Pallet Vertical Planters

Pallet vertical Planters:

So this is another amazing article about the use of recycled pallets. We don’t have to dump them in landfills as we can use them to make vertical plant holders. This means you can create vertical gardens in your own house which are perfect for your balcony.

You can arrange flowers of unique shades to make the dull-colored pallets look stunning. This will make the plant holder look addictive. Main advantage of this vertical garden is that it takes less room and amazing quantity of vegetables can be grown in it too. You can make the dull planter stand before a bright background to add to its prettiness.

Making vertical planters:

First of all, remove all the claws from the pallet. Then make pallet frame and then screw it up to give it a shape of holder.

Have a look at some of these charming sights.



Veggie planter:

Luscious spices and vegetables can be grown in this holder. Make a frame using pallets, nail them and then plant veggies in it using some good soil.



Decorative planter:

A cute holder like this one will be perfect for your narrow balcony. You have to cut a pallet into four slices for the legs. Then cut a slice for the top and two for the squares to be placed beneath the top. Screw all the pallets.


Vertical wall planters:

You can color the pallets and make a planter too. These can me simply made by assembling different pallets horizontally and nailing them with vertical pallet rods.



You can also decorate your deck using such bright and elegant planters. I suggest you to put a fragrant herb in your vertical planters to make it more inviting.

Illuminated plant holders:

There is nothing beautiful than a dark colored pallet against a light wall which can be made by arranging the pallets horizontally and vertically and nailing them. Illuminate the planter with small lights which will make it enticing.


Slanting holders:

This one is somehow slanting so it is supported by nailing some pallet sticks with it which make it stand.


So now we are at the end of this blog post. Keep waiting for another enticing and innovative blog.

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