Arkup introduces Self-elevating Luxury floating home concept

Arkup, a Florida-based company has introduced the concept of house floating on water. It’s off-grid, liveable luxury yacht, powered by 30 KW of solar and twin electric thrusters. These high-class ultra modern double decker units are equipped with hydraulic legs that have capability of stabilizing and lifting them out of water.

Arkup floating home

Floating houses are popular ways of living in some parts of the world,” reads the Arkup press release, “in particular the Netherlands, US West Coast cities and South-East Asia.” I can’t say I’ve visited the first two examples, but I’ve spent some time in the latter, and it seems a little tasteless to compare the humble bamboo houseboats of Cambodia to the floating luxury apartments these guys are selling.

the hydraulic system installed in this self-contained, electric, double decker houseboat can put down its legs up to 20 feet down in the water to elevate itself out from the water swells. A liveable yacht that won’t make anyone seasick, and that harvests its own rainwater from a roof that doubles as a 30-kilowatt solar array, feeding up to 1,000 kilowatt-hours worth of lithium batteries onboard.

The luxury self-elevating floating home get its built-in communication suite, with 4G, Satellite TV, Wi-Fi and VHF radio. Its twin 136 HP electric azimuth thrusters can rotate it to 360 degrees to manoeuvre about the place or chug along at a sedate 7 knot top speed. The deck retracts when you’re on the move, there’s a boat lift to get your tender out of the water, and the sun deck can be fully immersed in water to become a protected sea-pool.

Arkup sees it as a future-proof luxury gateway that can be parked at a marina or anchor in a river or lake to enjoy scenic view without fearing from high rise of sea level. Even its ready to withstand the 155 mph winds of a category 4 hurricane as you think something after recent events.

building a floating home

The interior measures 4350 sq ft with sleek  design, modern looking and high end. It can be customized to make a home, a vacation home, an event venue, a restaurant, a gym, a day spa or whatever you can build a business case for.

That might be where this kind of design shines, as a kind of aquatic, self-contained pop-up business. You’d have to charge like a wounded bull to recoup your costs, though, assuming this “liveable yacht” is as expensive as it looks.

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Impressive home entryway decorating Ideas

Someone well said that “first impression is the last impression” so decorating your home entryway is planned with the same rule. To make a rustic and impressive look of your home entry, all things that are available in your home entry way must be decorated with proper planning. In home entryway decorating, you can decorate wall with different art, furniture with different styles, stairs with attractive style railing etc. there are so many ideas to decorate your home entryway. Here I’ve a collection of easy home decorating ideas for you. Try it and give a wonderful look to your home entryway.

In contemporary style, home entryway is often spacious so only a bench with rug is sufficient to decorate your home entryway. Sometime a good wall painting at your home entryway offer a gorgeous look to the home visitors. It’s another way to decorate your home entryway. Below are some nice ideas to decorate your home entryway.

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DIY Mind Blowing Bedroom Ideas

There is no need of room décor if you are living where you can see some adorable things like lake, woodland and forest etc. only room with glazed wall is sufficient to sleep and enjoy healthy sleep. From kitchen to bedroom you don’t need room décor items and eye catchy items if there are amazing views around your living space. Amazing views like forest, lake and woodland etc. Let me blow your mind away with some DIY bedroom ideas of some these types.

Just one glazed wall offering the stunning view can change the whole look of your bedroom. Make the wall opposite to enjoy the natural beauty, like beach, coastal, ocean, mountain and woodland etc. You can enjoy the natural stunning view when you go there for sleep or waking up. There is no need to make more wall glazed as you will feel merged with the nature and stunning awesome views. If there are no neighbors around you and no need of privacy then a whole glass bedroom is the best option and definitely it’ll be an amazing bedroom idea.

If there is need of window to maintain healthy temperature in the room then you can make window or only one window instead of headboard or opposite to the bed to have a gorgeous look of stunning views of nature.

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Wine Cork Candles Do-it-Yourself (DIY)

Hello fellas, I have come up with yet another interesting DIY idea, which trust me, would lighten up your and yours partner mood. I have wine cork candles idea for you. If you are a wine lover, then it’s time to save the corks of your wine bottles. This is the simplest yet elegant idea to add a romantic and an artistic look.

Wine cork candles only require two basic steps and a few things. It’s time to add a creative and warm look to winters coupled with all those blossomy flowers bouquets.

Things you need for DIY Wine Cork Candles

There are few things that you need at hand to make this exquisitely looking DIY wine cork candles, indeed one of the best DIY ideas I have worked on so far. Here are the things that you would need:

  • Wine Corks (Finish your wine and collect the corks)


  • Matchsticks



  • Small glassed mason jars or small vodka glasses


  • Acetone Alcohol



DIY Wine Cork Candles Method

Once you have collected a bunch of wine corks, it’s time to soak them into acetone alcohol. Make sure to keep them soaked at least for a week. This will help the corks to absorb all the acetone alcohol which will allow them to burn for hours and serves as a candle.

After a week, you are ready to use them wherever and whenever you want. Put these soaked wine corks into the glassed mason jars and lit them up. Spark up the mood of your room’s ambiance or use them in candle light dinners. Happy DIY ideas!


I would love to see DIY wine cork candles made by you share the pictures with me, once done!

Framed Key DIY

Hi guys, I am back again. For this weekend I have come up with an exciting idea for you to start with.

I recently shifted to a new apartment and while packing I found a bunch
of keys who doesn’t open any locks and I honestly don’t remember for what locks I had these for. I thought to throw them away BUT an instant thought provoked my mind and I started working on it. Yes, I am talking about framed key case. It looks super amazing and insanely easy to mak
e. This is the easiest and fabulous looking DIY idea you can lay your hands on. Framed key art is pretty popular these days and lets you decorate your walls with these
astounding framed key sets.

What supplies do you need to make a Framed Key Case?

You would need a bunch of supplies, which I assure you willalready have at home. Here you go:

  • Old unused keys
  • Spray Paints (preferably metallic-gold color; this would give your keys an artistic and vintage look)
  • Old Cloth (preferably a thick one)
  • Spare or unused picture frame
  • Durable Long-lasting Glueimage 1

Steps you need to do to make a perfect Framed Key Case

Okay, once you have all the required material for the making of framed key case you should now settle down and start connecting all the things step-by-step.

First, you spread the keys onto an old newspaper and spray them with the metallic spray paint. Let them dry meanwhile cut the cloth into an adjustable size that fits in properly within the inner walls of the frame. Now glue the inner sides of the frame case and firmly paste the cloth on it, make sure to press all the four sides of the cloth carefully. By now, your keys must have been dried out, now glue each one of them and paste them vertically (preferably 4 keys in one row). Let them dry properly and bingo you’ve got it right here.

Congratulations, I am sure you must have successfully completed the task, share your key framed pictures with us. You can use these amazing framed antique keys case anywhere in your home.

image 2

Using pallets to make accessories for your home.


Sometime you don’t have to spend a lot of cash to make your home look appealing. You can use the cheap available resource to make your home captivating. Pallets can be used to make furniture and other accessories needed in your home. You can make benches, chairs, tables, shoes racks and other useful items from pallets.

DIY swing bench.

Do you need a swing bench for your back yard? Or do you have a garden or a pack and you are in need of benches and seats? Well worry not. You can make swing benches out of cheap materials from wood pallets.  Three pallets are enough to make one swing bench. Swing benches are ideal for parks and gardens.

DIY patio coffee table.

This is a white coffee table commonly known as chic white pallet patio coffee table. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor set ups. Next to it, we usually have people seated.


DIY pallet bed.

With several pallets one can make a bed that has storage capabilities. The bed has compartments where one can keep his or her shoes, books and other valuables.


DIY kitchen utensil holder.

You can hang on pallet on your kitchen wall and drive in some nails on the pallet. These nails shall be used to hang some utensils in the kitchen.

kitchen utensil holder.

DIY pallet pet bed. 

You can recycle the old pallets in your home and make your pet a bed. For a cat you can use one pallet.

pet bed.

Pallet coffee tables.

Pallet coffee tables.

We can make different designs of pallet coffee tables using two or more pallets. The designs are easy to make. They require less materials but the outcome had quality and class. These table are mostly used in out-door environment.

Patio coffee table.

This is a white coffee table commonly known as chic white pallet patio coffee table. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor set ups. Next to it, we usually have people seated.


Tiered coffee table.

The upper surface of the Tiered coffee table consists of glass.  Two small pallets are normally used. You don’t have to paint this coffee table provided you have applied vanish on it.


Union jack.

Something unique about this design of coffee tables made from pallets is that the top surface is painted a flag of a given country. This shows love and unity. You also have some buckets under this table for storage reasons.


Coffee table with metallic stands.

This pallet coffee table is supported by metallic stands. One pallet is enough to come up with this coffee table. The supports are made of stainless steel. You can place a stainless steel metal on the top surface of the table.  Both outdoor and indoor situations can be served by this design of coffee tables.




DIY pallet bed.

Depending on your creativity, you can come up with lots of furniture and other house décor items by using pallets. You can recycle the pallets into a beautiful chair, shoe rack, office table, bed and kitchen rack among others. Today, we shall take you through a series of ideas on how you can come up with gorgeous beds from simple wood pallets which were formally used to ship goods. You can make toddler bed, bed swings, daybeds e.t.c.


You can make such a wonderful bed from one and a half pallets. To make it colorful, use bright colors. However the colors should fuse perfectly. You may also fit day bed with wheels.


 Toddler bed.

Do you have a modern and shabby chic kids bedroom? Then this idea suits you. This bed is  very simple. Two pallets are enough and it does not require special finishing.




Pallet bed with storage.

With several pallets one can make a bed that has storage capabilities. The bed has compartments where one can keep his or her shoes, books and other valuables.



Platform pallet board.

This is a rather simple bed to come up with even though it sounds hard to come up with. Two big pallets are used. It ideally looks like a platform.







Amazing Project For Kid’s Room

These creative pallet ideas for kids we found in kindergarten, but you may easily use then to organize your children room at home. All you need for this coolest kids project are pallets and tool box with saw, hammer and nails. Pallets are easy to find so you can immediately start to make different pallet pieces for kid’s room. You can create book and toys pallet storage boxes and shelves, reading corner bed, colorful kid’s playground pallet fence and other interesting item for kid’s room.

Maybe kids don’t read as much as they should be, but it’s very important they you buy them book to avoid that their children spend too much time on computer and watching TV. To pack nicely all the reading, coloring and picture books, you need shelves to make it everything look transparent and to be able to maintain the children’s room tidy. The easiest way to make DIY pallet book storage is to use pallet as it looks and just paint in bright color. Or if you have more time make a colorful book shelves with motivation quotes that will provide that your child reads more.

To create homemade pallet reading corner you need to make appropriate shape so that bed can fit into corner and then cut pallet to create bed legs and planks for bed headboard which you must attach with nails to the sitting place. At the end put the blanket and pillows to achieve more comfortable filing. You can also make pallet obstacles for kid’s bike path, so your child will have so much fun playing on it.

Pallet Project For Kids

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Cute Pallet Storage

Pallet Book Storage

Outdoor Pallet Set

Colorful Pallet Fence

Pallet Reading Corner

Pallet Kid's Locker

White Pallet House

Pallet Wall Shelves

Reproduced Window Shutter Decor Ideas

Change the purpose of old window shutters by using them for home decoration. DIY interior or exterior shutter creations is perfect project for you if you like to have rustic and vintage details in your rooms. These ideas you can realize very fast because you can easily achieve the expected results with little effort and money.

Everything you need to prepare for this homemade shutter assignment are some old unused windows, box with tools and paint if you want to colour your final product. First you need to separate the window frame because we won’t use it in this project but save it for some other, and start with your repurpose shutter decor project.

You can make DIY colorful window shutter fence or whole wall covered with shutters of different sizes, which can be painted in pastel colours to make your kitchen more beautiful and rustic. You can also use this wooden shutter to put mail or magazines, so that everything looks organized and neat. Create the remarkable antique shutter wall decoration for living room or use it to make bed headboardin your bedroom.

For kid’s room you can just paint the window shutter boards in rainbow colours and they will enjoy every moment spent in their lovely room. You can also use shutters to make shelves for towels in bathroom or a board that will be used for wardrobe hanging wardrobe. You have so many shitter decoration ideas like options that you will certainly find and choose the best for indoor or the outdoor of your house.

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DIY Dark Red Window

DIY Pastel Window

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