Matt Fajkus Architecture unveils Autohaus for Car lovers

Just like BIG’s Villa Gug that centers around the owner’s autos classic collection, A Texas-based Matt Fajkus Architecture firm has recently completed its Autohaus, a house for car lovers. The entire ground floor has been made for garage space while the living space is at outward above.


Measuring the total space floorspace of 4088 sq ft, Autohaus is located in Austin, Texas. The floorspace has been taken for the garage used for the storage, repair and display of owner’s favorite car collection that includes Porsches’ a Fiat and a Ferrari. Not only this, it also includes many motorbikes as we can in the photos.

The living quarters beam is of total 20 ft over the garage space. Apparently looking at the photos, it looks small inside for a high-end architect-designed home containing a single bedroom, a snug office, bathroom, living area and a kitchen. It seems that the owner spends free time at downstairs playing with old engines.

high end living area

Owner can access living area via steel and glass sliding doors then to a large roof terrace over the garage sheltered by tree canopies and looking like a pleasant outdoor living area.

Remaining required work was completed by the firm at the time of construction.    “A makeshift steel fabrication and paint shop was temporarily set up inside the partially-built garage during construction,” explains the firm. “The doors and windows were built in-house on the ground floor before their installation in its floating living quarters.”

“The second-floor volume is shifted forward to allow for double-height views to the garage space at the back, while creating an everyday carport beneath the hovering bed chamber in the front.”


Many killed in Texas Church Shooting

At least 26 has been killed in Texas Church Shooting. The incident happened in First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, a small town in Wilson County of Taxas. The gunman (reportedly killed) entered into the church and started firing at around 11:30 local time (17:30 GMT).

church shooting in Taxas

Governor Greg Abbott has confirmed the number of deaths and said that it’s the worst incident of church shooting in the history of Texas. This will be a long, suffering mourning for those in pain,” he said at a news conference on Sunday. Texas Department of Public Safety said that the ages of victims are between 5 to 72 years. Authorities 20 people were also injured and taken to the hospital.

An eye witness describes the suspect as young man at the age of 20s dressed in all black and wearing a ballistic vest as well as tactical-type gear. He was armed with an assault-style rifle. He opened fire before entering the church. A local citizen grabbed his rifle and began shooting at the suspect but suspect fled to his car. The citizen perused the suspect but he drove his vehicle off the road and crashed his car at the Guadalupe County line. Police found his dead body at that place.

The gunman has been identified as Devin P Kelley, 26, according to US media reports. Police have not yet confirmed the suspect’s identity.

taxas church shooting


Saudi Prince killed in helicopter crash during Aerial Inspection near Yemen border

Saudi prince Mansour bin Murqin has been killed in helicopter crash, while he was travelling in helicopter with several officials near Yemen border Al-Ikhbariya news channel said. The reason of the crash is unknown. Prince Mansour was the deputy governor of Asir province.

saudi prince killed in crash

Saudi Arabia said that they’ve intercepted a ballistic missile, fired from Yemen near Riyadh airport just a day ago.

An anti-corruption body, led by Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has purge targeted dozens of people, including 11 princes and four ministers in a matter to cement the strengthen the power of the heirs to the throne.

The fate of the other occupants of the helicopter is unclear but Saudi news outlet Okaz said that some unconfirmed reports says there were no survivors. All the occupants were on an aerial inspection of the region at the time, it said.

saudia arabia news


Punishment for Illegal Trading of Falcons in Pakistan

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has started an awareness campaign with cooperation of Govt of Pakistan for safety of falcons in Pakistan. The purpose of this campaign is to discourage illegal trading and hunting of falcons in Pakistan.

Banners are pasted at different airports of Pakistan on which it is mentioned clearly that there is more demand for falcons in Middle East because of hunting and traditional game falconry. The illegal trading of falcons is danger for their survival so a person involved in this activity may be penalized up to one million along with 2 years imprison.

save wild life

WWF manager told BBC that the purpose of this campaign is to formulate measures to eliminate illegal trading of falcons and to create awareness in general public. They said that some time people take their animals/birds with them unintentionally but they don’t know that they are contributing toward this illegal trading of such animals/birds.

WWF says that as per research for the last 15 years, the quantity of falcons is decreasing gradually and 46 falcons were hunted in year 2015. They told that royal families from Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudia Arabia come to Pakistan in winter and set their camps for hunting. Complaints have been received to hunt these precious wild animals during their stay here in Pakistan.

world wild life


Nayeem Avril loose title of Miss World Bangladesh

The age of 16 years is not the age of marriage. This has been said by Miss World Bangladesh Nayeem Avril. She was awarded with the title of Miss World but now she loose this title because she kept secret information regarding her marriage. While interviewing to BBC she told that it’s not her defeat but its dispersal of rules.

Miss world bangladesh

While answering to the question about her marriage she told that if someone is asked for marriage at the age of 16 years or even after her SSC then it’s not the age of marriage. She also said that she can provide documentary evidence of her age. As per news resources she got married in March 2013 but it remained just for two months.

Authorities say that as per rules the title of Miss World can’t be awarded to a female who submits wrong information. As per rules only unmarried persons can participate in this competition. for your information Nayeem Avril was awarded this title just few days ago.

title miss world

Light weight pallet furniture project


Light weight pallet furniture:

Hello there. I am here with another post which will bring you some good and innovative ideas regarding pallet furniture. So folks get ready to bring your creativity to life. Everyone wants his\her house to look good. Decorating your house with pallet furniture is one of the best ideas to make your house look like a product of innovation. I am here to help you out with this.

For making light weight furniture you need to have pallets. Clean the pallets and remove the unwanted rough pieces from it. Cut them according to the shape of the furniture you want to have. Screw them altogether and then polish the furniture if you want to. Pallet furniture includes dwarf table, enthralling chairs, embellished couches and much more.
A nice living room having light weight pallet couches.

A decoration mantelpiece made using pallet for ornamentation purposes.

Another pallet sofa perfect for your lounge.

Light mass pallet bed with nice cover over it.

Restaurant furniture made with dark colored pallet.

Suitable furniture for your deck.

A lounge full of different pallet ideas brought to life.

A Handsome pallet chair it seems to be.



The word DIY is known as “Do it yourself”. DIY is the strategy for building, adjusting, alternately repairing something without the quick guide of experts or professionals. Educated research depicts DIY as practices where “people link with unpolished and semi-crude supplies and segment parts to deliver, change, or remake material belonging, as well as that haggard from the common habitat.


Now a day’s people discover thousands of new ideas about Homemade Furniture or outdoor furniture. Some of which are enlisted below.


1.  DIY Outdoor Bench:

You can easily keep the sitting bench at your outdoor. The bench with cushions and with some pillows look awesome. Here I have a thought of how to make a less complex, less expensive and less demanding bench…. That really turned out as we would like to think much cuter. I just snapped some photographs and afterward later chose it would make a decent blog entry.

DIY outdoor pallet bench

So you can get 12 soot squares (I think you could really get rid of the top column and make the seat lower) and 4 4x4x10 bits of timber to slip in the openings of the ash pieces. It’s magnificent the soot piece goes about as a side table too. All these supplies cost under $40.00 and you can complete it in under 60 minutes.

Flower Pot Table:

We’re amidst summer now, yet numerous stores are as of now discounting their outside and yard items. In the event that you see a couple of vast, economical vases you like, snatch them. No, they aren’t for plants this time. In the event that you include a dollar store pizza container on top, you can make a magnificent, sculptural side table that works both inside and out.



  • Two 12″ distance across vases


  • 12″ pizza container


  • splash paint


  • scrap wood, long carriage screw, nut, and washer, caulk (all discretionary)




On the off chance that your pots are durable or on the off chance that you need to reuse them later to plant, just stack them up and lay the pizza container on top. It’s that simple. Know that if your table will be outside, you ought to coat the pizza container with some great, open air splash paint to avert rust.


  1. On the off chance that you need a more changeless piece or if your pots require somewhat more solidness, penetrate an opening through 2 scraps of wood.


  1. Stack the pots and run the jolt through the wood and pots. Include a washer and nut and fix the nut.


  1. In the event that you need to make the crease between the pots less obvious, include a dab of caulk and smooth with fingertip.


  1. Splash paint the pots any shading you like. Possibly tape off some stripes? What’s more, bear in mind to paint the pizza skillet on the off chance that you plan to leave your table outside.pot

Wheel Barrow Bench:


Take in a crisp perspective of your patio nursery from a wheelbarrow seat—it’s anything but difficult to move the seat, so you’ll generally have the best seat in the house.

“Moving a seat with two individuals has dependably been an errand,” clarifies the originator. “This is a seat you can without much of a stretch move into position. The eye-getting wheel is  welcome to locate the best spot. A welcome to be dynamic, to make your reality the way you need it, on numerous occasions.”

Here I will show you the image:

DIY Wheel barrow becnh

DIY Pallet Vertical Planter

If you are nature lover but you have low space, what will you do? You need DIY Pallet vertical planter.

A vertical planter is the displays of different and vibrant flowers which not only purify your surroundings but also predict your artistic taste.

Pallets are readily available, inexpensive and resulted in beautify your balcony and terrace. Flowers in rows create a rainbow which adds more sensation and beauty.

Another use of pallet vertical planter that you can easily convert your damaged wall into a piece of art also you can utilize the space for other purposes too.

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Easy wooden pallet coffee table


Nothing is more attractive than having a beautiful, rustic Pallet Coffee Table in the middle of your living room. So DIY Furniture Projects proudly presents DIY Pallet Coffee Table.
DIY Pallet Coffee Table does not makes hole in your pocket, its low height gives extra elegance as well as easy to move. Its simple construction with a plain pallet and some wood sticks enhances its beauty and hue. Openings provide extra space for reading materials like books magazines and newspapers.
A complete rustic skid can easily be cleaned.
Pallet sofa sets compliment the pallet coffee table. Embellish with beautiful flower vases resulted only in eye catching piece of furniture that will be both useful and attractive.

DIY Driftwood Dining Table

Having some pallets recycling habit can save a lot for you. So let learn pallet recycling if you are interested to save your money. Keeping in view the importance of pallet upcycling, we’ll share a wonderful pallet recycling project with you. We found some driftwood pallets while visiting the beach so we decided to make a dining table from it.

We gathered other necessary material required for the project like steel nails, bolts and Depoxi majic. Table frame was made by assembling the four pieces of driftwood of same length. Then pallet wooden pieces were fixed to make a table surface. Homemade driftwood has been left colorless as wood has a nice look naturally. Now it’s your own dining table for your kitchen and farmhouse to serve meal to your friends, guests and family members.

DIY cheap driftwood dining table

build your own dining table

how to make a dining table from pallets

DIY pallet table for dining room

do it yourself farmhouse table

DIY cheap driftwood table

easy Homemade dining table

DIY driftwood recycling ideas


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