Chic floating pallet shelves

Pallet floating shelves:

Ciao comrades. I am here to give you some more ideas about recycling the pallets for the good of ourselves and our environment. One way of pallet recycling is to make floating shelves out of pallets. These shelves solve stowage difficulties. They also serve as decoration pieces if they are arranged at some corner in the house.


Making woody shelves:

These shelves consist of planks of wood. You need to cut pallets horizontally or in form of a square box. You can screw the horizontal pallet with the wall and bolt some stained wood pallets on the top of it. If you have cut it in form of a box then fasten it to the wall and then put any kind of stuff in it.


The top of this shelf is made up of stained pallet which adds to its beauty.



This is simply awesome for your living room. It is as easy to make as it seems to be.



This shelf with white studs is very alluring. Use light colored pallets to make it look prettier.



This floating shelf has a pallet wall behind it. First you have to make a pallet frame and fix it on the wall and then make some floating pallets and bolt them to the wall.



This is good enough for your bathroom as you can keep towels on it. Moreover, you can attach a pallet handle to it so that you can hang the towels too.




This one is good for vases and decorated baskets. These are fit for corners of living room.





Dexterous people can make this shelf easily.



This one is good for keeping spices in the kitchen.


Using pallets to make accessories for your home.


Sometime you don’t have to spend a lot of cash to make your home look appealing. You can use the cheap available resource to make your home captivating. Pallets can be used to make furniture and other accessories needed in your home. You can make benches, chairs, tables, shoes racks and other useful items from pallets.

DIY swing bench.

Do you need a swing bench for your back yard? Or do you have a garden or a pack and you are in need of benches and seats? Well worry not. You can make swing benches out of cheap materials from wood pallets.  Three pallets are enough to make one swing bench. Swing benches are ideal for parks and gardens.

DIY patio coffee table.

This is a white coffee table commonly known as chic white pallet patio coffee table. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor set ups. Next to it, we usually have people seated.


DIY pallet bed.

With several pallets one can make a bed that has storage capabilities. The bed has compartments where one can keep his or her shoes, books and other valuables.


DIY kitchen utensil holder.

You can hang on pallet on your kitchen wall and drive in some nails on the pallet. These nails shall be used to hang some utensils in the kitchen.

kitchen utensil holder.

DIY pallet pet bed. 

You can recycle the old pallets in your home and make your pet a bed. For a cat you can use one pallet.

pet bed.

10 Easy Pallet Recycling Ideas


We can derive a lot of beautiful items from recycling wood pallet. With creativity, the number of items that one can make out of recycling pallet becomes endless. The world has discovered more uses of wood pallets. Sail with us as we take you through ten easy pallet recycling ideas

  1. Vertical Pallet Garden

For you to make this kind of garden you will need a pallet, landscaping paper roll, sandpaper, staple gun and staples, nails and hammer, potting soil and the plant.



2.Wooden Pallet Shed

You can make a firewood shed where you will be storing and drying your firewood. This idea suits old pallets.  You will need three pieces of iron sheets for the roofing.firewood shades

  1. Different types of Homemade Pallet Chairs

One can make awesome chairs by recycling the pallets. You can make chairs for your restaurant. This especially for the tables stationed outside.

From four extra large pallets you can have a comfortable bed for yourself. Use pillows to raise one end of the bed.

4.Rustic Office Pallet Furniture

From the pallets, you can create some office furniture such as office tables, waiting bench and conference tables.

office furniture.

  1. DIY Pallet Wall Hanger

Need a place to hang your coat, hut or jacket? Do you have a single pallet? If you do, then you can use it to make a wall rack. You may paint it with different colors.

wall rack.


You can hang one pallet on your kitchen wall and drive in some nails on the pallet. These nails shall be used to hang some utensils in the kitchen.

kitchen utensil holder.


This is a painted coffee table that has been made from pallets. It is fitted with wheels.

coffee table.

  1. PET BED.

You can recycle the old pallets in your home and make your pet a bed. For a cat you can use one pallet.

pet bed.


One pallet can create for you extra space in your room. you can modify pallet to make a shoe rack.

shoe rack.




DIY: Turn Old Pallets Into Amazing Patio Furniture

The summer is already here, so where would you rather spend the rest of your hard day at work than at your patio, relaxing with some ice- cold beverage. The patio is everybody’s favorite place since the warmer weather in spring starts, all the way to late September or October.

There is no better place, where you can gather your whole family, have some nice barbeque, make a party, or have a swim (if you own a pool). Of course, all of this requires buying a patio furniture of some kind. Well, we are here to tell you that you don’t need to buy some expensive chairs, sofas, or coffee tables. You can make your own furniture!

That’s right you read well, all you need are some old wooden pallets and some light carpenting skills. The great thing about creating a patio furniture from pallets, is that you can make a number of combinations with them, in order to make them fit your space and achieve the look that you are going for. It doesn’t matter if your patio is fully enclosed, partially open, or open-air, this pallet patio furniture, will make the space look great (also you can brag about your skills to your friends).

All you need except the cheap wooden pallets, are a few tools, some paint if you like a certain color in your patio, and maybe some fabric for and a few coushons that you buy or also make. And last but not least, some imagination. Set your fantasy free, have some of your friends help you out, so you can enjoy the beautiful patio area together after.

Here we have some amazing ideas that you can use as an inspiration, so let us know in the comments what you think or how it went.

Wooden Pallet Coffee Table

If you want to have recycled pallet table designs in your home or department, this will be a perfect project for you. Everything you need to prepare for this assignment are wooden pallets different tools like saw which will help you to make wanted size, nails and hammer. Popularity of pallets using is increasing more and more with every day, because people realized that they can create various forms of home unique wood furniture.

You can make DIY pallet coffee table for your living room, yard or homemade cool pallet table for man cave. The procedure is simple, first you have to cut the pallets with the saw. Depending on the size of the table you can sort a few pallets, one to another, and attach them with nails so you will get stable platform desk. Put the movable dots on table structure if you want to have flexible table which you can move all around the house or garden. On the end choose if you want to put the glass plate on it and to give modern look to your amazing pallet table project.

But you don’t have to make a table which will be only use for decoration and drinking coffee, when you can create chess wood table very easy. Paint the table with white colour and the spots for figures in black colour. That will be funny entertainment when you have free time on weekend and you want to relax from the hard work. Your possibilities are limited by your imagination and your imagination can bring to you unexpected extraordinary results.

DIY wooden coffee table

Build your own pallet coffee table

DIY Unique Coffee Table

Homemade pallet coffee table

Building a coffee table from pallets

do it yourself coffee table

Innovative pallet recycling ideas

Rustic Pallet Table with wheels

Modern Pallet coffee table

Innovative Pallet Recycling Ideas

Men want to have their own place where they can relax and enjoy with friend. The best way to achieve that is to make man cave with a help of pallets. Recycled pallets are very easy to find because they are widespread and they are cheap so you want spend a lot of money but you will get amazing men cave furniture.

This cool home pallet project will enable you to find best options for your home or department and don’t waste your time when you wind something you like but get on work immediately. Create DIY useful wooden chair with pallet, just cut the appropriate size of pallets and put that few pallets one on another and attach everything with nails and hammer. Then make the planks that you will use to make frame for arms and back, and add small pallet tray on the side for your drink and TV remote.

One very important piece for men cave is recycled pallet bar for parties where you will serve drinks and cocktails. Also what one man who leaves alone likes is to have big TV so you can make wood pallet wall frame and attach TV on it, but be sure first that everything is stable and that can bear the weight of TV.

Decorate your walls with homemade pallet paintings and shelves or you can make pallet letter sign where you are going to write something to mark man territory. Make wood frame for basketball net or pallet board where you are going to put dart. You have so many options, so you can certainly try to create something in your cave. The result of this project will delight many of your male friends that if they want to have such pallet furniture and decoration in their home.

DIY Pallet Bar Ideas

DIY Pallet Basketball Net Frame

DIY Pallet Media TV Stand

DIY Movable Pallet Furniture

how to make a Pallet Board

Modern Pallet Bed frames

Pallet Wall Painting

DIY pallet sign board

DIY Recycled wooden pallet furniture

DIY Wood Bottle Shelves

DIY Wood Table Freezer

Homemade Pallet Furniture Project

Awesome DIY Pallet Ideas

Beautiful sunny days are coming so prepare for DIY pallet furniture decorations. That’s the best chance for you to use your spare time and create something unique and extraordinary. Colorful homemade pallet designs will help you to find best idea that you can fit in your house or yard. You have so many options in circulation.

For these furniture designs you need to prepare pallet, tool box and rainbow colour paint. Recycled wooden pallets you can find in nearest store and are very inexpensive, so you won’t spend lot of money on this project. When find everything you need, you can start making these interesting colorful pallet items.

To make your garden or yard more beautiful, simple make pallet planters. Just paint it with bright colours like blue, purple, orange or pink and you can lean it on yard fence or you can attach it to the house walls and it will give to your garden very natural look. You may also use flower pots and stick round wire metal frames on pallet because everything must be strongly attach so it can hold pots with soil and flowers.

Create colorful pallet furniture like chairs, table or bench where you can enjoy and relax in the hot summer days. Decorate your colorful yard furniture with pillows and covers to make it more pleasant and comfortable for your after job resting. For your home, make a  DIY pallet hanger where you can hold jackets and other cloth. And in front of the door create funny pallet doormat by just coloring it. You will not feel like you are doing something, because this project is very easy.

DIY homemade Pallet furniture

how to recycle old wooden pallets

DIY pallet vertical garden

Attractive outdoor pallet furntiure

build planters from wooden pallets

DIY Colourful pallet Table

homemade colorful pallet bench

DIY multi-color Pallet Hanger

build your own pallet vertical planters

table built from wooden pallets

DIY Pallet Chairs

DIY Pallet Chairs is perfect way for you to make new and unique furniture. Using a wooden paletts create a new armchairs, sofas and loungers for lying on the sunny day. If you don’t have any pallets you can easily find them in your city, because they are very cheap. Prepare your toolbox, where you need saws to make the desired shapes and sizes, glue and nails, which will help to connect the slats of pallets and to make a piece of furniture that you wanted. For a modern look use vivid colours that you’ll fit into room interior. If you want to achieve more natural look, than leave the natural colour of pallets or varnish it to have beautiful shine look. Decorate your chair pallet with pillows to have more comfortable feeling. Use your creativity and imagination to make something on your one and save money!

DIY Wooden Pallet Idea

DIY Blue Chair

DIY Red Chair

DIY Chairs of wood

DIY white pallet chairs

DIY Wooden Chair

DIY Pallet Project

DIY Chevron Pallet Coffee table

Pallet can be used for making Chevron Coffee table for your living room, bedroom or garden. All you need is 1-2 pallets and a little more patience. You need to break down pallets into individual  boards and separate them with hammer or pry bar.  And then to merge with a drill and  screws. After that, the tree would  look a lot nicer and more attractive if you paint or varnish table with natural colour of wood to make it look more naturally. Wait until the paint is dry and  your table is ready. Chevron coffee table can be decorated with a colorful tablecloth, flowers or candles for hanging out with friends at night. Enjoy your beautifully decorated sitting place, because if you just arrange a small coffee table, it will completely change the space in your home or front of the house. Also it can enable to you very beautiful day start with your first coffee in the morning.

Living room coffee table

DIY Coffee Table Out of Pallet

Chevron style Coffee Table

DIY Pallet Bed Ideas

Pallet can be used to create a very comfortable bed for sleeping. All you need is 6-8 pallets that are connected in a desired shape. Also, you can paint it in different colors. Putting mattresses and decorative details, such as blankets, quilts and pillows will make your living room complete, so you will feel very comfortable and cozy. With decorative pallets you can also decorate the room of your children or make a bed for babies. It is an interesting idea if you lack obscenities in your apartment with the help of pallets that can make a bed on the floor for you or your children. If you like relaxing during weekends with some company, pallets can be used for creating comfortable armchairs in which you could follow your favorite movies. With a little imagination and creativity you will get a comfortable and interesting look of the room of which you will be very proud because you have a little money and time to get a brand new bed.

DIY Pallet Project

Do it yourself Pallet bed

DIY Sleeping bed

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