DIY Rustic Pallet Bowl Stand

Pallet recycling is good DIY fun and art as there are lot of ideas to re utilize wooden pallets lying in your home scrap. We are again here with innovative pallet recycling skills and share with you how to recycle pallet and build a rustic pallet bowl stand. If you have some pet animals then this pallet bowl stand is very dire need of your home because using this bowl you can feed your pet with ease and your pets can enjoy healthy feed as well.

There are so many bowl stand available in the market but budget is always a big hurdle. If you purchase this bowl stand from the market, it’ll cost you 50$ approx. But the only way to make this your own pallet bowl stand is to do this yourself. Material required for this easy DIY pallet project includes pallets, reclaimed drift wood, barn wood and stainless steel bowls. Nothing is tough in this homemade rustic pallet bowl stand project rather than art of pallet readjustment. After adjusting pallet and barn wood with each other, stainless steel bowls are placed in the available space on the pallet stand surface. Now it’s a beauteous homemade pallet bowl stand for your pet.

DIY rustic pallet bowl stand

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DIY rustic pallet bowl stand project