DIY Birdcage Chandelier

There are so many DIY lovers who have been working on creative DIY ideas. They modify some old ideas and find out a new one to create a rustic household item. My today’s project DIY idea is also something about DIY creative plans. There are so many items that can be made at home or we can buy it just by one click. While purchasing online or by visiting a local market, we’ve to pay for that items. Then why not to build this at home. Folks shortly, in today’s post I’ll discuss that how to make a birdcage chandelier at home.

building a chandelier at home

The items required for DIY birdcage chandelier project are only few like copper birdcage, many fake birds, bulbs and wooden stand. Birdcage has been placed over the wooden stand. Fake birds are kept in the birdcage through dry wooden pieces. Install a bulb (E26 or E27) in available slot in the birdcage and enjoy homemade birdcage chandelier.

This was the one method to craft a birdcage chandelier at home. The other option is to hang it in your home rather than to fix it on a wooden stand. In case there is no need of wooden stand, just tie a rope on the upper corner of the birdcage and hang it in your living place.

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DIY Bird Feeders Ideas

If you are bird lover and enjoy bird watching in a natural environment then bird feeders can help to attract the pretty birds to your home. A couple of bird feeders strategically placed in your home can give you chance to enjoy a close look of pretty birds. Probably you are thinking about where to buy bird feeders and how much will it cost. Don’t worry! There are so many types and designs of bird feeders are available in the market and you can buy just by one click. Instead of buy bird feeders online, why not to make it yourself. As these are quite easy and interesting.

If you have some wildlife lover friends then you can give them handmade bird feeders as gift. Let’s come to the topic- I mean easy DIY bird feeders ideas. We’ve collected a list of homemade bird feeders which are very attractive and allow bird to get into your living place so you can have a close look of these beautiful creature.

DIY bird food

Out of so many types of bird feeders, today I’ll share some attractive homemade cedar bird feeders ideas and I’m sure that its attractive look will inspire you to enjoy this DIY bird feeder project. This beautiful bird feeder has been made from western red cedar. After cutting wood into pieces as per bird feeder design, it has been sanded to make it smooth and give it a rustic look. Then these beautiful pieces of cedar wood have been assembled by steel nails and glue. Material required includes, western red cedar, glue, nails, plywood, wood and stain.

DIY bird feeder plans

To make it water proof, it can be coated with stain. You can mount this homemade bird feeder anywhere in your home or your back yard. These attractive homemade bird feeder will surely attractive all sort of bird to eat and to watch. Let have a close look at homemade bird feeders ideas and enjoy it.

DIY window bird feeder

easy bird feeder ideas

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DIY Inspirational Home Decor Ideas

What’s more exciting than a DIY home decorating on a budget? It’s simple to do and fun on that. You have so much to choose from as the options available are plenty. Thinking of giving your old plain walls a makeover? Erase that vacant look with hanging some bright cheerful canvases. Shells and crystals in a bowl are not only fascinating; they are one of the best cheap DIY decorating ideas to warm up the entrance or a dull corner. While browsing the internet, we all come across some beautiful abstract images. Well, you can get them printed on paper and hang them with a glass cover. And how about sharing some memories with guests? Frame the joyous family photographs and decorate your hallway with them. Exploring cheap home decorating plans doesn’t mean compromising on taste. Bunch up some colorful scented candles on that table to give your place an elegant look! Talking about DIY home decorating on a budget might remind us of that old lamp shade resting somewhere in the corner of the house. Bring it to life by painting it with fresh or neutral colors of your choice and show it off. You can even use an affordable paper shade and paint it. A stack of books placed on a table or a shelf scores high on the cheap DIY decorating ideas. Books in a pile look classy and stylish. They are great accessories to reflect your interests as well. Embellish the lobby with a mirror in a vintage frame, for the magical appearance. And while you are drooling over these cheap home decorating plans, here is one more tip. Paint your ceilings to bring a refreshing look to your house.

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Impressive home entryway decorating Ideas

Someone well said that “first impression is the last impression” so decorating your home entryway is planned with the same rule. To make a rustic and impressive look of your home entry, all things that are available in your home entry way must be decorated with proper planning. In home entryway decorating, you can decorate wall with different art, furniture with different styles, stairs with attractive style railing etc. there are so many ideas to decorate your home entryway. Here I’ve a collection of easy home decorating ideas for you. Try it and give a wonderful look to your home entryway.

In contemporary style, home entryway is often spacious so only a bench with rug is sufficient to decorate your home entryway. Sometime a good wall painting at your home entryway offer a gorgeous look to the home visitors. It’s another way to decorate your home entryway. Below are some nice ideas to decorate your home entryway.

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DIY Mind Blowing Bedroom Ideas

There is no need of room décor if you are living where you can see some adorable things like lake, woodland and forest etc. only room with glazed wall is sufficient to sleep and enjoy healthy sleep. From kitchen to bedroom you don’t need room décor items and eye catchy items if there are amazing views around your living space. Amazing views like forest, lake and woodland etc. Let me blow your mind away with some DIY bedroom ideas of some these types.

Just one glazed wall offering the stunning view can change the whole look of your bedroom. Make the wall opposite to enjoy the natural beauty, like beach, coastal, ocean, mountain and woodland etc. You can enjoy the natural stunning view when you go there for sleep or waking up. There is no need to make more wall glazed as you will feel merged with the nature and stunning awesome views. If there are no neighbors around you and no need of privacy then a whole glass bedroom is the best option and definitely it’ll be an amazing bedroom idea.

If there is need of window to maintain healthy temperature in the room then you can make window or only one window instead of headboard or opposite to the bed to have a gorgeous look of stunning views of nature.

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DIY Adorable Types of handmade Shelves

There are so many types of storage shelves for your home storage and things organizing at home. These storage shelves may be different in size and different in style but each shelve has its own rustic look to beautify your living space. Here in this articles I’m going to share with you some adorable shelving DIY ideas to organize your things and beautify your home as well.

These all are handmade storage shelves and different types. Types of shelves include floating shelves, wall décor shelves, mid-century style shelves, rustic wood shelves, wall hanging shelves, corner shelves etc. for your different corner of home.

You can buy these innovative storage shelves by order from different online vendors but if you want to save your money then you can make it at home. Just gather the required material and few moments from your busy schedule. Now probably you are thinking about different DIY shelves ideas to choose. There are thousands of DIY shelving plans available on different website. Choose any one of them which you like and start to build the shelves at home.

I’ll suggest you to enjoy DIY shelving project at the weekend as you can get help from your family members. In this way you will complete your project in short time and you’ll surely enjoy your weekend with your family as well.

Below are many handmade shelves ideas for you. I’m sure you’ll like and enjoy it. Thanks for visiting the site.

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Amazing Potting Bench Ideas

Organizing your gardening tools and equipments is a good habit as it’ll save your time and you will find your things easily. Either you have a gardening shed in your garden or not a potting bench is very dire need of every gardener. A potting bench is an innovative piece of furniture with built-in sink or not but it has one or more shelves in it. In these shelves you can organize your gardening tools and accessories in a good manner. You can choose a potting bench of size that fits in available space in your garden. You can place potting bench in any corner of your garden.

One thing to remember that if you keep your potting bench in outside open air then make sure that it is finished with weather-resistant paint as it will keep your potting safe from soil and other weather damages. However I’ll suggest to keep your gardening potting bench indoor. There are so many types and styles of potting bench available in the market, you can choose one of them as per your budget and requirements. However you build your own potting bench because there is no rocket science in building the potting bench. There are so many easy DIY ideas available to build a potting bench but I’ll suggest a potting bench out of wood pallets. Its very easy DIY pallet project as there is no need of special woodworking skills required for the project. Here are some example for you. Try it and enjoy it!



rustic wood potting bench with wheel

recycled wood rustic potting bench

wood red potting bench

diy garden potting bench

old door recycled potting bench

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build your own potting bench

space saving potting bench

mini potting bench

luxury potting bench with storage shelves

all red cute potting bench

rustic wood potting bench

multi purpose potting bench

rustic wooden potting bench




DIY Creative Shelving Ideas

There are so many plans to organize a home that different people have in their minds and try to organize their things at home. Whether you agreed or not, I always like Shelving to organize my things at home. Therefor my today’s project is about DIY shelving project. In this project you will learn ideas about different types of storage shelves. Some of them can be hanged with the wall and some can be on ground to organize your things and to add a rustic look to your living space because if things are arranged and organized at your home then it will beautify your home with more rustic look.

There are so many types of storage shelves like floating shelves, tree branch shelves, reclaimed wood shelves etc. These shelves are easy to make, frugal and can be placed in any corner of your home like bathroom or to store your things at nursery room, everywhere these are easy and feasible for storage purpose.

Take a look to see my collection then select an easy idea and build your own shelves at home. If you are living in small tiny home then these DIY easy shelving ideas are very useful for you because you can utilize every inch of available space in your home.

Mostly people like floating shelves as these are functional but also beautify your living space. These shelves are easy to build because it required few supplies to build floating shelves at home.

Corner shelves are also famous and most feasible to save more space in your home as these can be set in minimum available space in your home.

build your own shelves

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DIY inspired decorating with Nests

Spring is at its boom and it’s time to décor your home with nests as it will beautify your home with a natural rustic look. I’m big fan of collecting nests and to décor my home these nests by adding different things to it. Adding nests will add softness and little bit of fluff and lot of prettiness to your lovely living space.

Here are ten gorgeous ideas to décor your home with nests. Adding flowers to your bought nests will add beauty to your home. Don’t forget to add couple of little eggs. I made it many years ago and its still my one of favorites DIY Ideas.

Add little nests to your tablescape and some little balls instead of eggs.

Here are more DIY inspired decorating with Nests ideas. I hope you will enjoy and like this cool decorating ideas for your living space.

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DIY Cool floating Shelves Ideas

Today I’ll share a two in one DIY project with you. Do you want to décor your living space and organize your things in one DIY project? Guess what’s in my mind? Well let’s break the surprise and talk about how to organize your things with floating shelves as floating shelves will not only keep your things organized but these will also decorate your living space with their rustic look. Don’t worry about your budget as you can build your own wood floating shelves if you can afford your few moments from your busiest schedule.

Are you thinking about the material required for this project? Please don’t worry almost all material will be available in your home. It includes wood round plate, scissor and yarn. Cut the yarn and tie a knot in the center of round wood plate as its going to be centerpiece of the hanger. Floating shelves are very popular because these are airy and don’t take too much space. These are very helpful to organize your things and décor your living space as well.

To complete your cool DIY floating shelves project, see the below pictures these are very easy to follow. I hope you’ll enjoy easy floating shelves ideas.


diy floating shelves

build your own floating shelves

wooden round hanging floating shelves


diy shelves ideas


diy shelves storage ideas


do it your self floating shelves

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