DIY Pallet Planters Project

DIY pallet planters are taking the world by storm. They are renewable, occupy less space, offer lots of varieties and easy to take care of. Out of all, they are very economical which makes them quite popular. The most favorite material for pallet planters is wood.

For those of us who are trying it for the first time, the idea of DIY pallet planters can leave us a bit nervous. But, in reality, is quite easy. You just need some usual things in hand to start making it.

Items needed: Clean pallets, sandpaper, hammer, landscape fabric, few nails (1 inch each), paint (non-toxic), paintbrush, a bag of soil and some saplings.

Before starting, let’s just keep in mind that it takes a bit of patience when trying the DIY pallet planters for the first time. Afterwards, you would get the drift and begin to enjoy it more!

Steps to DIY Pallet Planters:

  1. To begin with, choose some wooden pallets of your choice, depending on whether you want a vertical garden or a bed or
  2. Use sandpaper to remove roughness of the wood.
  3. After the wood is made smooth, paint it with your favorite color. Preferably, use a non-toxic paint, in case you want to grow some herbs or edible plants!
  4. Now, lay the pallet face down and use fabric to cover the back, sides, and bottom of the Fix it using hammer and nails every few inches.
  5. In the last step, slide the plants in, and pour the soil on the pallet and push it through the slots. Tightly pack the soil.
  6. Stuff it with a lot of plants to hide the soil. And your DIY pallet planters are ready!


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DIY Pallet Coffee Table with Tolkien’s Map

Are you looking for a coffee table which is handmade, quirky, personalized and fully customized? Then here you are at right place. This handmade industrial pallet coffee table has been made from recycling industrial pallet wood.

After getting good quality pallet it was sanded to give it a rustic look. This pallet coffee table design is simple and rustic. A reclaimed industrial pallet wood board has been fixed atop with metal hairpin legs. Only best quality wood and has been used to get a unique coffee table that will last for years.

To make the coffee table most attractive, Tolkien’s Map of Middle Earth has been made with hand. This is a unique because it has been crafted with love and care.  This coffee table can be assembled with different dimensions as per your requirement.

To have it protected from water and heat, coffee table has been finished with blend of natural oil and polyurethane varnish. Now it has a rustic and wonderful look.

Its legs can be easily detached but super simple to set it again. So it’s a space saving coffee table and easily movable from one place to another.

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pallet coffee table with hairpin legsImage Source



DIY Rustic pallet planter Designs

Wooden pallets are too much handy and feasible to make different things for our sweet home. Therefor my today’s project is about DIY Pallet planters. Although there are so many types and designs of planters which are available in the market and you can get them at your doorstep just by one click by online order but handmade planters have their own rustic look. You can make your own pallet planters at very low or even no cost. You’ve just to gather few things which are required for this DIY project and utilize some free moments from your busiest life schedule.

If you are interest in DIY pallet planter designs then choose one of below pallet planter designs that is fit for your home garden. Don’t worry about pallet as these can be get at very low cost from industrial scrap or at a hardware store in your nearest location. I’ll suggest to get good quality pallets as it will look rustic in your home garden. After getting the pallets, sand these pallets with instrument to make wonderful handmade pallet planters.

Assemble the pallets with steel nails and bolts with each other as per DIY pallet planers plan. To give it wonderful finished look you can paint it with different colors of your own choice however wooden pallet planters already have rustic look by default. Here are some luscious DIY pallet planter ideas for you.

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Amazing Potting Bench Ideas

Organizing your gardening tools and equipments is a good habit as it’ll save your time and you will find your things easily. Either you have a gardening shed in your garden or not a potting bench is very dire need of every gardener. A potting bench is an innovative piece of furniture with built-in sink or not but it has one or more shelves in it. In these shelves you can organize your gardening tools and accessories in a good manner. You can choose a potting bench of size that fits in available space in your garden. You can place potting bench in any corner of your garden.

One thing to remember that if you keep your potting bench in outside open air then make sure that it is finished with weather-resistant paint as it will keep your potting safe from soil and other weather damages. However I’ll suggest to keep your gardening potting bench indoor. There are so many types and styles of potting bench available in the market, you can choose one of them as per your budget and requirements. However you build your own potting bench because there is no rocket science in building the potting bench. There are so many easy DIY ideas available to build a potting bench but I’ll suggest a potting bench out of wood pallets. Its very easy DIY pallet project as there is no need of special woodworking skills required for the project. Here are some example for you. Try it and enjoy it!



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Awesome Clocks made From Wood Pallets

There are so many types and designs of clock available in the market because a clock is very dire need of every home. One can purchase a clock of his own choice from the market as their prices are not too high but if you have some free moments from your busiest schedule then we can discuss how to make a clock at home because a pallet clock has its own rustic look enabling you to beautify your living place. In other words my today’s topic is about homemade wood pallet clock. Here I’ll share some awesome pallet clock designs which can be easily crafted at home. Probably you are thinking about what material you will need to build your own pallet clock. Material supplies include barn wood, paint and fixer upper. Choose one wood pallet clock design from many and start making it.

You have to choose a numerals style like roman or English then to make these on pallet wood. After completing the numerals signs (1-12) wait for a while until its dry. You can use color of your own choice to match it with your living space color scheme. Now fix the clock machine behind the wooden pallet piece at which you made numerals signs. Install battery and hang it at suitable place in your home.

I hope you will like this easy wooden pallet clock idea. Keep visiting this site to know more about easy DIY ideas. Here are some innovative pallet clock designs for you.

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DIY pallet Swings

Homemade pallet swings:

Hello folks. I am here again with another decent blog post. I want to share some unique ideas about how to make great swings with pallets.

Making swings with pallets:

Make enchanting swings by following some simple steps. All you have to do is to clean the pallets and then cut one for the seat and another for the back (if required).You also need some strong, heavy duty ropes to hang the swing. You may paint the pallet to make it look more gorgeous.

Exercise your imagination and bring your creativity to existence by designing good and handsome pallet swings. These patios can make your deck very inviting.

Dark pallet swing:

Cut out a horizontal pallet (for the seat) and a vertical pallet (for the back). Bolt them together and let them hang with the help of ropes. You can add comfort to your swing by putting some good cushions on the seat.



Balcony swing:

This swing can be stuffed with comforters and cushions to make it fit for use in the peaceful balcony.


Arboreal thump:

Make the swing structure and then cut out two horizontal and narrow pieces of pallet for the arms. You can cut pallets of different designs and fasten them to the horizontal pallet arms. These styled arms will make the swing look more alluring.



Picturesque swing:

This is a patio swing hung using sturdy chain. Stuffed with headrests it feels amazingly calming.



Twofold smack:

Hung with ropes, it has two backs instead of one. That is why it is called twofold swing.

It can be styled by carving various patterns on the pallets.




DIY Pallet Bed Ideas

Awesome Pallet Bed Ideas

It is amazing to see that pallets can be recycled in another cool way e.g. making pallet beds. Doesn’t that sound cool? Obviously it does. So I am here to present some great bed frames with storage space too.

Making pallet beds:

First of all you need to clean and polish your pallet as per your requirement. Then arrange them as per your style needs. You need to make the paws larger in length in order to have some storage space beneath the bed too. The most fascinating thing is that we can use the storage space not only for keeping different stuff but also for illumination.  This means you can put small beautiful lights under the bed to make it look more charming. You can also make some fabric covers in order to cover the pallet beds. This will enhance their beauty.

Bed with storage spaces:

This bed is extremely reliable if you have made it using good quality pallets. The good point is that it has a spacious and sliding storage.

For this, make a bed structure with pallets and then make a square drawer.



Bed with storage boxes:

This bed has square storage spaces in which you can fit square boxes. To make it you need to design a bed frame as above.

DIY bed out of pallets

Bed sofa:

This is a multi-use bed as it can be treated as a bed and as a sofa too. It also has horizontal storage places too. Cover this bed –sofa with fabric and cushions to make it look good for dual use.


Bed with drawers:

In addition to bed frame, this bed has drawers on its sides and some storage places at the front too. As a result it we can store more stuff.

DIY pallet bed frames designs


Using pallets to make accessories for your home.


Sometime you don’t have to spend a lot of cash to make your home look appealing. You can use the cheap available resource to make your home captivating. Pallets can be used to make furniture and other accessories needed in your home. You can make benches, chairs, tables, shoes racks and other useful items from pallets.

DIY swing bench.

Do you need a swing bench for your back yard? Or do you have a garden or a pack and you are in need of benches and seats? Well worry not. You can make swing benches out of cheap materials from wood pallets.  Three pallets are enough to make one swing bench. Swing benches are ideal for parks and gardens.

DIY patio coffee table.

This is a white coffee table commonly known as chic white pallet patio coffee table. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor set ups. Next to it, we usually have people seated.


DIY pallet bed.

With several pallets one can make a bed that has storage capabilities. The bed has compartments where one can keep his or her shoes, books and other valuables.


DIY kitchen utensil holder.

You can hang on pallet on your kitchen wall and drive in some nails on the pallet. These nails shall be used to hang some utensils in the kitchen.

kitchen utensil holder.

DIY pallet pet bed. 

You can recycle the old pallets in your home and make your pet a bed. For a cat you can use one pallet.

pet bed.

10 Easy Pallet Recycling Ideas


We can derive a lot of beautiful items from recycling wood pallet. With creativity, the number of items that one can make out of recycling pallet becomes endless. The world has discovered more uses of wood pallets. Sail with us as we take you through ten easy pallet recycling ideas

  1. Vertical Pallet Garden

For you to make this kind of garden you will need a pallet, landscaping paper roll, sandpaper, staple gun and staples, nails and hammer, potting soil and the plant.



2.Wooden Pallet Shed

You can make a firewood shed where you will be storing and drying your firewood. This idea suits old pallets.  You will need three pieces of iron sheets for the roofing.firewood shades

  1. Different types of Homemade Pallet Chairs

One can make awesome chairs by recycling the pallets. You can make chairs for your restaurant. This especially for the tables stationed outside.

From four extra large pallets you can have a comfortable bed for yourself. Use pillows to raise one end of the bed.

4.Rustic Office Pallet Furniture

From the pallets, you can create some office furniture such as office tables, waiting bench and conference tables.

office furniture.

  1. DIY Pallet Wall Hanger

Need a place to hang your coat, hut or jacket? Do you have a single pallet? If you do, then you can use it to make a wall rack. You may paint it with different colors.

wall rack.


You can hang one pallet on your kitchen wall and drive in some nails on the pallet. These nails shall be used to hang some utensils in the kitchen.

kitchen utensil holder.


This is a painted coffee table that has been made from pallets. It is fitted with wheels.

coffee table.

  1. PET BED.

You can recycle the old pallets in your home and make your pet a bed. For a cat you can use one pallet.

pet bed.


One pallet can create for you extra space in your room. you can modify pallet to make a shoe rack.

shoe rack.




Turn Old Pallets Into Modern Furniture

Do you have some old wooden pallets just lying around and you don’t know what to do with them? Well, you certainly do not throw them out. Furniture from wooden pallets became a big hit around the world especially, because it is a cheap choice, and there are numerous ways in which you can recycle them, and turn them into a beautiful unique piece of furniture.

The great thing about making your own furniture with the wooden pallets is that they can be combined in thousands of different ways in order to match your space exactly as you need to. You can also choose the colors that you like and the many different fabrics in order to make these furniture pieces more colorful and appealing.

You can really make anything from these wooden pallets: a club table for your living room or patio, flower holders, kitchen shelves or even a sleeping bed for your bedroom. All you need is a little creativity and some really basic carpenting skills and tools.

There aren’t many things that can go wrong in this DIY project, so improvise, and don’t be afraid to use your imagination.

Here bellow we will present you to a number of ideas that can inspire you and you can later apply in your own home. Good luck.









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