DIY Bed with Storage Space

Struggle with small rooms and too much to store. Sounds familiar? Hang on for some amazing ideas on the DIY bed with built-in storage. Honestly, we are all in love with our beds. Beds are where we end our day. But let’s be practical and admit that they take up a lot of space; leaving us with little or no storage space. Don’t be disheartened though. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to create space.

The good news is there are so many DIY bed designs to look for and choose from. The options are countless. Why not benefit from them? If you have huge dressing boxes, put them together and place the mattress over them. This will convert into a strong sturdy bed with lots of storage space.

Another beautiful DIY wooden bed tutorial to come across is using IKEA cabinets as stairs and creating a higher platform bed. Apart from the cabinets, even the stairs can be used to keep things. Moreover, it would be a fun bed to kids also!

You can change your bed base into bookshelves, by using IKEA kitchen cabinets. Handy books make for a happy reader! One of the rather interesting DIY bed plans is arranging small lights on the headboard to make reading easier. Floating bed is another great option. As there are only two legs, all the space under the bed is free to use.

Another popular conventional DIY bed with built-in storage is the one with simple lifting. Turn the base of bed into two large cabinets covered with a huge ply. You just have to lift the mattress and ply o store things.

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Amazing DIY Wooden Doll House Plans

The idea of a homemade doll house is simply fascinating to both kids and adults. Everybody cherishes the childhood memories of playing with it. However, the expensive ready made doll houses could make you think twice before buying one.  If you are still planning to have it anyway, here are some nice and easy tips on how to make a wooden doll house.

Wooden dollhouses are sturdy and have a lot of scope for decoration. Wood is considered the best material to make it. You don’t need a lot of materials. Just arrange some old wood planks. Cut them into the same size to place them as side walls of the house. Now, keep them aside and cut two other wood pallets of larger sizes to make the top and bottom of the house.

A DIY doll house project just calls for a simple approach. It doesn’t have to be complex. After the walls and other two sides have been shaped, attach them with the help of nails and brackets. You can divide the house into two stairs and use small stairs. Some leftover thin tiles would work great as wallpapers.

Take the magical look of your homemade doll house up a notch by painting them with fresh floral colors. Kids love colorful lightings. Try and get some little colorful bulbs to decorate and make the insides well-lit. Every living place is incomplete without furniture. To give your DIY doll house project a more sincere outlook, place some miniatures of furniture like almirah and sofa etc. You can even create a huge house with a single floor!

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DIY Pallet Planters Project

DIY pallet planters are taking the world by storm. They are renewable, occupy less space, offer lots of varieties and easy to take care of. Out of all, they are very economical which makes them quite popular. The most favorite material for pallet planters is wood.

For those of us who are trying it for the first time, the idea of DIY pallet planters can leave us a bit nervous. But, in reality, is quite easy. You just need some usual things in hand to start making it.

Items needed: Clean pallets, sandpaper, hammer, landscape fabric, few nails (1 inch each), paint (non-toxic), paintbrush, a bag of soil and some saplings.

Before starting, let’s just keep in mind that it takes a bit of patience when trying the DIY pallet planters for the first time. Afterwards, you would get the drift and begin to enjoy it more!

Steps to DIY Pallet Planters:

  1. To begin with, choose some wooden pallets of your choice, depending on whether you want a vertical garden or a bed or
  2. Use sandpaper to remove roughness of the wood.
  3. After the wood is made smooth, paint it with your favorite color. Preferably, use a non-toxic paint, in case you want to grow some herbs or edible plants!
  4. Now, lay the pallet face down and use fabric to cover the back, sides, and bottom of the Fix it using hammer and nails every few inches.
  5. In the last step, slide the plants in, and pour the soil on the pallet and push it through the slots. Tightly pack the soil.
  6. Stuff it with a lot of plants to hide the soil. And your DIY pallet planters are ready!


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DIY Pallet Coffee Table with Tolkien’s Map

Are you looking for a coffee table which is handmade, quirky, personalized and fully customized? Then here you are at right place. This handmade industrial pallet coffee table has been made from recycling industrial pallet wood.

After getting good quality pallet it was sanded to give it a rustic look. This pallet coffee table design is simple and rustic. A reclaimed industrial pallet wood board has been fixed atop with metal hairpin legs. Only best quality wood and has been used to get a unique coffee table that will last for years.

To make the coffee table most attractive, Tolkien’s Map of Middle Earth has been made with hand. This is a unique because it has been crafted with love and care.  This coffee table can be assembled with different dimensions as per your requirement.

To have it protected from water and heat, coffee table has been finished with blend of natural oil and polyurethane varnish. Now it has a rustic and wonderful look.

Its legs can be easily detached but super simple to set it again. So it’s a space saving coffee table and easily movable from one place to another.

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pallet coffee table with hairpin legsImage Source



DIY Rustic pallet planter Designs

Wooden pallets are too much handy and feasible to make different things for our sweet home. Therefor my today’s project is about DIY Pallet planters. Although there are so many types and designs of planters which are available in the market and you can get them at your doorstep just by one click by online order but handmade planters have their own rustic look. You can make your own pallet planters at very low or even no cost. You’ve just to gather few things which are required for this DIY project and utilize some free moments from your busiest life schedule.

If you are interest in DIY pallet planter designs then choose one of below pallet planter designs that is fit for your home garden. Don’t worry about pallet as these can be get at very low cost from industrial scrap or at a hardware store in your nearest location. I’ll suggest to get good quality pallets as it will look rustic in your home garden. After getting the pallets, sand these pallets with instrument to make wonderful handmade pallet planters.

Assemble the pallets with steel nails and bolts with each other as per DIY pallet planers plan. To give it wonderful finished look you can paint it with different colors of your own choice however wooden pallet planters already have rustic look by default. Here are some luscious DIY pallet planter ideas for you.

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DIY Wonderful Pallet Feeder Designs

There is great trend of pallet recycling around the world following pallet horse feeder designs because pallets are much easy to get and then recycling these wooden pallets into so many household furniture items like pallet table, pallet chair, pallet sofa and pallet bed etc. Pallets are easily available in hardware store or at an industrial scrap store as they use the pallets while supplying one place to another after that they discard the wooden pallets.

There are so many pallet recycling ideas but today I’ll discuss about pallet horse feeder designs. There is no rocket science for this pallet project it’s just redesigning of pallet following a pallet horse shelter designs. If you really care your horse then you should provide a good shelter to your animal.

Shortly we cannot ignore the importance of shelter for a pet animal because it provide with good place to live and it keeps the animal protected from different weather conditions Although you can get animal shelter from carpenter or handyman on order but it’ll cost a lot. However if you are interested in DIY then there are so many ideas about pallet horse feeder designs. These horse feeder have been built from pure pallet recycling at very low cost. You can get pallet at no cost or at very low cost. Other material like steel nails and bolt will cost you and next thing is your DIY woodworking skills that’s is your own. Below are some wonderful pallet horse feeder plans for you.

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Awesome Clocks made From Wood Pallets

There are so many types and designs of clock available in the market because a clock is very dire need of every home. One can purchase a clock of his own choice from the market as their prices are not too high but if you have some free moments from your busiest schedule then we can discuss how to make a clock at home because a pallet clock has its own rustic look enabling you to beautify your living place. In other words my today’s topic is about homemade wood pallet clock. Here I’ll share some awesome pallet clock designs which can be easily crafted at home. Probably you are thinking about what material you will need to build your own pallet clock. Material supplies include barn wood, paint and fixer upper. Choose one wood pallet clock design from many and start making it.

You have to choose a numerals style like roman or English then to make these on pallet wood. After completing the numerals signs (1-12) wait for a while until its dry. You can use color of your own choice to match it with your living space color scheme. Now fix the clock machine behind the wooden pallet piece at which you made numerals signs. Install battery and hang it at suitable place in your home.

I hope you will like this easy wooden pallet clock idea. Keep visiting this site to know more about easy DIY ideas. Here are some innovative pallet clock designs for you.

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DIY Garden Counter Bar

Ever wondered about how you can recycle and re-use your old products? Well, lately I have been working on a few projects and one of them includes a Garden Counter Bar, a great DIY project for summers which totally adds up value to the beauty of your home.

Have you always wanted to have your very own Garden Bar? If yes, then this post will help you in developing an easy garden counter, this should be in your DIY summer bucket list. Believe it’s not that hard to make, it literally took me exact two days to develop my own DIY garden counter bar.

Stuff you need:

  • 4 large discarded Pallets

  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Wooden Paint
  • Clear Varnish

  • Old Roof Joists

Let’s roll it – DIY Garden Counter Bar

There are some pretty basic steps that you need to follow to make your very own fabulous looking garden bar.

Step 1:

Collect all of your discarded pallets (should be in intact form) and polish, for the main counter table you’ll need 4 large pallets. Paint them with your favorite color (I used royal blue color).

Step 2:

Once you are done with painting all the pallets, its time let them try for at least 3-4 hours under the sun.

Step 3:

Once the pallets are completely dry it’s time to polish them with varnish, this will keep the paint in shape and won’t let it scrap off of the pallets.

Step 4:

Now take your rook joists and varnish them as well, let them aside for 3-4 hours until fully dry.

Step 5:

Now you have all the dried out pallets and rook joists. It’s time to join them altogether in a form of a counter. Use the nails to join pallets and roof joists. Be careful with the hammer.

It’s your time to show off your efforts and let your friends and family see what an amazing talent you got! Show them your DIY creativity in form of DIY Garden Counter Bar now!

Pallet horse shelters


Hello folks. Here I am again with another blog which will bring your creativity to life. Horses are living creatures and like other living beings they need some sort of shelter where they can stay and rest.It is the responsibility of the owners to provide them with a proper place to stay. Shelters for horses are usually called barns. Horse shelters can be made using pallets. First of all clean the pallets and remove the rough parts.Cut them into pieces and then arrange them and bolt them in form of a hut or any shape which you like.

Provide shelter to your horses using these pallet horse houses. You can take care of your pets by providing them shelters too.

This barn is made of using dull colored pallets.

This is one with a door.


This shelter has nice zigzag doors.

A colorful horse shelter with a proper door.

This one is like a two way shelter.

This horse house is well painted and has nice contrast.

Hope you enjoyed this post.Stay tuned in for another blog. Provide your feedback too.

Pallet computer desks



Hello folks . I am again here with another nice post which tells you about how to make computer desk by using pallets. Your computers play an important role in your life so they deserve a good place for staying. These pallet desk do a very good job by placing keeping your computers in a well structured space.

Making the desks:

It is very easy to make computer desks from pallets. You just have to clean the pallets. Remove all the unnecessary parts. Then cut them into suitable sizes. One piece for the horizontal top of the table and the other two pieces placed on the sides which need to be bolted tight. You can polish your desk afterwards to give it a finishing look. You use painted pallets to make your table so that it looks more beautiful.


This table looks very antique and original as it is not polished and not painted but is suitable if you want to put the computer desk in your living room corner.

Another nice table perfect for computers in study room.

This one is somehow good as it is made of dark colored pallet and it seems to give a more finishing look.


A table embellished with apple computer.


I hope you enjoyed it and will stay tuned in for the next blog.

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