DIY Garden Counter Bar

Ever wondered about how you can recycle and re-use your old products? Well, lately I have been working on a few projects and one of them includes a Garden Counter Bar, a great DIY project for summers which totally adds up value to the beauty of your home.

Have you always wanted to have your very own Garden Bar? If yes, then this post will help you in developing an easy garden counter, this should be in your DIY summer bucket list. Believe it’s not that hard to make, it literally took me exact two days to develop my own DIY garden counter bar.

Stuff you need:

  • 4 large discarded Pallets

  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Wooden Paint
  • Clear Varnish

  • Old Roof Joists

Let’s roll it – DIY Garden Counter Bar

There are some pretty basic steps that you need to follow to make your very own fabulous looking garden bar.

Step 1:

Collect all of your discarded pallets (should be in intact form) and polish, for the main counter table you’ll need 4 large pallets. Paint them with your favorite color (I used royal blue color).

Step 2:

Once you are done with painting all the pallets, its time let them try for at least 3-4 hours under the sun.

Step 3:

Once the pallets are completely dry it’s time to polish them with varnish, this will keep the paint in shape and won’t let it scrap off of the pallets.

Step 4:

Now take your rook joists and varnish them as well, let them aside for 3-4 hours until fully dry.

Step 5:

Now you have all the dried out pallets and rook joists. It’s time to join them altogether in a form of a counter. Use the nails to join pallets and roof joists. Be careful with the hammer.

It’s your time to show off your efforts and let your friends and family see what an amazing talent you got! Show them your DIY creativity in form of DIY Garden Counter Bar now!

Pallet horse shelters


Hello folks. Here I am again with another blog which will bring your creativity to life. Horses are living creatures and like other living beings they need some sort of shelter where they can stay and rest.It is the responsibility of the owners to provide them with a proper place to stay. Shelters for horses are usually called barns. Horse shelters can be made using pallets. First of all clean the pallets and remove the rough parts.Cut them into pieces and then arrange them and bolt them in form of a hut or any shape which you like.

Provide shelter to your horses using these pallet horse houses. You can take care of your pets by providing them shelters too.

This barn is made of using dull colored pallets.

This is one with a door.


This shelter has nice zigzag doors.

A colorful horse shelter with a proper door.

This one is like a two way shelter.

This horse house is well painted and has nice contrast.

Hope you enjoyed this post.Stay tuned in for another blog. Provide your feedback too.

Pallet computer desks



Hello folks . I am again here with another nice post which tells you about how to make computer desk by using pallets. Your computers play an important role in your life so they deserve a good place for staying. These pallet desk do a very good job by placing keeping your computers in a well structured space.

Making the desks:

It is very easy to make computer desks from pallets. You just have to clean the pallets. Remove all the unnecessary parts. Then cut them into suitable sizes. One piece for the horizontal top of the table and the other two pieces placed on the sides which need to be bolted tight. You can polish your desk afterwards to give it a finishing look. You use painted pallets to make your table so that it looks more beautiful.


This table looks very antique and original as it is not polished and not painted but is suitable if you want to put the computer desk in your living room corner.

Another nice table perfect for computers in study room.

This one is somehow good as it is made of dark colored pallet and it seems to give a more finishing look.


A table embellished with apple computer.


I hope you enjoyed it and will stay tuned in for the next blog.

Innovative pallet planter designs

Innovative pallet planters:

Bonjour! I am here to give ideas to you to decorate your garden with pallet planters. Planters can simply be made using pallet pieces. They serve as a holding place for your plants. Different kinds of plants can be adjusted in different sections of your planter to give it a good feel.

Making planters:

To make a planter , simply take a pallet and clean it off. Then cut it into pieces of various sizes to make the stand and then bolt them together. Paint your planters too to  make them look awesome.

Here is a planter made using light colored wood.

This planter is nicely fixed in the wall so that it does not cover any extra space.

This one is good too for implanting small seedlings.

This is a grounded planter which is half above the ground and almost half below it.

This innovative planter is decorated using colored and recycled soft drink bottles which makes it look unique.

A cluster of rainbow planters.


A cool photo of a planter with some nice flowers planted in it.



This can be called a Planter house literally.

A good planter design having artificial plants in it.


I wrap this blog here. Stay in touch for the next one.

Dining table pallet designs

Pallet dining tables:

Hello there. I hope that you were waiting for the my next blog to come. And here it is with all its colors and embellishment. So this post is all about using recycled pallets for making decorative dining tables. In order to make the table you need to clean your pallets first. Remove all the unwanted parts. Then cut the pallet for the table top. The size of the table top depends on your requirement. Then cut the pallet to make the legs. Nail the top and legs together so that you obtain a table.

Dining tables are the real beauty of the dining rooms so they need to be really beautiful. They are the actual center of attention there.

This a good one with flowers put in wine bottles.

This glass-o-pallet dining table has nice steel paws.

This white pallet dining tables is perfect for summers.

This one is made by painting pieces of pallets and then joining them together.

A rustic colored pallet dining table has its own charm.

This dining table has its borders covered which actually looks nice.

This table seems to be slanting but actually it is not. The pallet have been arranged in a way that it seems  to be slanting.

Eye-catching dining table.

An amazing one.

Stay awaited for the next one.

Enchanting deck designs

Pallet deck ideas:

Hello people. I am here again to give you some ideas of decorating your home. Deck is an important part of your house. It needs to be built and decorated so that it becomes a place where you can spend your leisure time in a good manner. Here you can sit and read books or enjoy time with your family. The good thing is that you can make deck with recycled pallets which sounds very economical.

Making your deck:

All you have to do is cut out square pieces and implant them on the floor.

You can also make carvings on the pallet to make the floor of the deck look more beautiful. You can also use different colors of pallets to make the deck look more attractive. Moreover place some good aromatic plants over the deck which can refresh you. You can put light weight sofas in your deck.

Also have a patio swing hung in your deck which will make it more adorable.


This deck is perfect for having brunch.


This area made with pallet is extremely beautiful. This deck seems so comforting.

This one is best for a house in woods.


Some more soothing decks.

A peaceful area with plants all around.

Stay tuned in for the next blog.

DIY wood floating shelves

Floating pallet shelves:

Bonjour! I am here again with another nice blog. This blog is related to pallet floating shelves which will make your living room look more sophisticated. Moreover their beauty is very decent and acculturated. Read the blog till the end in order to come across some good pallet shelf ideas. They are only pieces of pallet but they are used for decoration purposes too.

You can showcase your auxiliaries and adornments using the floating shelves. You can incise the pallets in any shape which will make the shelves look more beautiful.

Making the shelves:

All you have to do is clean the pallets. Remove rough pieces of wood from it and then cut them according to the size of shelf you want. Nail the wood pieces on the wall and decorate it as you fancy.


This shelf looks nice because the color combination of the wall and the wood. It looks so much enticing.




This multi-layered shelf is fit for the living room. It makes the room look more elegant.



The white pallet shelf seems very chic and smart and it is worth-making.



Another mantelpiece with good décor.



The pallet projections on both sides of the television makes the core of your home seem nice.



A cluster of shelves for those who love ornamentation.









Hope you enjoyed reading it .Stay tuned in for next blog.





















Deck decoration with pallet furniture

Outdoor Pallet furniture:

Hello folks. You all know that you have to decorate you decks with furniture though it is not an easy task. But you have do it willy-nilly in order to make your home feel like heaven on earth. The main thing is that you can embellish your deck with pallet furniture which can be easily made at home.

I have some good ideas regarding outdoor pallet furniture. The main idea is to make your house look good and I will take care of this throughout this blog post.


Making corner couches:

These lovely corner sofas are just awesome. You can place them in your backyard and enjoy the semi-open area with these comfy couches. They are so simple to make. You have to cut out pallets for the seats, the bottom support and the back. Nail all of them together to give them the shape of sofa.




This is just perfect table and stool set for your backyard. You can enjoy coffee and sandwiches here with your family.



These pallet chairs are nice for relaxing yourself.


You can make a nice sitting area for your children using recycled pallet.


You can make a day bed out of pallet and spend your leisure time on it.



You need to be very creative in order to make such cool stuff.



These classy sofas will add to the beauty of your deck.





Another cool pair of chairs.



Colorful furniture made using recycled pallet.



DIY pallet bed.

Depending on your creativity, you can come up with lots of furniture and other house décor items by using pallets. You can recycle the pallets into a beautiful chair, shoe rack, office table, bed and kitchen rack among others. Today, we shall take you through a series of ideas on how you can come up with gorgeous beds from simple wood pallets which were formally used to ship goods. You can make toddler bed, bed swings, daybeds e.t.c.


You can make such a wonderful bed from one and a half pallets. To make it colorful, use bright colors. However the colors should fuse perfectly. You may also fit day bed with wheels.


 Toddler bed.

Do you have a modern and shabby chic kids bedroom? Then this idea suits you. This bed is  very simple. Two pallets are enough and it does not require special finishing.




Pallet bed with storage.

With several pallets one can make a bed that has storage capabilities. The bed has compartments where one can keep his or her shoes, books and other valuables.



Platform pallet board.

This is a rather simple bed to come up with even though it sounds hard to come up with. Two big pallets are used. It ideally looks like a platform.







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