Wine Cork Candles Do-it-Yourself (DIY)

Hello fellas, I have come up with yet another interesting DIY idea, which trust me, would lighten up your and yours partner mood. I have wine cork candles idea for you. If you are a wine lover, then it’s time to save the corks of your wine bottles. This is the simplest yet elegant idea to add a romantic and an artistic look.

Wine cork candles only require two basic steps and a few things. It’s time to add a creative and warm look to winters coupled with all those blossomy flowers bouquets.

Things you need for DIY Wine Cork Candles

There are few things that you need at hand to make this exquisitely looking DIY wine cork candles, indeed one of the best DIY ideas I have worked on so far. Here are the things that you would need:

  • Wine Corks (Finish your wine and collect the corks)


  • Matchsticks



  • Small glassed mason jars or small vodka glasses


  • Acetone Alcohol



DIY Wine Cork Candles Method

Once you have collected a bunch of wine corks, it’s time to soak them into acetone alcohol. Make sure to keep them soaked at least for a week. This will help the corks to absorb all the acetone alcohol which will allow them to burn for hours and serves as a candle.

After a week, you are ready to use them wherever and whenever you want. Put these soaked wine corks into the glassed mason jars and lit them up. Spark up the mood of your room’s ambiance or use them in candle light dinners. Happy DIY ideas!


I would love to see DIY wine cork candles made by you share the pictures with me, once done!

Pallet coffee tables.

Pallet coffee tables.

We can make different designs of pallet coffee tables using two or more pallets. The designs are easy to make. They require less materials but the outcome had quality and class. These table are mostly used in out-door environment.

Patio coffee table.

This is a white coffee table commonly known as chic white pallet patio coffee table. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor set ups. Next to it, we usually have people seated.


Tiered coffee table.

The upper surface of the Tiered coffee table consists of glass.  Two small pallets are normally used. You don’t have to paint this coffee table provided you have applied vanish on it.


Union jack.

Something unique about this design of coffee tables made from pallets is that the top surface is painted a flag of a given country. This shows love and unity. You also have some buckets under this table for storage reasons.


Coffee table with metallic stands.

This pallet coffee table is supported by metallic stands. One pallet is enough to come up with this coffee table. The supports are made of stainless steel. You can place a stainless steel metal on the top surface of the table.  Both outdoor and indoor situations can be served by this design of coffee tables.



Unusual and Creative Chandelier Ideas

Chandeliers have a very long tradition of use and a long time ago people tried to find ways to illuminate their homes. Only the elite could afford the most beautiful chandeliers which were decorated with crystals that were very expensive, while the poor had a lot simpler and cheaper copies. Today every home has one chandelier, but now it’s attractive that people have modern lightning so they want to make DIY extraordinary chandeliers that are very unique.

You can use so many different materials for this cool lightning project like old gentlemen hats, colorful umbrellas, books or any other material that you find helpful or useful. Create homemade three colorful chandeliers by using paper lantern and cover it with round cut bright paper and stick it on the lantern with strong glue. The similar process you can apply to make dreamy cloud lightning, just need to cover paper lantern with bathing cotton and cool LED’s.

Use some old umbrellas to make DIY rainy umbrella chandeliers in your kitchen or use geisha umbrella with interesting pattern for your homemade lighting design. For unique chandeliers you can use tire from the car or pincers and round wire base where you can put pincers and get very easy chandelier product.

If you have music studio or you really like to listen music, you can create great drums lightning. You may also renew your old boring chandelier, so use some colorful buttons, pearls and small chains to get magnificent lighting in you living room.

DIY Drum Light Project

DIY Beautiful Light

DIY Umbrella Light

DIY Orange-Yellow Light

DIY Creative Light

DIY Light Design

DIY Transparent Yellow Umbrella Light

DIY Homemade Light

4 DIY Tire Light

DIY Transparent Umbrella Light

DIY Light Art

Bird’s Cage Decorations

Bird cage is presenting vintage style and for those who love this kind of home appearance can find interesting DIY bird cage decoration ideas. Cages have always been very popular decoration accessories and ornament that many people repurpose them. You have so many options for home cage designs.

DIY Colourful Cages

DIY Olden Cage

DIY Flowers Cage

DIY Black Cage Decor


Create old bird cages wall to fill the empty space in the room and paint cages with different colours. You can also make lighting bird cages if you insert inside the cage candles or chandelier, which will make your home place more romantic and chick. Make flower arrangement bird cages for interior or exterior of the house, or use it on the weeding day to decorate tables for guests.

DIY Pearl Cage Decoration

DIY Different Cages

DIY Birds Cage

DIY Cerative Cage

DIY Bird's Cage

It can be also used to create vintage shelves or book shelves, but in small bird cages put small ornaments not anything heavy, and in big bird cages storage glasses, plants and book to decorate your cabinet. Put the envelopes and letters in the cages, or in your children room put toys or paintings. These ideas will help you to refresh your environment and you will have a lot of fun while you do it.

DIY Flower Cage Decor

DIY Romantic Cage

DIY Old Cage

DIY Cage Decor

DIY Wall Art Pictures Ideas

If the walls in your home are empty and you don’t know how to decorate room, consider DIY wall art picture ideas. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and time and you will be delighted with the result of your work. All you need for this art project are several frames, decorative paper, styrofoam and beautiful colorful fabrics. Once you have all the required materials, start implementing your ideas. Make a wall with dearest memories by using photographics of you with family and friends, and that will certainly make you smile every day. If you want to create a kiss picture wall decor, you will need an old frame which can be painted in different colours and the picture you will make by using the white paper which would be covered with different lipstick kisses. People who love fashion can decorate the wall with pictures of their favorite fashion accessories. Artistic souls can devote more time and make wall decor by putting watercolours  on book pages, so they would get a unique piece of art decor.

DIY Hearts Wall Ideas

DIY Modern Flat

DIY Elegant Wall

DIY Girly Shoes

DIY Girly Frame

DIY Creative Pictures

DIY Colours

DIY Decorating Wall

DIY Modern Wall

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