Tie Dye Shirt-The steps as we know it!

Hey guys, I have some great news for you. I have been working on something really exciting, guess what? It’s a…

Well, let’s cut the suspense, it’s a pretty cool and new way to make use of your old and unused shirts into a creative and trendy look. You can apply this Tie Dye DIY method on a lot of things e.g. from socks to old n torn out bed sheets. However, in this article, I will specifically talk about DIY Tie Dye Shirt.  Let’s get started!

Things you need to Tie Dye a Shirt

  • White T-shirt (it can be an old one or you can apply this DIY Tie Dye on a new shirt)
  • Dye colors (bright colors works well, you can easily get your hands on a reasonable set of dye colors)
  • Rubber bands
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Disposable Napkins
  • Squeeze plastic bottles for storing liquefied dyes
  • Soda Ash
  • Ziplock Plastic Bags
  • A plastic tub (preferably an old one)
  • Mixing cup and a spoon

DIY Tie Dye Method

Once you have all the material and equipment at hand, it’s time to get started. First of all, in the plastic tub add warm water along with soda ash (not too much). This will help the dyes to sustain its colors when applying on the shirt. It is really important to ensure that the mixture is well-dissolved. Now soak in your shirt in that mixture (make sure to wear rubber gloves when soaking it, it gets messy at times). Once fully soaked, wring the shirt out of it and twist it to squeeze out the dye as much as you can. You can use any pattern to dye your shirt, but I used the rainbow pattern.

For that, place the shirt onto the table put a dowel rod or your finger to spin the shirt around it as much as you can. Once completely swirled tie it with rubber bands, make sure that the rubber bands are strong enough to hold onto the shirt for long. Join the rubber bands all over the shirt and try to keep the whole thing as straight and flat as you can.

Now, it time for dyeing, put any dye you want to on the shirt. P.S. Make sure that your dye doesn’t spill on your work surface. Let it dry for a day and uncut the rubber bands and tadaa here you go with an amazingly looking trendy DIY Tie Dye art.

Framed Key DIY

Hi guys, I am back again. For this weekend I have come up with an exciting idea for you to start with.

I recently shifted to a new apartment and while packing I found a bunch
of keys who doesn’t open any locks and I honestly don’t remember for what locks I had these for. I thought to throw them away BUT an instant thought provoked my mind and I started working on it. Yes, I am talking about framed key case. It looks super amazing and insanely easy to mak
e. This is the easiest and fabulous looking DIY idea you can lay your hands on. Framed key art is pretty popular these days and lets you decorate your walls with these
astounding framed key sets.

What supplies do you need to make a Framed Key Case?

You would need a bunch of supplies, which I assure you willalready have at home. Here you go:

  • Old unused keys
  • Spray Paints (preferably metallic-gold color; this would give your keys an artistic and vintage look)
  • Old Cloth (preferably a thick one)
  • Spare or unused picture frame
  • Durable Long-lasting Glueimage 1

Steps you need to do to make a perfect Framed Key Case

Okay, once you have all the required material for the making of framed key case you should now settle down and start connecting all the things step-by-step.

First, you spread the keys onto an old newspaper and spray them with the metallic spray paint. Let them dry meanwhile cut the cloth into an adjustable size that fits in properly within the inner walls of the frame. Now glue the inner sides of the frame case and firmly paste the cloth on it, make sure to press all the four sides of the cloth carefully. By now, your keys must have been dried out, now glue each one of them and paste them vertically (preferably 4 keys in one row). Let them dry properly and bingo you’ve got it right here.

Congratulations, I am sure you must have successfully completed the task, share your key framed pictures with us. You can use these amazing framed antique keys case anywhere in your home.

image 2

Recycled CDs Redefine Purpose

Until recently, CDs were very popular and people use them a lot. Music was sliced on a CD and when you insert the CD into the computer or recorder, you could enjoy your favorite musical hits. However, developments in technology and modern aspects of using the techniques have contributed that CDs do not have the previously mentioned purposes anymore, and they stopped being useful. But people have figured out how to redefine their use, to utilize the existing stocks of these products.

This idea is easy to apply in your home, because everything you need is a bunch of old CDs, scissors and glue to start with Do It Yourself recycled CDs project. You can create house ornaments, decorate furniture or use CDs to refresh and make modern fashionable accessories and clothes.

For this project , first you need to cut CDs to create different shapes and sizes that will help you to achieve wanted redefinition and beautification of your old items. When you prepare that recycled CDs pieces you may start with decoration. Living room can get new DIY CD painting and mirror, or you can make a lamp. First create a wood stand with a hole where you can put cables and light bulb. You also need to make holes to attach CDs on stand and one to pull cable through to input it into electricity. This is a little bit harder assignment, but it’s worth the effort.

If you want to make glass coasters of CDs, use the hole CD to glue decorative cardboard, but instead of using tough cardboard find some thin, so that glass can stand straight on coaster. You can also use hole CD to make a tool storage and just cover CD with fabrics and you will easy get transparent  CD organizer which can be put on wall. Make a necklace, earring, bag or renew an old shirt by putting CD pieces on the collar. Your options are enormous so don’t skip doing it.

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Easy Rings Craft Ideas

Rings have long since become an indispensable part of fashion accessories .The custom of giving and receiving finger rings dates back over approximately 6000 years. Women and men all around the world had wore finger rings since olden times and that tradition has continued to this day. Only now people creativity has evolved and they create more interesting and different ring copies. Your hands are in spotlight every day, so they deserve to be decorated and dressed up with some beautiful hand jewelry.

There are so many creative options for rings that you will certainly like our fun and easy ring craft. The different materials you can use for this purpose, such as ring frames, wires, multicolored stones, glitter and zircons, buttons and everything you seem useful. If you have an old ring that you are bored and not attractive anymore, you can decorate it and renew it to look like you bought a new one.

The easiest way to make rings is to use wires, with a help of pliers curve the wire to make a wanted shape. You can make love and heart ring sign, sign for infinity or you may use one unique stone to decorate the ring. If you are patient and you have more time, you can create blue ombre stones ring. You need to make a little hole on every stone and pull the wire try to connect all stones.

For glitter ring use frame in wanted shape like mustache or some other that you can find in store and create modern sparkle finger ornament. Also you may use pearls to make lady chick ring decoration.
Have fun and make some easy ring craft.

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DIY Creative T-Shirts Project

Nice weather had just started and it’s time to refresh your closet. It’s expensive to buy new clothes constantly so use DIY creative T-shirts project to make more beautiful your old wardrobe. Make ready colour for the fabric, scissors and some materials if you want to create bow ties or some other decoration for T-shirts. For those who love the hippie style, can make a shirt in the colors of the rainbow, with rubber bands tie shirt, sprinkle colours that you want and each time you get a different design. You can also make Heart T-Shirt, one way is to cut heart with scissors on the back or use glitter to make heart on front of the shirt. Make a happy smile ice cream print on the shirt by using different materials and cut them in right shapes to get funny T-shirt. T-shirts with tassels are very popular, so make one yourself and enjoy your summer combination. Ladies can make a shirt with ties on her back in which will look very modern and sophisticated. Prepare yourself to enjoy in beautiful days of summer.

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12 Awesome and Charming DIY Necklace Ideas

Giving gift to your friends and loved one has become a trend in this world. One of the best gift, you want to give it to your friend is a necklace. In this busy world, most people like personalized gift. For instance wearing a necklace of their own name or signature has become a fashion trend now a day. Even most famous actress has started wearing their name and signature necklace.

You can buy a necklace from the market to give it to your friend. But it’s not enough, get it wrapped and then deliver. There are so many wonderful DIY necklace ideas, that you can try a gift pack for your friend. There are so many types of necklace, you can deliver to your friend like flower necklace, stone necklace, chain necklace fabric necklace and name or signature necklace. But one of them is personalized necklace is the most famous necklace that you can gift to your love one. A personalized necklace shows person’s uniqueness and distinguishes from other. You really need unique DIY necklace design to give a unique gift to your loved one.

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Easy DIY Cute Braclete Plans

Here we’ve many luscious leather DIY bracelets ideas for you as most people mean both male and female like to attend parties and ceremonies in their social life aspect. They also use many accessories to look awesome in these functions. One of the most common accessories in male and female is that they love to use wristbands and silicone bracelets. You can buy them from market but what’s about if you make them at home with a very low cost. For this you have to know about cute and easy bracelets makeover ideas. Here you have option to make wristband or bracelets or customize a bracelet after you purchase it from market. There are so many bracelets customization kit available in the market that can be ordered for bracelets customization.

If you already have a bracelet then you can start customization by carving design. For beginner, one can start by carving its own name. If you know many DIY innovative bracelets ideas then you can make or customize a bracelet of so many color, design and styles. If you want to customize many rubber or silicone wristbands then bought it in bulk as it would be cheaper for you.

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