Xiangjiang Gate is another skyscraper by Europe’s tallest skyscraper Designer

RMJM is one of the largest architecture & design networks in the world  having its headquarter in  Edinburgh, United Kingdom .The firm is Providing consultancy engineering Services in architecture, development management, interior design, landscape design, master planning, and  urban designing .The firm has also designed Europe’s current tallest skyscraper, the Lakhta Center, in St. Petersburg, Russia. Continue reading

Apis Cor completed World’s largest 3D-printed building in Dubai

Apis Cor is the first company to develop specialized equipment for 3D printing in the construction industry. Their technology is capable of printing wall structures entirely on-site without extra assembly required. Their mission is to create fully autonomous equipment that can print buildings on Earth and beyond. Apis Cor has completed world’s largest 3D-printed building located Continue reading

Brazilian architectural firm built Eco-Home from Mining Waste

Gustavo Penna Arquiteto e Associados (GPA&A) is a Brazilian based architectural firm having considerable experience in the development and implementation of medium and high complexity projects. They have recently completed a low cost house in partnership with steel industry company Gerdau.     The design of feasible home is modern but simple which keeps master Continue reading

World’s First 3D-Printed Homes Project unveiled in Mexico

World’s first  housing project  of 3D-printed homes  is under construction in Tabasco, southeastern Mexico .The project was printed by Vulcan II, the first printer of its kind in that it has the capability of printing homes in which people actually want to live. By utilizing local labor, construction work has been done in a traditional way Continue reading

Zaha Hadid designed China Arts Center

Zaha Hadid architects is an UK based firm which has designed many famous projects throughout the world. The firm has recently completed a new building in china called, Changsha Meixihu International Culture & Arts Centre. The work has completed and art activities are started in the building.     The Changsha Meixihu International Culture & Continue reading

Mecanoo puts modern spin on the traditional Dutch barn-house

Mecanoo is a Netherlands based architecture firm which has recently designed a three-part villa in the Netherlands that has given modern angle to traditional Dutch barn-house or “hoeve.” This villa is located in the beautiful Dutch countryside near the town of Vught, which comprises three close houses built around a central courtyard. The Villa’s functions Continue reading