Awesome Clocks made From Wood Pallets

There are so many types and designs of clock available in the market because a clock is very dire need of every home. One can purchase a clock of his own choice from the market as their prices are not too high but if you have some free moments from your busiest schedule then we can discuss how to make a clock at home because a pallet clock has its own rustic look enabling you to beautify your living place. In other words my today’s topic is about homemade wood pallet clock. Here I’ll share some awesome pallet clock designs which can be easily crafted at home. Probably you are thinking about what material you will need to build your own pallet clock. Material supplies include barn wood, paint and fixer upper. Choose one wood pallet clock design from many and start making it.

You have to choose a numerals style like roman or English then to make these on pallet wood. After completing the numerals signs (1-12) wait for a while until its dry. You can use color of your own choice to match it with your living space color scheme. Now fix the clock machine behind the wooden pallet piece at which you made numerals signs. Install battery and hang it at suitable place in your home.

I hope you will like this easy wooden pallet clock idea. Keep visiting this site to know more about easy DIY ideas. Here are some innovative pallet clock designs for you.

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Pallet home designs


Pallet home designs:

Every person has a dream to live in a fantastic house. In order to live the dream he has to work hard and move the way forward. Moreover, people also need to know about the modern home designs so that they can build a house which fits with their culture and society. So I will introduce you to some good home structures made using pallets here. Hope this blog proves to be useful for you people.


Modern brown home:

This house is mostly made of wood pallets. It has wooden roofs and wooden panes. It has slanting roofs so it is  suitable for areas where there is snow.

Pallet lodge:

This house which is a combo of wood pallets and pallet panes is suitable for plain and sunny areas. This house is very well ventilated so it is just perfect for hot localities.

Slanting roofs:

This house is suitable for cool and snowy areas. The paint of this house is kept light in color intentionally to suit the surroundings.

A gorgeous one near sea side.

Lighting of your house increases its beauty too.

An elegant one.




Hope you liked this blog.Stay tuned in for the next blog and give your feedback too.

Enchanting deck designs

Pallet deck ideas:

Hello people. I am here again to give you some ideas of decorating your home. Deck is an important part of your house. It needs to be built and decorated so that it becomes a place where you can spend your leisure time in a good manner. Here you can sit and read books or enjoy time with your family. The good thing is that you can make deck with recycled pallets which sounds very economical.

Making your deck:

All you have to do is cut out square pieces and implant them on the floor.

You can also make carvings on the pallet to make the floor of the deck look more beautiful. You can also use different colors of pallets to make the deck look more attractive. Moreover place some good aromatic plants over the deck which can refresh you. You can put light weight sofas in your deck.

Also have a patio swing hung in your deck which will make it more adorable.


This deck is perfect for having brunch.


This area made with pallet is extremely beautiful. This deck seems so comforting.

This one is best for a house in woods.


Some more soothing decks.

A peaceful area with plants all around.

Stay tuned in for the next blog.


DIY pallet bed.

Depending on your creativity, you can come up with lots of furniture and other house décor items by using pallets. You can recycle the pallets into a beautiful chair, shoe rack, office table, bed and kitchen rack among others. Today, we shall take you through a series of ideas on how you can come up with gorgeous beds from simple wood pallets which were formally used to ship goods. You can make toddler bed, bed swings, daybeds e.t.c.


You can make such a wonderful bed from one and a half pallets. To make it colorful, use bright colors. However the colors should fuse perfectly. You may also fit day bed with wheels.


 Toddler bed.

Do you have a modern and shabby chic kids bedroom? Then this idea suits you. This bed is  very simple. Two pallets are enough and it does not require special finishing.




Pallet bed with storage.

With several pallets one can make a bed that has storage capabilities. The bed has compartments where one can keep his or her shoes, books and other valuables.



Platform pallet board.

This is a rather simple bed to come up with even though it sounds hard to come up with. Two big pallets are used. It ideally looks like a platform.







DIY: Turn Old Pallets Into Amazing Patio Furniture

The summer is already here, so where would you rather spend the rest of your hard day at work than at your patio, relaxing with some ice- cold beverage. The patio is everybody’s favorite place since the warmer weather in spring starts, all the way to late September or October.

There is no better place, where you can gather your whole family, have some nice barbeque, make a party, or have a swim (if you own a pool). Of course, all of this requires buying a patio furniture of some kind. Well, we are here to tell you that you don’t need to buy some expensive chairs, sofas, or coffee tables. You can make your own furniture!

That’s right you read well, all you need are some old wooden pallets and some light carpenting skills. The great thing about creating a patio furniture from pallets, is that you can make a number of combinations with them, in order to make them fit your space and achieve the look that you are going for. It doesn’t matter if your patio is fully enclosed, partially open, or open-air, this pallet patio furniture, will make the space look great (also you can brag about your skills to your friends).

All you need except the cheap wooden pallets, are a few tools, some paint if you like a certain color in your patio, and maybe some fabric for and a few coushons that you buy or also make. And last but not least, some imagination. Set your fantasy free, have some of your friends help you out, so you can enjoy the beautiful patio area together after.

Here we have some amazing ideas that you can use as an inspiration, so let us know in the comments what you think or how it went.

Turn Old Pallets Into Modern Furniture

Do you have some old wooden pallets just lying around and you don’t know what to do with them? Well, you certainly do not throw them out. Furniture from wooden pallets became a big hit around the world especially, because it is a cheap choice, and there are numerous ways in which you can recycle them, and turn them into a beautiful unique piece of furniture.

The great thing about making your own furniture with the wooden pallets is that they can be combined in thousands of different ways in order to match your space exactly as you need to. You can also choose the colors that you like and the many different fabrics in order to make these furniture pieces more colorful and appealing.

You can really make anything from these wooden pallets: a club table for your living room or patio, flower holders, kitchen shelves or even a sleeping bed for your bedroom. All you need is a little creativity and some really basic carpenting skills and tools.

There aren’t many things that can go wrong in this DIY project, so improvise, and don’t be afraid to use your imagination.

Here bellow we will present you to a number of ideas that can inspire you and you can later apply in your own home. Good luck.









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