Wine Cork Candles Do-it-Yourself (DIY)

Hello fellas, I have come up with yet another interesting DIY idea, which trust me, would lighten up your and yours partner mood. I have wine cork candles idea for you. If you are a wine lover, then it’s time to save the corks of your wine bottles. This is the simplest yet elegant idea to add a romantic and an artistic look.

Wine cork candles only require two basic steps and a few things. It’s time to add a creative and warm look to winters coupled with all those blossomy flowers bouquets.

Things you need for DIY Wine Cork Candles

There are few things that you need at hand to make this exquisitely looking DIY wine cork candles, indeed one of the best DIY ideas I have worked on so far. Here are the things that you would need:

  • Wine Corks (Finish your wine and collect the corks)


  • Matchsticks



  • Small glassed mason jars or small vodka glasses


  • Acetone Alcohol



DIY Wine Cork Candles Method

Once you have collected a bunch of wine corks, it’s time to soak them into acetone alcohol. Make sure to keep them soaked at least for a week. This will help the corks to absorb all the acetone alcohol which will allow them to burn for hours and serves as a candle.

After a week, you are ready to use them wherever and whenever you want. Put these soaked wine corks into the glassed mason jars and lit them up. Spark up the mood of your room’s ambiance or use them in candle light dinners. Happy DIY ideas!


I would love to see DIY wine cork candles made by you share the pictures with me, once done!

Reproduced Window Shutter Decor Ideas

Change the purpose of old window shutters by using them for home decoration. DIY interior or exterior shutter creations is perfect project for you if you like to have rustic and vintage details in your rooms. These ideas you can realize very fast because you can easily achieve the expected results with little effort and money.

Everything you need to prepare for this homemade shutter assignment are some old unused windows, box with tools and paint if you want to colour your final product. First you need to separate the window frame because we won’t use it in this project but save it for some other, and start with your repurpose shutter decor project.

You can make DIY colorful window shutter fence or whole wall covered with shutters of different sizes, which can be painted in pastel colours to make your kitchen more beautiful and rustic. You can also use this wooden shutter to put mail or magazines, so that everything looks organized and neat. Create the remarkable antique shutter wall decoration for living room or use it to make bed headboardin your bedroom.

For kid’s room you can just paint the window shutter boards in rainbow colours and they will enjoy every moment spent in their lovely room. You can also use shutters to make shelves for towels in bathroom or a board that will be used for wardrobe hanging wardrobe. You have so many shitter decoration ideas like options that you will certainly find and choose the best for indoor or the outdoor of your house.

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Unusual and Creative Chandelier Ideas

Chandeliers have a very long tradition of use and a long time ago people tried to find ways to illuminate their homes. Only the elite could afford the most beautiful chandeliers which were decorated with crystals that were very expensive, while the poor had a lot simpler and cheaper copies. Today every home has one chandelier, but now it’s attractive that people have modern lightning so they want to make DIY extraordinary chandeliers that are very unique.

You can use so many different materials for this cool lightning project like old gentlemen hats, colorful umbrellas, books or any other material that you find helpful or useful. Create homemade three colorful chandeliers by using paper lantern and cover it with round cut bright paper and stick it on the lantern with strong glue. The similar process you can apply to make dreamy cloud lightning, just need to cover paper lantern with bathing cotton and cool LED’s.

Use some old umbrellas to make DIY rainy umbrella chandeliers in your kitchen or use geisha umbrella with interesting pattern for your homemade lighting design. For unique chandeliers you can use tire from the car or pincers and round wire base where you can put pincers and get very easy chandelier product.

If you have music studio or you really like to listen music, you can create great drums lightning. You may also renew your old boring chandelier, so use some colorful buttons, pearls and small chains to get magnificent lighting in you living room.

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Do It Yourself Phenomenal Pallet Bars

Men usually dream to have a bar in their home or yard and to organize parties with friends and families. Homemade wooden bars is perfect project for those who like to make cocktail parties and to spend memorable moments. You can find here very interesting ideas which you can apply it at your house alone, because they are very easy.

For this DIY awesome pallet bars ideasyou will need to prepare pallets, saw, hammer and nails. Recycled pallet are very easy to find because they are widespread and inexpensive, so you will get incredible results with spending just a little money.  When all materials are ready, begin with this wooden bar project.

First you must cut the pallets to make desired shape with a help of saw. Then all the wooden pallet parts attach with nails by using the hammer. Everything need to be stable and strongly connected so it can hold all bottles and glasses. You have so many options for indoor or outdoor recycled pallet bars. For hot spring and summer nights best choice for you is to make rustic wood bar in the yard with lighting.

But you can also choose to make one bar inside your house for cold days or make a bar with wheels, so you can easily transfer it wherever you want. If you prefer colour of wood, you may leave your pallet bar in native colour or you can use very bright paint to create funny and cool homemade bars. Whatever you choose you will certainly enjoy while making and ever more in hanging out and partying.

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How to Decor with British Flags

London is the capital city of England, which has so many interesting places and sights to see. People who visited this city were enchanted and those who didn’t, are hoping that one day they will see this magnificent place. No one can explain why people adore this city so much, but they love it so much that they try to transfer part of London in their homes. The best way to do that is to look at Homemade British furniture ideas.

The most typical sights of London that people apply on their furniture at home, is the flag theme. You just need to buy blue, red and white paint, and everything is ready for your British style craft. Make the pallet British table for your living room or bedroom by painting the pallet with three mentioned colours. At the end put movable table legs and everything is ready to call your friends on coffee and gossip.

If you have some old boring furniture that you need to refresh use the paint to renew the old item and make something new and incredible. Decorate your wardrobe closet with British flag or buy some fabric that has flag pattern to change an old middle age chair. Make DIY flag mirror by just coloring some frame that you already have at your home. Find in store big flag poster and stick it with glue on bed’s headboard in your bedroom.

You may also make some ornaments like jars, pillows or storage boxes with British stylish theme. For those who would like to have wardrobe with the flag of their favorite country, can decorate denim jacket, bag or make some chick fashionable jewelry.

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Recycled CDs Redefine Purpose

Until recently, CDs were very popular and people use them a lot. Music was sliced on a CD and when you insert the CD into the computer or recorder, you could enjoy your favorite musical hits. However, developments in technology and modern aspects of using the techniques have contributed that CDs do not have the previously mentioned purposes anymore, and they stopped being useful. But people have figured out how to redefine their use, to utilize the existing stocks of these products.

This idea is easy to apply in your home, because everything you need is a bunch of old CDs, scissors and glue to start with Do It Yourself recycled CDs project. You can create house ornaments, decorate furniture or use CDs to refresh and make modern fashionable accessories and clothes.

For this project , first you need to cut CDs to create different shapes and sizes that will help you to achieve wanted redefinition and beautification of your old items. When you prepare that recycled CDs pieces you may start with decoration. Living room can get new DIY CD painting and mirror, or you can make a lamp. First create a wood stand with a hole where you can put cables and light bulb. You also need to make holes to attach CDs on stand and one to pull cable through to input it into electricity. This is a little bit harder assignment, but it’s worth the effort.

If you want to make glass coasters of CDs, use the hole CD to glue decorative cardboard, but instead of using tough cardboard find some thin, so that glass can stand straight on coaster. You can also use hole CD to make a tool storage and just cover CD with fabrics and you will easy get transparent  CD organizer which can be put on wall. Make a necklace, earring, bag or renew an old shirt by putting CD pieces on the collar. Your options are enormous so don’t skip doing it.

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DIY Multi-Purpose Pallet Furniture

The girls like to put makeup and it’s very important for them to have their own place where they will be able to hold and sort the makeup and other things they are using when they are preparing themselves. But to make everything look ornamental and organized they need one incredible makeup desk or table, so they can find fast all necessary things they use when they are going on meetings or celebrations.

You don’t need to buy expensive and luxury desk and table, when you can make one on your one by using the recycled wood pallet. Before people find out how pallets can be useful in their homes, pallets had only use and purpose in marine industry. Pallets are very widespread and can be found easily anywhere, so you will not have a problem to get them. On top of all pallets are very cheap, so you do not need to spend a lot of money on your interesting wooden furniture creations.

Besides the wood pallets in this project you will need nails, saws and hammers. Make a sketch of the table you want to create and start working. First you need to make a pallet planks of appropriate size using the saw. Then, begin to connect one by one wood plank with nails. Finally, add a mirror for which you can make a frame and it’s up to you to decide whether you will attach mirror to the table, whether you will hang it on the wall or lean on the makeup desk.

You can leave the pallet makeup table that way if you prefer natural and rustic look, or you can paint it with some bright or pastel colours to look more stylish and modern. That way you will get your makeup vanity table that will help you to organize everything and make it transparent.

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Wall String-Lights Cover Ideas

We usually use light decoration for holidays to create holiday spirit at home. Lights are always associated with beautiful moments that you experienced with family and friends and that is why people worship them. But even if holidays finish, it doesn’t  mean that you have to put them away, they can continue to be decoration at your house and still remind you of the wonderful holiday moments that you spent.

For this project you need is string lights, that you can easily find and get cheap. The second important material is something that will help you to attach string lights to wall, glass, bed or painting. You have many options  in circulation, so you must try to do some of the projects because they are simple and easy and will give fantastic final result.

One of the options is to wrap a string lights around wooden pillar of bed or if your bed doesn’t have pillars, you can improvise and put it on decorative bedspread which will be attached to the ceiling. If you have an ordinary and plain bedroom with no interesting details that decorate and beautify it, you can glue string lights on the wall and it will completely change the look of the room and give it a more beautiful note.

You can also make a string-lights mirror or make unusual ornament by using big frame which you can paint with white colour and use wood twigs to hang string lights on it. Make cloudy lamps for your kids room and they will be trilled. Create wall with pretty photos and fairy lights for teenager’s room. These lights can embellish one of the most important days in your life, your wedding day, and it will look so romantic.

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Redefine Use Of Old Cassettes

The cassettes were very popular in the twentieth century, at that time they were mass-produced and sold in a lot of copies. People have listened music on the tape, but with the development of technology in the twenty-first century people start using modern equipment and the need for the cassettes stopped. Now people have so many cassettes which gather dust and because they are no longer able to listen it, they remembered to find other use for tapes.

There are so many possibilities and useful ideas to make something completely new by using cassettes. Prepare everything you need for this project like glue and glitter if you want to decorate them to sparkle. When you finish with preparation you can choose what kind of furniture you want to fresh and make it look more interesting and extraordinary.

You can make tabouret of cassettes by using glue to stick tapes on the surface side. For panting with cassettes, use board and paint it with colour that fits the best wit your interior and stick cassettes with a glue. With tapes you can decorate box where you keep your memories, or make a frame for a mirror.

Girls can use tapes in fashionable purpose so they can create some fashion accessories that will fit with their wardrobe. You may decorate your purse, make a wallet or some cassettes jewelry like tape necklace. Paint tapes with some colours and put glitter on then to achieve modern and chick appearance. You will have a lot of fun while you will on this project.

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Simple Creative Key Holders

Key holders are very useful things in the house because of the few reasons that we have to mention.  One of them is that they give special identity and character to home , second reason is that they are really beautiful ornaments and the last one is that your keys will be always on visibly place so you will never lose time looking for them when you are in hurry. You can make key holder for all family members.

Ideas for making  interesting and creative places for keys will blow your mind and you will hardly be able to wait to start with this working action. You have so many options for this project like creating a key holder using old frames, wooden plank, boards and all other useful materials.

To make elegant key holder use old frame. First paint frame with bright colour that fits into interior of your department then make some flowers using materials and find one beautiful feather to look more enchanting and vintage. For modern and chick holder use pink colour and decorate with flowerpot. When you finish with design and embellishment of key racks put the hooks on it.

You can make key holders in your children room and create them more funny with some kid motives. Use different colours and draw flowers for your girl’s room, or use rubber animal toys for boy’s room. Cut animals on half and stick one part with strong glue. For rustic and wood creation of holders just cut wooden pallet in shape that you want and attach with nails. Also you may make mustache key rank, driftwood colorful holder or some funky design.

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