Amazing DIY Wooden Doll House Plans

The idea of a homemade doll house is simply fascinating to both kids and adults. Everybody cherishes the childhood memories of playing with it. However, the expensive ready made doll houses could make you think twice before buying one.  If you are still planning to have it anyway, here are some nice and easy tips on how to make a wooden doll house.

Wooden dollhouses are sturdy and have a lot of scope for decoration. Wood is considered the best material to make it. You don’t need a lot of materials. Just arrange some old wood planks. Cut them into the same size to place them as side walls of the house. Now, keep them aside and cut two other wood pallets of larger sizes to make the top and bottom of the house.

A DIY doll house project just calls for a simple approach. It doesn’t have to be complex. After the walls and other two sides have been shaped, attach them with the help of nails and brackets. You can divide the house into two stairs and use small stairs. Some leftover thin tiles would work great as wallpapers.

Take the magical look of your homemade doll house up a notch by painting them with fresh floral colors. Kids love colorful lightings. Try and get some little colorful bulbs to decorate and make the insides well-lit. Every living place is incomplete without furniture. To give your DIY doll house project a more sincere outlook, place some miniatures of furniture like almirah and sofa etc. You can even create a huge house with a single floor!

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DIY Standing Laptop Desk

Buying standing desk may be a good plan but why cause a big hole in your pocket, when you can already use our amazing DIY standing laptop desk ideas. Have that bookshelf? Use the upper portion as your office desk, without giving up more space. You can even use a stack of books; it might be less stable though. Another smart way to make standing laptop desk is double-decker desk.

All you have to do is place another small table on your coffee table of same dimensions. This method is very efficient and stable. Place two shelves apart from each other and rest a table or another shelf horizontally on them, to conquer your standing laptop desk plans. If you have some leftover plywood, give it a shape in form of corner long standing desk. They are cheap, easy to build and portable. A wooden plank can simply be fit to the wall using brackets, to give it sturdiness. The best part about

DIY standing laptop desk ideas is that you can customize the table according to your needs. When you have too much to store, use the space under the table top to build multiple drawers and give your room an organized look. Sitting for a long time harms our spine. At the same time, standing continuously may hurt our feet, regardless of whatever alternatives we choose from to make standing laptop desk. Save your feet by placing a cushion on the floor and stand on it. The treadmill can be a great option too. The top of the treadmill has enough space to accommodate your computer system. Freedom to work while working out makes it one of the smartest standing laptop desk plans.

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Amazing Potting Bench Ideas

Organizing your gardening tools and equipments is a good habit as it’ll save your time and you will find your things easily. Either you have a gardening shed in your garden or not a potting bench is very dire need of every gardener. A potting bench is an innovative piece of furniture with built-in sink or not but it has one or more shelves in it. In these shelves you can organize your gardening tools and accessories in a good manner. You can choose a potting bench of size that fits in available space in your garden. You can place potting bench in any corner of your garden.

One thing to remember that if you keep your potting bench in outside open air then make sure that it is finished with weather-resistant paint as it will keep your potting safe from soil and other weather damages. However I’ll suggest to keep your gardening potting bench indoor. There are so many types and styles of potting bench available in the market, you can choose one of them as per your budget and requirements. However you build your own potting bench because there is no rocket science in building the potting bench. There are so many easy DIY ideas available to build a potting bench but I’ll suggest a potting bench out of wood pallets. Its very easy DIY pallet project as there is no need of special woodworking skills required for the project. Here are some example for you. Try it and enjoy it!



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DIY Garden Counter Bar

Ever wondered about how you can recycle and re-use your old products? Well, lately I have been working on a few projects and one of them includes a Garden Counter Bar, a great DIY project for summers which totally adds up value to the beauty of your home.

Have you always wanted to have your very own Garden Bar? If yes, then this post will help you in developing an easy garden counter, this should be in your DIY summer bucket list. Believe it’s not that hard to make, it literally took me exact two days to develop my own DIY garden counter bar.

Stuff you need:

  • 4 large discarded Pallets

  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Wooden Paint
  • Clear Varnish

  • Old Roof Joists

Let’s roll it – DIY Garden Counter Bar

There are some pretty basic steps that you need to follow to make your very own fabulous looking garden bar.

Step 1:

Collect all of your discarded pallets (should be in intact form) and polish, for the main counter table you’ll need 4 large pallets. Paint them with your favorite color (I used royal blue color).

Step 2:

Once you are done with painting all the pallets, its time let them try for at least 3-4 hours under the sun.

Step 3:

Once the pallets are completely dry it’s time to polish them with varnish, this will keep the paint in shape and won’t let it scrap off of the pallets.

Step 4:

Now take your rook joists and varnish them as well, let them aside for 3-4 hours until fully dry.

Step 5:

Now you have all the dried out pallets and rook joists. It’s time to join them altogether in a form of a counter. Use the nails to join pallets and roof joists. Be careful with the hammer.

It’s your time to show off your efforts and let your friends and family see what an amazing talent you got! Show them your DIY creativity in form of DIY Garden Counter Bar now!

DIY Koleliba The Tiny Vacation Home on Wheels

Hristina Hristova, a Bulgarian architect wished to visit vacation destination with her family without staying in hotel resorts or in a rented expensive immoveable room. After a deep brainstorming a wonderful DIY project hatched her to build a Koleliba (tiny house with wheels).

This koleliba measures just 2.3 x 7 m (7.5 x 22 ft) and 2.4m at its highest point, having floor space of 96 sq ft. Although inside available space is tight but definitely super fit home for small family during vacation. Interior includes a sofa bed, an oven, fridge/freezer, boiler, toilet and a kitchenette.

To make it semi-outdoor living area, Hristova added a removable canopy, a small decking area, a collapsible bench and outdoor cooking setup for cooking. “As the main goal of this project was to make us spend more time outside and make up for the murky, rainy, winter days in the office we made the exterior a natural continuation of the interior,” explains Hristova. “A big bench spanning across the main facade made enough space for our dear friends coming to visit. Under the canopy we spent long afternoons drinking chilled wine. And as the Bulgarian traditions demand, often our afternoon wine turned into long dinners with sea food and light music.”

As this veteran of camping in a small van for days at a time can attest, a semi-outdoor living area can make life much easier. With this in mind, Hristova sensibly added a removable awning/canopy, a small decking area, and a collapsible bench and outdoor kitchen setup for cooking outside.

Material includes timber, rockwool insulation and Bulgarian pine cladding. Some furniture items and interior walls and floor are made from bitch plywood. Timber and plywood are oiled with Osmo protective coating. Natural light can also enjoyed inside thanks to full-height windows.

Koleliba is built from timber, with rockwool insulation and Bulgarian pine cladding. The furniture, some interior walls and floor are made from birch plywood, and both plywood and timber are oiled with an Osmo protective coating. There’s plenty of natural light inside thanks to the full-height windows.

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DIY Bed with Storage Drawers

One can do a lot with wooden pallets using awesome DIY pallet ideas. Although, most of people precept that pallets are useless but there are so many creative ideas for pallet projects. Here we have extracted a beauteous homemade pallet storage bed out of wooden pallets. The material required for this easy pallet project are quite simple and easy to gather. Surely, you will have it in your DIY tool box. However you have to gather good quality pallet pieces for DIY pallet bed. To get good quality pallet, visit nearest industrial store or hardware early in morning. There you may get good pallet at very cheap rate. This king size pallet bed has been made from pure pallet wooden. After sanding process the pallets pieces have been fixed by drilling the holes and fixing the long steel bolts. To organize the things at home, storage drawers have been installed under the bed as per pallet bed design. To get it more comfortable, foam cushions have been added on the pallet bed. No color has been applied to the home made pallet bed because pallet wood has an attractive look by default. Here is pictorial view of the entire awesome DIY pallet project and simple pallet bed designs.

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Easy DIY Pallet Swing

Most of the time at home kids use to play with different things and toys. This activity keeps them happy and also increases their physical and mental health. So kids should be provided all such type of facilities so that they can take a pleasant startup in early life. Swing is one of the best toys, children like to play with at home. If you can afford then you can purchase it from market but everyone can’t afford it. So there are so many DIY ideas to make a swing at home. Surely you’re thinking that how to make a swing. Pallet is again the best to make a swing out of it. It’s very simple. You need a pallet board and a heavy duty rope. To make your pallet swing more comfortable, add a foam cushion on the pallet wooden board. Tie the heavy duty rope with the strong branch of tree and enjoy swinging in the natural greenery. You’ll really enjoy it. Here are some pallet swings ideas for you to make it easier your DIY pallet swing project.

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10 Creative DIY Birdhouse Ideas

Those who really care about their cute birds should provide a separate and comfortable bird house to them so they feel healthy environment and enjoy your companionship at your home. A DIY bird house should save the birds from different weather conditions like rain, wind, snowfall and sunshine. There are so many ideas to make a birdhouse. First of all you have to decide which type of material should be used in a DIY birdhouse project. Most people like to make a birdhouse out of wood. After that you should follow a bird house design so that you can make a birdhouse that provides a shelter to your birds for all seasons. Here we have gathered some awesome DIY birdhouse designs for you to make it easier DIY project.

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Easy DIY Wooden Workbench

My Friend Joseph is always curious about unique pallet projects and therefore, he’s always in search about easy and simple pallet ideas. First of all we decided to make a recycled pallet workbench as it is the basic requirement of woodworking. Although we can purchase a workbench from market but frankly speaking we can’t afford it as budget is problem. We got an idea to make a workbench from pallet wood. Therefore first of all we have to gather some wooden pallet blocks for an easy DIY project of pallet workbench. Pallets are used in industrial shipping and can be get easily from industrial scrap at very low cost. We need three pallet blocks to make a pallet workbench. The idea to make a pallet workbench is simple and easy to do in a short time period. We purchased pallet pieces from industrial scrap to transform it into pallet workbench for woodworking. We join the two pallet block vertically with the clamps and we keep third on the top of them to make a work surface. Wonderful it’s an awesome pallet workbench project.

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Pallet Workbench can be customized to create storage space for instruments. You can create some storage space for your tool storage underneath the workbench by installing the storage cabinets and drawers.

DIY wooden workbench with drawers

DIY Build a Pergola

To enjoy the different weather condition like wind, rain and snowfall, there is need of shelter in your garden or lawn or patio. A great idea to make a shelter in lawn is building a pergola. You can hire services of handyman but for your kind information a DIY pergola project involves a simple structure and material. I mean; you can build pergola yourself. Here you have to know some DIY tips and techniques for this project. You can build a pergola with wood. First of all search the place where you would like to build a pergola. Mark the space and gather the material to start a pergola project.


Gravel, lag bolts, galvanized, deck screws 4×4 posts 2x6s 2x10s 2x4s


1-circular saw level shovel wheelbarrow socket set screwdriver drill hammer spade post hole digger

Following the design, start the project. You may search on internet for easy pergola project tips. You may also search for easy pergola designs and follow one which you think easy.

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