5 Homemade Lip Scrubs DIY Tutorial

Hello, My smart readers!! Welcome to my beautiful diary. I hope you’ll feel much great. As you know every girl feel conscious about her beauty and health. So, if you are a girl and looking for an awesome DIY beauty idea then this blog will be more useful to you. Being a DIY crafter, I Continue reading

5 herbal tips for eye dark circles removal

Hello, my smart readers!! I hope you will be alright. Every girl is conscious about her skin after acne dark circles are the major problem everyone faces. This is because of several reasons that are lack of water in the body or due to some hormonal imbalances, stress or less sleep. But don’t ‘worry every Continue reading

alternate to hand-sanitizers

Surfaceskins Door pads kills Germs

Unfortunately everyone not uses hand-sanitizer dispensers which are installed in hospital as you observe while visiting any hospital. In this way their germs spread rapidly through common-touched surfaces such as door handles. Keeping in mind this thing, University of Leeds spinoff company has created bacteria-killing door pads which have been named as Surfaceskins. Surfaceskins, the Continue reading