Pallet horse shelters


Hello folks. Here I am again with another blog which will bring your creativity to life. Horses are living creatures and like other living beings they need some sort of shelter where they can stay and rest.It is the responsibility of the owners to provide them with a proper place to stay. Shelters for horses are usually called barns. Horse shelters can be made using pallets. First of all clean the pallets and remove the rough parts.Cut them into pieces and then arrange them and bolt them in form of a hut or any shape which you like.

Provide shelter to your horses using these pallet horse houses. You can take care of your pets by providing them shelters too.

This barn is made of using dull colored pallets.

This is one with a door.


This shelter has nice zigzag doors.

A colorful horse shelter with a proper door.

This one is like a two way shelter.

This horse house is well painted and has nice contrast.

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Dining table pallet designs

Pallet dining tables:

Hello there. I hope that you were waiting for the my next blog to come. And here it is with all its colors and embellishment. So this post is all about using recycled pallets for making decorative dining tables. In order to make the table you need to clean your pallets first. Remove all the unwanted parts. Then cut the pallet for the table top. The size of the table top depends on your requirement. Then cut the pallet to make the legs. Nail the top and legs together so that you obtain a table.

Dining tables are the real beauty of the dining rooms so they need to be really beautiful. They are the actual center of attention there.

This a good one with flowers put in wine bottles.

This glass-o-pallet dining table has nice steel paws.

This white pallet dining tables is perfect for summers.

This one is made by painting pieces of pallets and then joining them together.

A rustic colored pallet dining table has its own charm.

This dining table has its borders covered which actually looks nice.

This table seems to be slanting but actually it is not. The pallet have been arranged in a way that it seems  to be slanting.

Eye-catching dining table.

An amazing one.

Stay awaited for the next one.

Chic floating pallet shelves

Pallet floating shelves:

Ciao comrades. I am here to give you some more ideas about recycling the pallets for the good of ourselves and our environment. One way of pallet recycling is to make floating shelves out of pallets. These shelves solve stowage difficulties. They also serve as decoration pieces if they are arranged at some corner in the house.


Making woody shelves:

These shelves consist of planks of wood. You need to cut pallets horizontally or in form of a square box. You can screw the horizontal pallet with the wall and bolt some stained wood pallets on the top of it. If you have cut it in form of a box then fasten it to the wall and then put any kind of stuff in it.


The top of this shelf is made up of stained pallet which adds to its beauty.



This is simply awesome for your living room. It is as easy to make as it seems to be.



This shelf with white studs is very alluring. Use light colored pallets to make it look prettier.



This floating shelf has a pallet wall behind it. First you have to make a pallet frame and fix it on the wall and then make some floating pallets and bolt them to the wall.



This is good enough for your bathroom as you can keep towels on it. Moreover, you can attach a pallet handle to it so that you can hang the towels too.




This one is good for vases and decorated baskets. These are fit for corners of living room.





Dexterous people can make this shelf easily.



This one is good for keeping spices in the kitchen.


DIY Pallet Bed Ideas

Awesome Pallet Bed Ideas

It is amazing to see that pallets can be recycled in another cool way e.g. making pallet beds. Doesn’t that sound cool? Obviously it does. So I am here to present some great bed frames with storage space too.

Making pallet beds:

First of all you need to clean and polish your pallet as per your requirement. Then arrange them as per your style needs. You need to make the paws larger in length in order to have some storage space beneath the bed too. The most fascinating thing is that we can use the storage space not only for keeping different stuff but also for illumination.  This means you can put small beautiful lights under the bed to make it look more charming. You can also make some fabric covers in order to cover the pallet beds. This will enhance their beauty.

Bed with storage spaces:

This bed is extremely reliable if you have made it using good quality pallets. The good point is that it has a spacious and sliding storage.

For this, make a bed structure with pallets and then make a square drawer.



Bed with storage boxes:

This bed has square storage spaces in which you can fit square boxes. To make it you need to design a bed frame as above.

DIY bed out of pallets

Bed sofa:

This is a multi-use bed as it can be treated as a bed and as a sofa too. It also has horizontal storage places too. Cover this bed –sofa with fabric and cushions to make it look good for dual use.


Bed with drawers:

In addition to bed frame, this bed has drawers on its sides and some storage places at the front too. As a result it we can store more stuff.

DIY pallet bed frames designs


DIY: Turn Old Pallets Into Amazing Patio Furniture

The summer is already here, so where would you rather spend the rest of your hard day at work than at your patio, relaxing with some ice- cold beverage. The patio is everybody’s favorite place since the warmer weather in spring starts, all the way to late September or October.

There is no better place, where you can gather your whole family, have some nice barbeque, make a party, or have a swim (if you own a pool). Of course, all of this requires buying a patio furniture of some kind. Well, we are here to tell you that you don’t need to buy some expensive chairs, sofas, or coffee tables. You can make your own furniture!

That’s right you read well, all you need are some old wooden pallets and some light carpenting skills. The great thing about creating a patio furniture from pallets, is that you can make a number of combinations with them, in order to make them fit your space and achieve the look that you are going for. It doesn’t matter if your patio is fully enclosed, partially open, or open-air, this pallet patio furniture, will make the space look great (also you can brag about your skills to your friends).

All you need except the cheap wooden pallets, are a few tools, some paint if you like a certain color in your patio, and maybe some fabric for and a few coushons that you buy or also make. And last but not least, some imagination. Set your fantasy free, have some of your friends help you out, so you can enjoy the beautiful patio area together after.

Here we have some amazing ideas that you can use as an inspiration, so let us know in the comments what you think or how it went.

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