Awesome Clocks made From Wood Pallets

There are so many types and designs of clock available in the market because a clock is very dire need of every home. One can purchase a clock of his own choice from the market as their prices are not too high but if you have some free moments from your busiest schedule then we can discuss how to make a clock at home because a pallet clock has its own rustic look enabling you to beautify your living place. In other words my today’s topic is about homemade wood pallet clock. Here I’ll share some awesome pallet clock designs which can be easily crafted at home. Probably you are thinking about what material you will need to build your own pallet clock. Material supplies include barn wood, paint and fixer upper. Choose one wood pallet clock design from many and start making it.

You have to choose a numerals style like roman or English then to make these on pallet wood. After completing the numerals signs (1-12) wait for a while until its dry. You can use color of your own choice to match it with your living space color scheme. Now fix the clock machine behind the wooden pallet piece at which you made numerals signs. Install battery and hang it at suitable place in your home.

I hope you will like this easy wooden pallet clock idea. Keep visiting this site to know more about easy DIY ideas. Here are some innovative pallet clock designs for you.

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DIY pallet bed.

Depending on your creativity, you can come up with lots of furniture and other house décor items by using pallets. You can recycle the pallets into a beautiful chair, shoe rack, office table, bed and kitchen rack among others. Today, we shall take you through a series of ideas on how you can come up with gorgeous beds from simple wood pallets which were formally used to ship goods. You can make toddler bed, bed swings, daybeds e.t.c.


You can make such a wonderful bed from one and a half pallets. To make it colorful, use bright colors. However the colors should fuse perfectly. You may also fit day bed with wheels.


 Toddler bed.

Do you have a modern and shabby chic kids bedroom? Then this idea suits you. This bed is  very simple. Two pallets are enough and it does not require special finishing.




Pallet bed with storage.

With several pallets one can make a bed that has storage capabilities. The bed has compartments where one can keep his or her shoes, books and other valuables.



Platform pallet board.

This is a rather simple bed to come up with even though it sounds hard to come up with. Two big pallets are used. It ideally looks like a platform.








The word DIY is known as “Do it yourself”. DIY is the strategy for building, adjusting, alternately repairing something without the quick guide of experts or professionals. Educated research depicts DIY as practices where “people link with unpolished and semi-crude supplies and segment parts to deliver, change, or remake material belonging, as well as that haggard from the common habitat.


Now a day’s people discover thousands of new ideas about Homemade Furniture or outdoor furniture. Some of which are enlisted below.


1.  DIY Outdoor Bench:

You can easily keep the sitting bench at your outdoor. The bench with cushions and with some pillows look awesome. Here I have a thought of how to make a less complex, less expensive and less demanding bench…. That really turned out as we would like to think much cuter. I just snapped some photographs and afterward later chose it would make a decent blog entry.

DIY outdoor pallet bench

So you can get 12 soot squares (I think you could really get rid of the top column and make the seat lower) and 4 4x4x10 bits of timber to slip in the openings of the ash pieces. It’s magnificent the soot piece goes about as a side table too. All these supplies cost under $40.00 and you can complete it in under 60 minutes.

Flower Pot Table:

We’re amidst summer now, yet numerous stores are as of now discounting their outside and yard items. In the event that you see a couple of vast, economical vases you like, snatch them. No, they aren’t for plants this time. In the event that you include a dollar store pizza container on top, you can make a magnificent, sculptural side table that works both inside and out.



  • Two 12″ distance across vases


  • 12″ pizza container


  • splash paint


  • scrap wood, long carriage screw, nut, and washer, caulk (all discretionary)




On the off chance that your pots are durable or on the off chance that you need to reuse them later to plant, just stack them up and lay the pizza container on top. It’s that simple. Know that if your table will be outside, you ought to coat the pizza container with some great, open air splash paint to avert rust.


  1. On the off chance that you need a more changeless piece or if your pots require somewhat more solidness, penetrate an opening through 2 scraps of wood.


  1. Stack the pots and run the jolt through the wood and pots. Include a washer and nut and fix the nut.


  1. In the event that you need to make the crease between the pots less obvious, include a dab of caulk and smooth with fingertip.


  1. Splash paint the pots any shading you like. Possibly tape off some stripes? What’s more, bear in mind to paint the pizza skillet on the off chance that you plan to leave your table outside.pot

Wheel Barrow Bench:


Take in a crisp perspective of your patio nursery from a wheelbarrow seat—it’s anything but difficult to move the seat, so you’ll generally have the best seat in the house.

“Moving a seat with two individuals has dependably been an errand,” clarifies the originator. “This is a seat you can without much of a stretch move into position. The eye-getting wheel is  welcome to locate the best spot. A welcome to be dynamic, to make your reality the way you need it, on numerous occasions.”

Here I will show you the image:

DIY Wheel barrow becnh

Wooden Pallet Coffee Table

If you want to have recycled pallet table designs in your home or department, this will be a perfect project for you. Everything you need to prepare for this assignment are wooden pallets different tools like saw which will help you to make wanted size, nails and hammer. Popularity of pallets using is increasing more and more with every day, because people realized that they can create various forms of home unique wood furniture.

You can make DIY pallet coffee table for your living room, yard or homemade cool pallet table for man cave. The procedure is simple, first you have to cut the pallets with the saw. Depending on the size of the table you can sort a few pallets, one to another, and attach them with nails so you will get stable platform desk. Put the movable dots on table structure if you want to have flexible table which you can move all around the house or garden. On the end choose if you want to put the glass plate on it and to give modern look to your amazing pallet table project.

But you don’t have to make a table which will be only use for decoration and drinking coffee, when you can create chess wood table very easy. Paint the table with white colour and the spots for figures in black colour. That will be funny entertainment when you have free time on weekend and you want to relax from the hard work. Your possibilities are limited by your imagination and your imagination can bring to you unexpected extraordinary results.

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Innovative Pallet Recycling Ideas

Men want to have their own place where they can relax and enjoy with friend. The best way to achieve that is to make man cave with a help of pallets. Recycled pallets are very easy to find because they are widespread and they are cheap so you want spend a lot of money but you will get amazing men cave furniture.

This cool home pallet project will enable you to find best options for your home or department and don’t waste your time when you wind something you like but get on work immediately. Create DIY useful wooden chair with pallet, just cut the appropriate size of pallets and put that few pallets one on another and attach everything with nails and hammer. Then make the planks that you will use to make frame for arms and back, and add small pallet tray on the side for your drink and TV remote.

One very important piece for men cave is recycled pallet bar for parties where you will serve drinks and cocktails. Also what one man who leaves alone likes is to have big TV so you can make wood pallet wall frame and attach TV on it, but be sure first that everything is stable and that can bear the weight of TV.

Decorate your walls with homemade pallet paintings and shelves or you can make pallet letter sign where you are going to write something to mark man territory. Make wood frame for basketball net or pallet board where you are going to put dart. You have so many options, so you can certainly try to create something in your cave. The result of this project will delight many of your male friends that if they want to have such pallet furniture and decoration in their home.

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Homemade Pallet Furniture Project

DIY Outdoor Hanging Beds

When beautiful and sunny summer days arrive, you will want to spend more time outdoor in the yard enjoying the sunlight instead of staying inside the house. This awesome outdoor hanging bed will provide you satisfaction and comfort at your home like you went on vacation.

If you choose to make cozy pallet hanging bed, you need to prepare pallets and tools. First build basic structure by connecting few pallets same size with hammer and nails. Then you must make holes on pallet structure with drilling machine, where you will pull rope through and bind it very strong, so you can get powerful hanging model. All ropes have to be related on same way to achieve balance for hanging and swinging purpose. In the end decorate wooden structure with mattress, pillows, blanket and everything is ready for your relaxation after exhausting and hard day at work.

To create DIY hanging trampoline bed you just need recycled broken trampoline witch you must wrap with ropes around the metal frame and also connect ropes with hook. Ropes around trampoline you can cover with some material to protect you if the sun really shines.

These beds don’t have to be made only for outside when you can also create one for your bedroom, living room or kid’s room. You are probably asking yourself How to make swing bed inside the house but the process is the same as for the one that you’re going to put in the yard. There are so many options for homemade hanging beds project that you will probably try to make one for you.

DIY Cozy Hanging Bed

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Outdoor Swing out of wooden pallets

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DIY Outdoor Trampoline Bed

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Modern Wooden Swing for kids

Build a Pallet Dog House

People who love and keep pets will find this DIY amazing pallet dog place very interesting and useful. Your dog won’t get wet when it is rainy day and get freeze when come cold winter days, instead they will enjoy in the comfort of their small homes. So you will no longer have to worry when you leave the dog outside, and the dog will be happy to have their own pallet dog house.

For this homemade wooden pet house you need to prepare pallets, tool box with pallet breaker, saw, nails, hammer, hot glue and if you want to get funny house than you buy some bright colour paint. Here you will find attractive pallet dog house ideas that you will certainly like and will want to try to create.

You are probably asking yourself, but process is very easy to accomplish alone in your yard. First you need to build the base and frame with pallet planks and then you must cover all space between pallet poles with planks. You can make windows and door which will dog use to come in or go out. The last thing you need to do is to build chevron top with the rest of the planks.

If you want to see what is your dog doing inside house you can make flexible roof or you can fixed it with nails and glue. You can also make a little playground with ladder around the house, where your dog will have so much fun. There are so many options for DIY pallet dog house designs that will lead you create your pallet project.

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Incredible Pallet Guitar Stands

If you have music studio where you are holding guitars or you are guitar collector, you will find this ideas very useful and helpful. DIY pallet musical stands is really interesting project which will help you to make everything courthouse and transparent. It will be great if you have guitar store and everything will be taken care of nicely and neatly so that customers can easily handle it in an organized space.

For this stand project you will need recycled  pallets and tool box. Pallets are very widespread, so you can easily find it in the nearest store. They are also very cheap and you want spend a lot of money on this creative ideas. When you prepare all you need, you can begin to make this DIY incredible stands for your store or music studio. You have so many options in circulation, so don’t skip this because you will be thrilled with result of your work.

If you have more than one guitar you can make whole pallet wall for guitars. First you must make wood plank of same sizes and shapes, when you make enough to cover wall attach pallet planks with nails or very strong glue. But the best would be to use both because guitars are heavy and you must create strong pallet wall base so it can easily fold everything.

The other way to organize your guitars is to make smaller pallet stands for few guitars or if you have only one, you may create a pallet holder for just one guitar or pallet wall base. You can also connect shelf and stand in one home item by cutting the planned  parts of pallet shelf to make holders. It’s up to you to decide which homemade guitar project is the best for you.

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Awesome DIY Pallet Ideas

Beautiful sunny days are coming so prepare for DIY pallet furniture decorations. That’s the best chance for you to use your spare time and create something unique and extraordinary. Colorful homemade pallet designs will help you to find best idea that you can fit in your house or yard. You have so many options in circulation.

For these furniture designs you need to prepare pallet, tool box and rainbow colour paint. Recycled wooden pallets you can find in nearest store and are very inexpensive, so you won’t spend lot of money on this project. When find everything you need, you can start making these interesting colorful pallet items.

To make your garden or yard more beautiful, simple make pallet planters. Just paint it with bright colours like blue, purple, orange or pink and you can lean it on yard fence or you can attach it to the house walls and it will give to your garden very natural look. You may also use flower pots and stick round wire metal frames on pallet because everything must be strongly attach so it can hold pots with soil and flowers.

Create colorful pallet furniture like chairs, table or bench where you can enjoy and relax in the hot summer days. Decorate your colorful yard furniture with pillows and covers to make it more pleasant and comfortable for your after job resting. For your home, make a  DIY pallet hanger where you can hold jackets and other cloth. And in front of the door create funny pallet doormat by just coloring it. You will not feel like you are doing something, because this project is very easy.

DIY homemade Pallet furniture

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DIY pallet vertical garden

Attractive outdoor pallet furntiure

build planters from wooden pallets

DIY Colourful pallet Table

homemade colorful pallet bench

DIY multi-color Pallet Hanger

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DIY Pallet Outdoor Furniture

If you want to enjoy your outdoor gossip with family and friends having lot of fun and enjoy then you should make proper sitting arrangement to enjoy these moments of leisure. Budget is always problem to manage your household furniture needs, if you are facing also this problem then this DIY project is especially for you which have been shared related to outdoor furniture. This project will give an easy idea to build your own outdoor pallet patio furniture at very low cost.

Just dissembling the parts of many wooden pallets and again assembling the pallet as per pallet patio furniture designs is the major DIY skill which has been used in this project. In this project an outdoor patio furniture set which includes two chairs and one coffee table with storage spaces have been made from pure wooden pallets. The chairs are with robust sides build from pallet dice sections and to make it more comfortable, white cushions have been added.

Installing the separated pallets dice section to the top of the pallets and same like to the bottom will provide you a beauteous outdoor garden pallet chairs.

Have some more easy ideas for DIY pallet patio furniture.

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