DIY Wall Art Pictures Ideas

If the walls in your home are empty and you don’t know how to decorate room, consider DIY wall art picture ideas. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and time and you will be delighted with the result of your work. All you need for this art project are several frames, decorative paper, styrofoam and beautiful colorful fabrics. Once you have all the required materials, start implementing your ideas. Make a wall with dearest memories by using photographics of you with family and friends, and that will certainly make you smile every day. If you want to create a kiss picture wall decor, you will need an old frame which can be painted in different colours and the picture you will make by using the white paper which would be covered with different lipstick kisses. People who love fashion can decorate the wall with pictures of their favorite fashion accessories. Artistic souls can devote more time and make wall decor by putting watercolours  on book pages, so they would get a unique piece of art decor.

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DIY Decorate Your Kitchen

Arrange your kitchen with the help of DIY kitchen pallet project so that you will have big desire to spend a lot of time in it. Why would you use a lot of money on kitchen organization when with a help of pallets you can create a orderly and useful space. Not only will you save money but you will achieve a very good result on the easiest way. You can make pallet picture and write a quote of a famous chef  or some interesting word that’s related with the kitchen or food. If you do not have enough space to arrange the plates, glasses, spices or food for the winter, than with a help of pallets make your kitchen design. Make the kitchen chairs and tables, and if you have more time you can make the kitchen worktop. Your choice may be a modern kitchen, if you make a decision to dye pallets, or leave the natural color of wood for more rustic look. When you complete your pallet project you can hurry up to improve your culinary skills, and surprise your family and friends with delicious meal.

DIY Kitchen Decoration

DIY Kitchen Decor

DIY Kitchen Pallet Ideas

DIY Pallet Prokect Kitchen

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DIY Kitchen Dishes Project

DIY Kids Birthday Ideas

The birthday of your child is near and you wish to make him that day unforgettable. DIY kids birthday ideas will help you for short time to make the most beautiful party ever. In the closest shop purchase colorful papers, cardboards, ropes, balloons and preparation can begin. Use paper to cut out letters, glue them on cardboard or fabric that you will attach to the rope, and you will get the inscription Happy Birthday. Also with the paper you can make a mustache as tubules decoration, this will certainly cause children’s laugh while they are drinking juice. Use it to create circles of paper, and with them decorate the entire walls. With balloons you can also decorate the walls and ceiling, and you can even make the birthday game. First make a frame with the wooden pallet, seal balloons on frame and children’s darts is finished. The last thing on your to do list is to call your kid’s little friends and the unfogettable party can start. All the moms will envy you for an interesting Children’s birthday decoration.

DIY Birthday

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DIY Pallet Dining Table

If you have old pallets in a garage with which you do not know what to do, then you will surely like our idea to recycle them and make Pallet Dining Table. Depending on the size of your kitchen and free space cut the pallet and make the desired shape. You can make small and large tables, and they can be round or square. The color you decide to use for painting can easy be selected according to environment of the kitchen. You can dye them or leave the natural look, but you can also cover dining table with the glass. Your decision depends on the effect you want to achieve. Everything you need is old pallets, a box of tools, a glue and you’re completely ready to work. After all the work is done, you’ll be satisfied with the stunning result. You will have a cheap and perfect pallet table for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Creative and Unique Ceiling DIY Designs

When we talk about home decoration we can’t ignore ceiling décor because without decorating ceiling, your home is incomplete and odd. Some people think that room ceiling is a time-consuming and tough job, but it’s not so as you percept. There are so many easy and inexpensive DIY ceiling ideas for a budget friendly room decoration. First of all you’ll need to specify your budget for DIY ceiling project. Then adopt the design you like keeping in view the budget you specified. Most people like white or off-white color ceiling as in old age. Now it’s modern age and therefore you should decorate your living place with modern method. Measure length and width to estimate the requirements of the material and then any follow unique do it yourself ceiling ideas and make your home more attractive and lovely. You can celebrate this DIY project as family weekend project and complete the project after spending my weeks.

Unique DIY ceiling ideas

Simple DIY ceiling ideas

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Easy Do it yourself Ceiling Plans

DIY unique Ceiling Plans

Cheap DIY ceiling  plans

Awesome Ceiling plans

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Cheap DIY Home Decor Ideas with Stones

Now a day there is home décor trend everywhere. Every person wants to décor his home and tries to find different cheap and easy decorating ideas. We have many cool and rustic budget friendly home décor ideas for you. I mean today we’ll discuss how to discuss how to décor your home with stones. Although it’s a amazing décor ideas but it’s really very famous and cheap home décor idea. We throw the stone in scrap or garbage as a useless thing but it’s of utmost importance. You can decorate your home well with these stones. However you should have different DIY home décor ideas in your mind. For instance, you can make lovely candle holder from stones. Make beautiful lamps and put them in your bed room or lawn. They’ll look stylish and beautiful. Make innovative paper weight and keep on them on your table. Stone nest is an also rustic DIY home décor idea. Write some text on pieces with stone and put them in nest and keep it your living room-looking awesome.

Lamps made  from Stone

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Planter made from Stone

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Living Room Wall decorated With Marble

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Stone Made Candle Lamp Holder/Stand

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Room decorated with Stone Art

Easy Home decorating idea

Washroom Decorated With Stone work

Cheap DIY Home  decor

Stone Nest looking Nice

Unique Home decor DIY idea

Living Room Decorated Stone Made item

Cheap living room decor ideas

Cool Spring-Inspired Flower Lamps

It’s better to know how to make your own light source. There are so many DIY ideas to create your light source. But here we’ve a great idea of flower lampshade. A flower lamp is not only your own light source but it’s also a decorating piece that will decorate your lawn. It’s a cool spring craft. You’ll really surprise that it’s very easy to make a lampshade at home. Just gather the material that include two scissors, needle nose pliers, a sponge, decoupage glue, 12 stems of aluminum, a socket with a LED bulb, 30 cm cotton fabric, pins, a leaf template, and hot glue gun. Firstly download the petal template and print it. Put the template on working surface and use nose pliers to bend wire into shape of the petal. Continuing the process make 10 wire petals and bend the wire ends together. To complete lampshade project follow the source link.

Simple DIY Spring-inspired Flower

Easy Spring-Inspired Flower Lamp makeover

Cool DIY Flower Lampshade

How to make spring-inspired lamps

Easy DIY Flower Lamp

How to make Spring-Inspired Flower Lamps

Homemade spring-inspired lamps

Spring-Inspired flower lamp makeoverFlower Lamps decor ideasSource

Simple DIY Clay Bunny Bowl for Easter

How to make clay bunny bowl for EasterIt’s time to decorate your home for Easter celebration as Easter is not far. There are so many ideas to celebrate Easter at its best; today we’ll discuss how to make funny clay bowls for Easter. You’ll need air dry clay, acrylic craft paint, a rolling pin, a sharpie oil-based paint maker, paintbrush sandpaper and glass bowls. First roll out air dry clay on smooth surface like parchment paper. Roll to thickness of ¼ inch. Put bowl top side down on clay. Now cut around edge of the bowl using knife. Then lift clay gently and cut out as long oval shape of the remainder of the clay you’ve rolled out. Now cut it in two half piece to create bunny ears. To finish the bowls, read the tutorial here.

Clay Bunny bowl for Easter Celebration

Cool Homemade Clay Bunny bowl

make a clay bowl for Easter CelebrationSource

Easy DIY Pizza Garland makeover

Almost all people like pizza and this tutorial is about DIY pizza garland. It’ll more pleasure to your parties and also cool and easy DIY project as well. Required materials for this project include printable template, scissor, double adhesive tape and string. First of all download a free template and print it on thick paper/cardboard. Print 6 A4 print of paper sheet because this file contains 3 pizzas slices. Cut each diamond shape individually and fold at middle to form pizza triangle. Then spread long piece of string on a table and fold each triangle on it. Put a piece of double adhesive tape on each and make sure that it also covers the string. If need then add another piece of tape towards the pointy end of the triangle. Your DIY project for parties garland is complete start pizza party and enjoy!

Cool DIY pizza garland

DIY pizza garland makeover

DIY pizza garland makeover

Cool Pizza garland makeover ideas

Cool party pizza garland

DIY Cool Vase Decor Ideas

Beautiful gold leaf vases can decorate your home for any season. Here we have some cool DIY vase décor ideas for your home décor. You’ll need gold leaf, a gold leaf adhesive, a big brush, small glasses or votives and a brush for adhesive.  Paste the glue on glasses where you want the gold leaf to go and let it to dry for few moments.  Now apply the gold leaf, it’s very delicate and will break as soon as you touch it.  Then open your booklet and put the gold leaf on your glass, as you’ll remove the paper gold leaf will be fixed on your glass. Please read the below tutorial for DIY vase décor ideas.

Cool DIY Vase Decor Ideas


Cool DIY vase decor


DIY gold leaf vase decor ideas

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