DIY Birdcage Chandelier

There are so many DIY lovers who have been working on creative DIY ideas. They modify some old ideas and find out a new one to create a rustic household item. My today’s project DIY idea is also something about DIY creative plans. There are so many items that can be made at home or we can buy it just by one click. While purchasing online or by visiting a local market, we’ve to pay for that items. Then why not to build this at home. Folks shortly, in today’s post I’ll discuss that how to make a birdcage chandelier at home.

building a chandelier at home

The items required for DIY birdcage chandelier project are only few like copper birdcage, many fake birds, bulbs and wooden stand. Birdcage has been placed over the wooden stand. Fake birds are kept in the birdcage through dry wooden pieces. Install a bulb (E26 or E27) in available slot in the birdcage and enjoy homemade birdcage chandelier.

This was the one method to craft a birdcage chandelier at home. The other option is to hang it in your home rather than to fix it on a wooden stand. In case there is no need of wooden stand, just tie a rope on the upper corner of the birdcage and hang it in your living place.

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DIY Bed with Storage Space

Struggle with small rooms and too much to store. Sounds familiar? Hang on for some amazing ideas on the DIY bed with built-in storage. Honestly, we are all in love with our beds. Beds are where we end our day. But let’s be practical and admit that they take up a lot of space; leaving us with little or no storage space. Don’t be disheartened though. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to create space.

The good news is there are so many DIY bed designs to look for and choose from. The options are countless. Why not benefit from them? If you have huge dressing boxes, put them together and place the mattress over them. This will convert into a strong sturdy bed with lots of storage space.

Another beautiful DIY wooden bed tutorial to come across is using IKEA cabinets as stairs and creating a higher platform bed. Apart from the cabinets, even the stairs can be used to keep things. Moreover, it would be a fun bed to kids also!

You can change your bed base into bookshelves, by using IKEA kitchen cabinets. Handy books make for a happy reader! One of the rather interesting DIY bed plans is arranging small lights on the headboard to make reading easier. Floating bed is another great option. As there are only two legs, all the space under the bed is free to use.

Another popular conventional DIY bed with built-in storage is the one with simple lifting. Turn the base of bed into two large cabinets covered with a huge ply. You just have to lift the mattress and ply o store things.

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Amazing DIY Wooden Doll House Plans

The idea of a homemade doll house is simply fascinating to both kids and adults. Everybody cherishes the childhood memories of playing with it. However, the expensive ready made doll houses could make you think twice before buying one.  If you are still planning to have it anyway, here are some nice and easy tips on how to make a wooden doll house.

Wooden dollhouses are sturdy and have a lot of scope for decoration. Wood is considered the best material to make it. You don’t need a lot of materials. Just arrange some old wood planks. Cut them into the same size to place them as side walls of the house. Now, keep them aside and cut two other wood pallets of larger sizes to make the top and bottom of the house.

A DIY doll house project just calls for a simple approach. It doesn’t have to be complex. After the walls and other two sides have been shaped, attach them with the help of nails and brackets. You can divide the house into two stairs and use small stairs. Some leftover thin tiles would work great as wallpapers.

Take the magical look of your homemade doll house up a notch by painting them with fresh floral colors. Kids love colorful lightings. Try and get some little colorful bulbs to decorate and make the insides well-lit. Every living place is incomplete without furniture. To give your DIY doll house project a more sincere outlook, place some miniatures of furniture like almirah and sofa etc. You can even create a huge house with a single floor!

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DIY wooden doll house

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DIY Standing Laptop Desk

Buying standing desk may be a good plan but why cause a big hole in your pocket, when you can already use our amazing DIY standing laptop desk ideas. Have that bookshelf? Use the upper portion as your office desk, without giving up more space. You can even use a stack of books; it might be less stable though. Another smart way to make standing laptop desk is double-decker desk.

All you have to do is place another small table on your coffee table of same dimensions. This method is very efficient and stable. Place two shelves apart from each other and rest a table or another shelf horizontally on them, to conquer your standing laptop desk plans. If you have some leftover plywood, give it a shape in form of corner long standing desk. They are cheap, easy to build and portable. A wooden plank can simply be fit to the wall using brackets, to give it sturdiness. The best part about

DIY standing laptop desk ideas is that you can customize the table according to your needs. When you have too much to store, use the space under the table top to build multiple drawers and give your room an organized look. Sitting for a long time harms our spine. At the same time, standing continuously may hurt our feet, regardless of whatever alternatives we choose from to make standing laptop desk. Save your feet by placing a cushion on the floor and stand on it. The treadmill can be a great option too. The top of the treadmill has enough space to accommodate your computer system. Freedom to work while working out makes it one of the smartest standing laptop desk plans.

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Amazing Potting Bench Ideas

Organizing your gardening tools and equipments is a good habit as it’ll save your time and you will find your things easily. Either you have a gardening shed in your garden or not a potting bench is very dire need of every gardener. A potting bench is an innovative piece of furniture with built-in sink or not but it has one or more shelves in it. In these shelves you can organize your gardening tools and accessories in a good manner. You can choose a potting bench of size that fits in available space in your garden. You can place potting bench in any corner of your garden.

One thing to remember that if you keep your potting bench in outside open air then make sure that it is finished with weather-resistant paint as it will keep your potting safe from soil and other weather damages. However I’ll suggest to keep your gardening potting bench indoor. There are so many types and styles of potting bench available in the market, you can choose one of them as per your budget and requirements. However you build your own potting bench because there is no rocket science in building the potting bench. There are so many easy DIY ideas available to build a potting bench but I’ll suggest a potting bench out of wood pallets. Its very easy DIY pallet project as there is no need of special woodworking skills required for the project. Here are some example for you. Try it and enjoy it!



rustic wood potting bench with wheel

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wood red potting bench

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Exclusive Space saving Rotating Storage Ideas

Are you searching for innovative storage plans to organize your things and grocery at home. If yes then here are you at right place as we have lot space saving storage ideas for you. There are so many ideas while talking about organizing things at home. Your ideas might be just about to organize things but the idea in my mind will surely save your space than other storage plans.

Some people like to build floating shelves, some like to make corner shelves to create storage space. Any way my idea for storage space is really functional and it will add beauty to your living space. Yes! I’m talking about rotating storage idea.

Rotating space saving storage units are super fit for small home and room as well. Like you can place it in your kids to save their supplies, can be placed in kitchen to use it as pantry, shortly its a multi purpose storage idea.

rotating storage ideas

Awesome Tower Storage Racks 

awesome storage ideas

Space Saving Round Wood Racks for spices storage 

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Storage Racks build from Racks

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Round Wood Rack for your Cherished Shoe collection

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Space saving Corner Shelves 

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Rotating Tiered Sewing Supplies Storage

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Rotating Bookcase cum Murphy Bed

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Do it Yourself Cosmetics Organizer

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DIY Tyres Seating for Garden

Hey folks, today I am going to share one of my favorite DIY ideas with you. I made these amazing DIY tyres seating for garden and my family totally loves it. I would love to share these simple yet amazingly funky looking tyres seats.

This idea truly inspired my neighbors and friends and they applied it on their unused tyres as well. You can make perfect looking tyres seats that provide ultimate comfort as well. You don’t have to pay extra money for garden sitting chairs or seats because now you can make your very own trendy and super comfy DIY Tyres seating.

Stuff that you’ll need for DIY Tyres Seating

  • 3 tyres


  • Spray Paints (should be of funky bright color, I personally love yellow and royal blue, you can choose any of your favorite colors)


  • Plywood (must be around 50cm in diameter and should be 1cm thick.
  • Reliable Glue Gun


  • Polyester Stuffing (of your preference)
  • Staple Gun
  • Fabric (to cover the polyester-any color of your choice)
  • Interior Clear Varnish

How we do it-DIY Tyres Seating Method

  1. Lay your hands on the tyres I used the old tyres of my previous car, which was not in use. I bleached the tyres and brushed all the dust and dirt of the tyres. Follow this step and clean your tyres and let them dry for at least 3-4 hours.
  2. Once the tyres completely dry off, it’s time to spray paint them. Apply at least 3 coats on each tyre with an interval of 1-1.5 hours. After each coat, let them dry before applying a second coat.
  3. To make your DIY tyre seats look beautiful and durable, it is important to coat them with clear varnish. This step will help in sealing and preventing the spray paint from scratching off the tyres.
  4. Apply at least 2 layers of interior clear varnish on the tyres.
  5. Glue the circular plywood on one open side of the tyre.
  6. From the other side fill in the polyester and cover it with fabric by stapling it from the edges.
  7. Flip it over, and here you go, your amazing looking DIY Tyres Seats for gardens are ready to be used.

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Wine Cork Candles Do-it-Yourself (DIY)

Hello fellas, I have come up with yet another interesting DIY idea, which trust me, would lighten up your and yours partner mood. I have wine cork candles idea for you. If you are a wine lover, then it’s time to save the corks of your wine bottles. This is the simplest yet elegant idea to add a romantic and an artistic look.

Wine cork candles only require two basic steps and a few things. It’s time to add a creative and warm look to winters coupled with all those blossomy flowers bouquets.

Things you need for DIY Wine Cork Candles

There are few things that you need at hand to make this exquisitely looking DIY wine cork candles, indeed one of the best DIY ideas I have worked on so far. Here are the things that you would need:

  • Wine Corks (Finish your wine and collect the corks)


  • Matchsticks



  • Small glassed mason jars or small vodka glasses


  • Acetone Alcohol



DIY Wine Cork Candles Method

Once you have collected a bunch of wine corks, it’s time to soak them into acetone alcohol. Make sure to keep them soaked at least for a week. This will help the corks to absorb all the acetone alcohol which will allow them to burn for hours and serves as a candle.

After a week, you are ready to use them wherever and whenever you want. Put these soaked wine corks into the glassed mason jars and lit them up. Spark up the mood of your room’s ambiance or use them in candle light dinners. Happy DIY ideas!


I would love to see DIY wine cork candles made by you share the pictures with me, once done!

Framed Key DIY

Hi guys, I am back again. For this weekend I have come up with an exciting idea for you to start with.

I recently shifted to a new apartment and while packing I found a bunch
of keys who doesn’t open any locks and I honestly don’t remember for what locks I had these for. I thought to throw them away BUT an instant thought provoked my mind and I started working on it. Yes, I am talking about framed key case. It looks super amazing and insanely easy to mak
e. This is the easiest and fabulous looking DIY idea you can lay your hands on. Framed key art is pretty popular these days and lets you decorate your walls with these
astounding framed key sets.

What supplies do you need to make a Framed Key Case?

You would need a bunch of supplies, which I assure you willalready have at home. Here you go:

  • Old unused keys
  • Spray Paints (preferably metallic-gold color; this would give your keys an artistic and vintage look)
  • Old Cloth (preferably a thick one)
  • Spare or unused picture frame
  • Durable Long-lasting Glueimage 1

Steps you need to do to make a perfect Framed Key Case

Okay, once you have all the required material for the making of framed key case you should now settle down and start connecting all the things step-by-step.

First, you spread the keys onto an old newspaper and spray them with the metallic spray paint. Let them dry meanwhile cut the cloth into an adjustable size that fits in properly within the inner walls of the frame. Now glue the inner sides of the frame case and firmly paste the cloth on it, make sure to press all the four sides of the cloth carefully. By now, your keys must have been dried out, now glue each one of them and paste them vertically (preferably 4 keys in one row). Let them dry properly and bingo you’ve got it right here.

Congratulations, I am sure you must have successfully completed the task, share your key framed pictures with us. You can use these amazing framed antique keys case anywhere in your home.

image 2

DIY Creative T-Shirts Project

Nice weather had just started and it’s time to refresh your closet. It’s expensive to buy new clothes constantly so use DIY creative T-shirts project to make more beautiful your old wardrobe. Make ready colour for the fabric, scissors and some materials if you want to create bow ties or some other decoration for T-shirts. For those who love the hippie style, can make a shirt in the colors of the rainbow, with rubber bands tie shirt, sprinkle colours that you want and each time you get a different design. You can also make Heart T-Shirt, one way is to cut heart with scissors on the back or use glitter to make heart on front of the shirt. Make a happy smile ice cream print on the shirt by using different materials and cut them in right shapes to get funny T-shirt. T-shirts with tassels are very popular, so make one yourself and enjoy your summer combination. Ladies can make a shirt with ties on her back in which will look very modern and sophisticated. Prepare yourself to enjoy in beautiful days of summer.

DIY Romantic Shirt

DIY Grey Romantic Shirt

DIY Shirt Decor

DIY Creatice T-Shirt

DIY Tie T-Shirt

DIY White Shirts

DIY Blue Clouds T-Shirt

DIY Rainbow T-Shirt

DIY Ice cream shirt

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