build your own pallet bench


The word DIY is known as “Do it yourself”. DIY is the strategy for building, adjusting, alternately repairing something without the quick guide of experts or professionals. Educated research depicts DIY as practices where “people link with unpolished and semi-crude supplies and segment parts to deliver, change, or remake material belonging, as well as that Continue reading

DIY Pallet Vertical Planter

If you are nature lover but you have low space, what will you do? You need DIY Pallet vertical planter. A vertical planter is the displays of different and vibrant flowers which not only purify your surroundings but also predict your artistic taste. Pallets are readily available, inexpensive and resulted in beautify your balcony and Continue reading

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

  Nothing is more attractive than having a beautiful, rustic Pallet Coffee Table in the middle of your living room. So DIY Furniture Projects proudly presents DIY Pallet Coffee Table. DIY Pallet Coffee Table does not makes hole in your pocket, its low height gives extra elegance as well as easy to move. Its simple Continue reading