Making shelves at home-DIY Ideas

If you are interested in making shelves at home, here are some brilliant and easy ideas that would brighten up your home and make added storage a fun! DIY shelves are a huge relief in today’s time, as we all struggle with less storage space and more things to manage with. So, let’s check them out!

  1. Modular book racks: Every room is different and with that choice for bookshelves would vary too. Building a bookcase requires just some wood and oak. The best thing is you can come up with various designs and sizes while making shelves at home.DIY book case ideas
  2. Corner shelves: Unused corners can be great if put to best use. Just find some wooden planks and fit them in the wall corner. They are multipurpose in nature and give the place a fresh corner shelves ideas
  3. Vertical shelf: While making shelves at home, one can get as creative as possible. Multiple planks can be used to make stylish racks and decorated with collectibles and artworks.DIY vertical shelves designs
  4. Floating wall shelf: Give your walls a clean and fresh appearance with floating wall-shelves. You can use the inside space and upper surface as well. Books, vases, indoor plants all seem to be placed beautifully on these floating wall plans
  5. Open shelves: For those who are first-timers at making shelves at home, crafting open shelves could be pretty gratifying! They are contemporary, subtle and chic. They give a new freedom to storage and are easy to make as well.making storage shelves

6-Shoe-case: Let’s admit we all need it! Highly convenient and simple, they are great to use. When making shelves at home, give them a try. Throw some colors and decorate with small plants on it.

DIY wooden shoe rack

DIY Tiny Home smart storage solution

DIY Smart tiny home storage solutions

If you are living in a small and tiny home but worried about storage space in your living place then don’t worry we are here to share with your smart tiny home storage ideas with you. We’ve learned these ideas from tiny house created by Pod Idladla and many other. Below are some easy tiny home storage solutions.

1-Vertical Storage Solutions  

Often the vertical storage shelves go wrong but in this tiny home the case is totally different. In a room of 185 sq ft vertical shelves have been created upto to ceiling to utilize the maximum vertical storage space and to create more space for your living room. In these vertical storage shelves you can save all types of normal and seasonal things in a very arrange manner.

2-Slatwall Shelving

We have learned slatwall shelving idea from tiny home based in Portland, Oregon. As you can see in the picture that slatwall panels have been used to create more and flexible storage space. No bolts have been used so you can rearrange and remove shelving as you like and whenever your mood strikes. What a great tiny home storage idea!

3-Under Floor Storage

Under floor storage idea has been inspired by Brevard Tiny House. They have created under floor storage space by cutting a section of flooring. Here you can save different things even a coffee table.

4-Creative Outdoor Storage

Now go to your exterior to create more storage space like the stairs leading to tiny house. You can use the stairs as your shoe storage box. You can also store your garden tools and other supplies here.

5-Floor Bedding

Murphy beds are most recommended for tiny house however Minim house has come with new and innovative idea that some may like to manage easily even on daily basis. In the picture above you can see that underneath 5 by 7 foot area is enough to manage a full size bed.

6-Clever Built-ins for Storage

Zoku Amsterdam is a hotel for business travelers. Their loft-like micro-dwellings feature practical built-ins that make them feel more like tiny homes than temporary crash pads. We like the staircase appearing in above picture as when retracted into the wall it creates more floor space for your storage solutions.

7-Double Duty Furniture

Another tip that we learn from Bayview tiny house designed by Andrews University of Architecture. Their idea to use double duty furniture is really cool. The furniture used in the tiny house function double for instance furniture used in kitchen also used as workspace and to store things underneath and behind each seat.

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DIY Adorable Types of handmade Shelves

There are so many types of storage shelves for your home storage and things organizing at home. These storage shelves may be different in size and different in style but each shelve has its own rustic look to beautify your living space. Here in this articles I’m going to share with you some adorable shelving DIY ideas to organize your things and beautify your home as well.

These all are handmade storage shelves and different types. Types of shelves include floating shelves, wall décor shelves, mid-century style shelves, rustic wood shelves, wall hanging shelves, corner shelves etc. for your different corner of home.

You can buy these innovative storage shelves by order from different online vendors but if you want to save your money then you can make it at home. Just gather the required material and few moments from your busy schedule. Now probably you are thinking about different DIY shelves ideas to choose. There are thousands of DIY shelving plans available on different website. Choose any one of them which you like and start to build the shelves at home.

I’ll suggest you to enjoy DIY shelving project at the weekend as you can get help from your family members. In this way you will complete your project in short time and you’ll surely enjoy your weekend with your family as well.

Below are many handmade shelves ideas for you. I’m sure you’ll like and enjoy it. Thanks for visiting the site.

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DIY Creative Storage Plans

Storage shelves are very common in every home to organize the thing at home. One important thing to make your living space rustic is to organize your things at home. Therefor people build the storage shelves to organize the things. There are many types of shelves like, floating shelves, wall shelves and ladder shelves etc. You can choose any type of storage shelve but it depends on the space available in your home. If you are living in a house of big space then you can choose any shelve designs but keep in mind modern shelving ideas.

Now probably you are thinking about how to build storage shelves. You can hire services of carpenter or handyman for making shelves but yet there are easy storage shelves ideas for you. Before selecting any cool shelving idea first decide the available space in your living space and size of storage shelves to be built.

After deciding the available the space for shelving, now choose a shelving design for your beautiful living space. There are so many easy DIY shelving ideas that you’ll really like. If you like my suggestion then I’ll suggest floating shelves if you are living in a wide space area. But if you are living in a small house then hanging wall shelves are most suitable for your living space.

If you don’t face any budget problem then you hire services of a carpenter or handyman for building cool storage shelves however there are some DIY cool shelving ideas for you if you want to do it yourself. Building your own shelves is an easy DIY project because there are very few thing required for storage shelves. Building storage shelves from pallet is very common trend now a days. Wooden shipping Pallets are very easy to get and then convert them into cool wooden homemade storage shelves. Here are some DIY storage shelves designs for you enjoy it and try it.



Exclusive Space saving Rotating Storage Ideas

Are you searching for innovative storage plans to organize your things and grocery at home. If yes then here are you at right place as we have lot space saving storage ideas for you. There are so many ideas while talking about organizing things at home. Your ideas might be just about to organize things but the idea in my mind will surely save your space than other storage plans.

Some people like to build floating shelves, some like to make corner shelves to create storage space. Any way my idea for storage space is really functional and it will add beauty to your living space. Yes! I’m talking about rotating storage idea.

Rotating space saving storage units are super fit for small home and room as well. Like you can place it in your kids to save their supplies, can be placed in kitchen to use it as pantry, shortly its a multi purpose storage idea.

rotating storage ideas

Awesome Tower Storage Racks 

awesome storage ideas

Space Saving Round Wood Racks for spices storage 

space saving storage ideas

Storage Racks build from Racks

innovative storage ideas

Round Wood Rack for your Cherished Shoe collection

wooden storage rack for shoes

Space saving Corner Shelves 

cool diy ideas

Rotating Tiered Sewing Supplies Storage

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Easy DIY Wall shelves

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Rotating Bookcase cum Murphy Bed

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Do it Yourself Cosmetics Organizer

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DIY Creative Shelving Ideas

There are so many plans to organize a home that different people have in their minds and try to organize their things at home. Whether you agreed or not, I always like Shelving to organize my things at home. Therefor my today’s project is about DIY shelving project. In this project you will learn ideas about different types of storage shelves. Some of them can be hanged with the wall and some can be on ground to organize your things and to add a rustic look to your living space because if things are arranged and organized at your home then it will beautify your home with more rustic look.

There are so many types of storage shelves like floating shelves, tree branch shelves, reclaimed wood shelves etc. These shelves are easy to make, frugal and can be placed in any corner of your home like bathroom or to store your things at nursery room, everywhere these are easy and feasible for storage purpose.

Take a look to see my collection then select an easy idea and build your own shelves at home. If you are living in small tiny home then these DIY easy shelving ideas are very useful for you because you can utilize every inch of available space in your home.

Mostly people like floating shelves as these are functional but also beautify your living space. These shelves are easy to build because it required few supplies to build floating shelves at home.

Corner shelves are also famous and most feasible to save more space in your home as these can be set in minimum available space in your home.

build your own shelves

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DIY Cool floating Shelves Ideas

Today I’ll share a two in one DIY project with you. Do you want to décor your living space and organize your things in one DIY project? Guess what’s in my mind? Well let’s break the surprise and talk about how to organize your things with floating shelves as floating shelves will not only keep your things organized but these will also decorate your living space with their rustic look. Don’t worry about your budget as you can build your own wood floating shelves if you can afford your few moments from your busiest schedule.

Are you thinking about the material required for this project? Please don’t worry almost all material will be available in your home. It includes wood round plate, scissor and yarn. Cut the yarn and tie a knot in the center of round wood plate as its going to be centerpiece of the hanger. Floating shelves are very popular because these are airy and don’t take too much space. These are very helpful to organize your things and décor your living space as well.

To complete your cool DIY floating shelves project, see the below pictures these are very easy to follow. I hope you’ll enjoy easy floating shelves ideas.


diy floating shelves

build your own floating shelves

wooden round hanging floating shelves


diy shelves ideas


diy shelves storage ideas


do it your self floating shelves

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Easy Kitchen Storage Tips

A kitchen is dwelling house of the any home so it should be organized adequately. A well-organized kitchen enables women to wind up their kitchen related activities within time and in this way all family members have their breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. There is no rocket science to organize a kitchen rather than to follow some easy storage ideas. You have to just reorganize your things in kitchen. Here I’ll share some kitchen storage ideas with you.

A kitchen pantry is very helpful to organize your things in your kitchen as you can save and find them easily at the time of need. You can purchase kitchen pantry of your own choice or it can be made on order to your local carpenter. One the kitchen pantry is made save your things and append labels on drawers so you can find your things easily at the time of need.

organizing things at kitchen

Building the cabinets is very helpful to manage your kitchen storage. Whether you have kitchen of any space storage cabinets are very dire need for kitchen grocery. You can store your kitchen items in very low space just because of storage cabinets.

diy kitchen plans

Pot hanger/stand are also very helpful to keep your kitchen managed and organized. Now it depends upon your choice either you want to build or purchase it from your home. to give a rustic look to your kitchen you can make a pallet pot hanger from old wood pallets lying in your backyard. Fix these pot hangers with your kitchen walls and hang your pots with them. This DIY idea will also help you to minimize the space usage in your kitchen and your things will look organized in your kitchen.

build your own kitchen pot

One thing to remember that is to keep your special crockery in safe and locked cabinets because these are sensitive pots and should be kept with extra care. Don’t leaves the things lying in your kitchen once you wind up your kitchen activities. Keep your thing like salt and pepper etc in air tight plastic bottles and then in kitchen cabinets or kitchen pantry so you can find easily at the time of need.

how to organize kitchen




There are many other options available to manage your kitchen storage. Like building storage shelves are also very helpful to organize your kitchen at very low cost. If you like DIY storage projects then you can build your own kitchen storage shelves and minimize your kitchen storage cost.

things to do in kitchen

diy kitchen storage shelves


How to Reuse Old Wooden Ladder

Redefine purpose of old ladder and you will find out how many useful and creative ideas you can use to make your house or department more beautiful. Once, the ladder had only one use and that is to take or place something high, but now there are so many possibilities for the old worn ladder. You can use them in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, office room and create so many unique ladder interior designs.

Every homemade ladder project is easy, and all you need to prepare is wood ladder and some tool like saw, pallet plank and paint if you want to have colorful furniture. To create ladder wall shelves for books, just cut ladder on two parts, make a holes in wall with drill and put metal holder that will be connected with ladder with screws. You can also make put pallet planks on ladder and you can use it like shelves which can be decorated with ornament, flower vases, photographs and other items.

Make DIY ladder cloth ranks where you can organize all your wardrobe and also create shelves to settle shoes. You don’t have to spend money on expensive worktable, when you can make ladder wood desk in your working corner. Use ladders to make wine bottles holder or light ladder chandeliers.

You can choose to leave the rustic and native look of ladder or you can paint it in different bright colours. There are so many ideas for home DIY ladder decoration and if you have ladder somewhere in garage or you can get them from your family and friends, don’t miss to create something by yourself.

DIY Ladder Cloth Rank

Innovative light chandlier ideas

Recycle your old wooden ladder

DIY Ladder Cloth Storage Racks

DIY Bottles  Storage Ideas

DIY Unique Kitchen storage Ladder

DIY Old wooden Storage shelves

DIY Ladder Wardrobe

DIY work desk from old ladder

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Do It Yourself Storage Cabins/Racks

If you have a lots of clothes and shoes then DIY pallet closet will be very useful project for you. To avoid looking for clothes and shoes when you’re in hurry and you’re late to a business meeting or party celebration, the best choice is to make a pallet cloths organizer. Everything will look transparent and neat so you won’t waste your time in searching things.

For this homemade wood cabin storage you will need to prepare recycled pallets, saw to make appropriate size and shape of pallet plank, hammer and nails, and some paint if you don’t want to leave pallets natural wood appearance. You can find lots of inspiring ideas from which you can choose the right option that will fit into the space of your home.

First you have to make scheme of the project that will help you to know how many shelves will have your closet, so you can cut the pallet planks. Then start to line up one by one board and connect them by using nails with a hammer. Depending on how many pieces of wardrobe you have, you can make smaller or bigger recycle pallet cloth cabinet.

Create wood and pipe wardrobe racks, just find some old metal pipes and use then to make elbow where you will put hangers. In kids room you can make whole wall covered with pallets and paint it with few bright colours to look cool. But the simplest way to organize and pack cloth, shoes, hats and jewelry is to attach few pallets and put hangers on it. We hope you like this DIY creative cloth cabin project, that you will enjoy and have fun doing it and at the same time make something really wonderful.

DIY Pallet Cloth Storage

DIY Rustic pallet Cloth hanger

DIY Wooden Storage Cabinets

DIY Modern Pallet Organizer

build your own wall pallet closet

Recycled Pallet DIY Project

How to build a wooden cloth cabin

Rustic Wooden Cloth Shelves

Wood And Pipe Cloth Rank

White Pallet Wardrobe

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