Best DIY Hair Mask Ideas

Struggling with bad hair and no time for the salon? Allow us to take care of that with some nourishing and easy homemade hair mask picks. These masks can be made with minimum ingredients that are already available in your kitchen. Whip up an equal amount of coconut oil and honey. Heat it a bit and apply for 20 minutes and then wash. For frizzy dull hair, use egg, olive oil, rich coconut milk and some lemon juice for this amazing hair mask made at home. Bananas are not only delicious; they are great shine boosters for hair too. Mash a banana, and blend it with aloe vera and coconut oil. Keep it for 15 minutes on hair and rinse it for some shiny hair. Throw some apple cider vinegar, yogurt, and lemon juice together, mix well and apply. This is one of the best DIY hair masks for deep cleaning. Our hair is made of protein and yogurt is a rich source of that. Apart from including it in your diet, take a generous amount of yogurt and stir some honey into it. Pamper your hair with this easy homemade hair mask. If you are looking for something to repair your damaged hair, all you need is a mixture of castor oil, aloe vera and some vitamin E capsules. This pack will help the hair grow faster and reduce hair fall. You don’t always have to depend on a costly hair salon for a beauty treatment. Try out with some papaya puree and honey concoction and let your dry hair gulp this incredible hair mask made at home for 45 minutes. Thank us later for your gorgeous, bouncy hair!

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DIY cosmetics

How to make beauty Cosmetics at home

Every person uses cosmetics, means its necessity of every home. There are so many types of cosmetics available in the market. Almost all people prefer to buy cosmetics from market, because they have no DIY cosmetics ideas. If you have few moments than you can make these cosmetics at home, as I have made a lot of cosmetics at home. I have been using homemade cosmetics since few years. I make an herbal facial wash at home. Before making I think for a while that how to make homemade cosmetic. There came an idea in my mind that I should search on internet for easy homemade cosmetics ideas. I prepare the list of ingredients and purchased it from market and mix them following the procedure. Save it in air tight jar and store it in normal temperature place. It gave wonderful result and make my face fresh and pretty. There are so many easy ideas for homemade cosmetics. You can make all types of cosmetics at home in alternative to that your buy from market.

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DIY homemade beauty cosmetics

Simple Vanila Sugar Body Scrub Makeover

Everyone wants healthy and fresh skin because if your skin is healthier and fresh you’ll look younger. Therefore people use different beauty tips for natural and fresh skin. Many use different cosmetics while other use some homemade beauty products. Well, let’s discuss how to make vanilla sugar body scrub. Its all ingredients are pure and extracted from natural resources. First of all gather its ingredients as per detailed below.

  1. 1/2 cup granulated (white) sugar
  2. 2 cups Turbinado sugar (sugar in the raw)
  3. 1 Tablespoon honey
  4. 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
  5. 1 Tablespoon Vanilla extract (or your favorite essential oil)

Put the both type of sugar in a bowl and mix them well. Now add olive oil and again mix. After this mix honey and vanilla in the mixture. You homemade vanilla sugar body scrub is ready. Save it in airtight jar and enjoy!

Easy DIY Vanila Sugar body scrub

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Make Your Own Body Scrub at home

How to make sugar scrub at home

Easy Homemade Beauty Products

It’s better to know how making your own natural beauty products. Homemade Natural beauty products make your skin fresh and young without any side effect. These beauty products are easy to make at home. You can make them easily, just knowing what ingredients are required for making them. There are so many beauty products that you can make at home. Just gather their ingredients and take tutorial help and start making. Here we have great DIY ideas of homemade beauty cosmetics. If you buy them from market you’ve to pay cost, but if you have DIY idea you can make them easily and at low cost. In old age, people to use homemade beauty products and also have different DIY ideas to make beauty products at home. They gather their natural ingredients and use different ideas to make different homemade beauty products.

Simple Homemade Beauty Products

Easy Homemade beauty products

Easy Homemade Beauty Recipes

Easy Homemade Cosmetic Products

Simple DIY natural skin care

Rustic DIY beauty tips

Homemade Facial Mask

Easy Homemade Cosmetic Products

Simple Homemade Acne Body Wash

If you’re ever having problem of acne on your body or face, here we’ve a solution for you to get rid of acne. The causes of acne are so many and still not explained by the dermatologists and medical professionals. But one thing I want to tell you that essential oil for acne used in body washes soothes and heals the acne quickly. Here is DIY project to make your acne body wash. You’ll need following items to make acne body wash.


½ cup extra virgin Olive Oil
1 cup liquid Castile Soap
¼ cup Vitamin E oil
1 tsp Tea Tree Oil
1 tsp Lavender Oil
½ cup Coconut Oil
1 cup Liquid Glycerin

Start the process by pouring a cup of liquid castile soap in the bottle. This soap will act as base of your acne body wash. Now add measured quantity of other ingredients (virgin olive oil, vit Eoil, 1 tsp of lavender essential oil and tea tree oil in the bottle. Melt the 1 cup coconut oil in microwave until it liquefies completely. Also put it in the bottle and add 1 cup of liquid glycerin to the mixture and place the cap over the bottle to shake it well. Doing this you’ve mixed all the ingredients. Cleanse your face and body, use acne body wash for acne control. You’ll really feel the difference.

Easy Homemade Acne body wash

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Amazing Homemade Sugar Scrub

Would you like to make your own sugar scrub? Really you’ll as it’s easy to make and low cost sugar scrub. No skill required to make it. Just gather its ingredients and star. You’ll make it at home so you are satisfied that all ingredients are pure and natural. Sugar scrub keeps your skin healthy and natural without any side effects.


  1. Sugar in Raw
  2. Palmer Moisturizing Body Oil

Mix all the ingredients in a small mason jar and enjoy. Use it 2-3 times a week, you’ll get rid of dead skin and your skin will become healthy and soft.

Easy homemade sugar scrub

Awesome homemade sugar scrub

Make Your Own Sugar Scrub

DIY Storing your Makeup Items

Every girl likes to have a nice collection of beauty cosmetics with her.  All the items are very important as each item plays its own role to complete a wonderful makeup. Therefore it’s necessary to store and organize cosmetics carefully. Here we’ve some cool DIY ideas to store your makeup items. It’s awesome to store them is a place where all item remain in order. We have awesome DIY ideas to store cosmetics in specially furniture, chests of drawers, baskets boxes, drawers, tabletop containers and bathroom cabinets. Read the below ideas and enjoy!

Cool DIY makeup organizer

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DIY Makeup Drawers

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DIY solution to store your Cosmetics

Cool makeup storage ideas

How to organize your makeup vanityEasy DIY Makeup Storage

Cool DIY Cosmetic OrganizerSource

Easy Homemade Facial Moisturiser

After winter season, your skin needs special care and moisturizing. We have a cool DIY idea for homemade cosmetic to make an easy lotion that will really care your skin. Supplies include 16 oz baby lotion (here is used Johnson & Johnson vanilla oatmeal lotion), 8 oz coconut oil, solid, 8 oz vitamin E cream, 4 oz cocoa butter. Put all the ingredients in bowl and mix with a mixer. Then put the mixture in air tight jar to save it for more time. It will remain good for 3 three month. Keep it at room temperature. Spread it on your skin and enjoy healthy skin.

DIY facial moisturizer

Homemade Face Moisturizer Recipes

Homemade Oil Moisturizer

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