garden ideas that are cool and easy to grow.

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Awesome Balcony Gardens Ideas

You are really blessed if you have a yard in your home for gardening because its wish of every one to have their own garden in home. Therefor most of us visit nearest parks for daily greenery dose. Any way either you are living in a tiny or a big house where sufficient space is available, you can start your own home gardens.

You can choose any place in your home for your home gardens like front yard, backyard, indoor and balcony etc. My today’s topic is about balcony gardening ideas. The garden blooming in balcony will really add a wonderful look your living space. There are so many balcony gardens plans for you. It not compulsory to have only few plants in your tiny home balcony. Therefor I suggest to apply vertical garden plan in your tiny home balcony. When there is less space  available in your urban home balcony then it’s important to utilize each inch of space available in your home. So think beyond the box and extend your mini home garden even to railing. If you are not budget conscious and you have purchased garden planters for your home garden yet there is great idea for planters for you. I mean to keep pallet wooden planters as they are much convenient and don’t take much space but have a rustic look.


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DIY Rustic pallet planter Designs

Wooden pallets are too much handy and feasible to make different things for our sweet home. Therefor my today’s project is about DIY Pallet planters. Although there are so many types and designs of planters which are available in the market and you can get them at your doorstep just by one click by online order but handmade planters have their own rustic look. You can make your own pallet planters at very low or even no cost. You’ve just to gather few things which are required for this DIY project and utilize some free moments from your busiest life schedule.

If you are interest in DIY pallet planter designs then choose one of below pallet planter designs that is fit for your home garden. Don’t worry about pallet as these can be get at very low cost from industrial scrap or at a hardware store in your nearest location. I’ll suggest to get good quality pallets as it will look rustic in your home garden. After getting the pallets, sand these pallets with instrument to make wonderful handmade pallet planters.

Assemble the pallets with steel nails and bolts with each other as per DIY pallet planers plan. To give it wonderful finished look you can paint it with different colors of your own choice however wooden pallet planters already have rustic look by default. Here are some luscious DIY pallet planter ideas for you.

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Amazing Potting Bench Ideas

Organizing your gardening tools and equipments is a good habit as it’ll save your time and you will find your things easily. Either you have a gardening shed in your garden or not a potting bench is very dire need of every gardener. A potting bench is an innovative piece of furniture with built-in sink or not but it has one or more shelves in it. In these shelves you can organize your gardening tools and accessories in a good manner. You can choose a potting bench of size that fits in available space in your garden. You can place potting bench in any corner of your garden.

One thing to remember that if you keep your potting bench in outside open air then make sure that it is finished with weather-resistant paint as it will keep your potting safe from soil and other weather damages. However I’ll suggest to keep your gardening potting bench indoor. There are so many types and styles of potting bench available in the market, you can choose one of them as per your budget and requirements. However you build your own potting bench because there is no rocket science in building the potting bench. There are so many easy DIY ideas available to build a potting bench but I’ll suggest a potting bench out of wood pallets. Its very easy DIY pallet project as there is no need of special woodworking skills required for the project. Here are some example for you. Try it and enjoy it!



rustic wood potting bench with wheel

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wood red potting bench

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10 Innovative Food Gardens Ideas

Why to grow your own Food Gardens

Do you like home gardening? If yes then grow your own food gardens at home because there are so many benefits of growing your own food gardens. One of the biggest benefits is that you will get guaranteed fresh vegetable and fruits at home. There are many other benefits of home gardens few of them are listed below.

1-Growing Food Gardens- Save your Money

Everyone of us tries level best to minimize their expenses then why not by growing own home gardens to get fresh fruits and  vegetables. As we all know that fresh fruits and vegetable is our everyday need and we’ve to visit nearest market to buy fruits and vegetable so buy growing indoor food gardens you can  a lot of money and you can manage your monthly home grocery budget.

2-Save your Time

Time is much precious then money but it depends at our preference. We’ve to visit our nearest market to buy fresh fruits and vegetable then imagine how much time will you save if you are growing your own fruits and vegetable within your premises. In this way we can save a lot of time and can manage our busy daily schedule.

diy garden plans

3-Get the Guaranteed Fresh fruits and Vegetable

It takes many days to reach these fruits and vegetable from farmer then to market then to us. In other words the fruits and vegetable which we buy from market are not fresh. So start your indoor food gardens and enjoy the fresher and tastier fresh fruits and vegetable.

4-Full of Nutrients

Homegrown foods are full of nutrients as compared which we buy from the market because they are genetically engineered or bred for high yield. Therefor industrial foods are declining nutritional value of these foods. So to get the foods full of nutrients start your food home gardens.

DIY food gardens plans

5- Get the Tastier Foods

Homegrown foods are much tastier than the foods available in the market because homegrown foods grow through natural process and without usage of chemical so its much tastier than foods bought from market.

6-Enjoy the Natural Foods

When you will use your homegrown foods then you are mentally satisfied that you are using natural foods which you have grown in your own home. While buying from market we are not sure that these foods are grown through natural process.

homegrown food gardens

7-Reduce the Pollution

We can not ignore the fact of pollution so can reduce the pollution at your living space by growing your home gardens and you will be able to take breath of pollution free air.

8- Growing your Foods is the best hobby

Everyone of us has some hobbies then why not home gardens as per my suggestion its the best hobby as you can take help from your family members specially at weekend.

do it yourself home gardens

Innovative Food Gardens Ideas

Surely you are thinking about ideas to grow your food gardens, here some innovative and cool home food gardens ideas for you. If you are living in a big house where sufficient space available in your backyard then you can start growing gardens without planters on the ground.

diy backyard garden ideas

If you are living in a small house then vertical gardens are the super fit idea for your home as its one of space saving home garden ideas. You can buy garden planter from the market that fits in your available space or you can build your own planter from wood pallets.

diy indoor gardening

Find a suitable place in front yard of your home, prepare the ground and start growing fresh food gardens. Raised bed gardens are very popular for their rustic look. You can build your own rustic raised bed garden easily.

awesome food garden plans

You can also turn your balcony into wonderful mini food garden. Bring small planters from the market and grow your fresh fruits and vegetable.

small home gardens ideas

Now container are also available for home gardening. Place them any where in your home and start growing your gardens.

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