10 Inexpensive Lounge Table DIY Ideas

The lounge table would have to be one of the most practical and resourceful pieces of furniture one could create. It’s not just for the lounge area and it doesn’t always have to be rectangular or squire. I have gathered some ideas for lounge table, whether you are perfect at DIY, beginner or somewhere in between, you can easily make one of these handmade lounge tables.

1-Convert Cable Reel into a Table

If you succeeded to get a cable reel from local old crafts store, you are lucky enough because it is a ready to use table.Apply your favorite paint if you want or use it in its original condition for an elegant rustic look.

Image via cassiefairy.com

2-Amazing Cable Reel Table DIY

Side support of cable reel is also suitable to be used as top surface of lounge table,just add iron

legs at bottom to have a good looking table which is very inexpensive.

image via notonthehighstreat.com

3-Whiskey Barrel Table DIY

Re-purpose a whiskey barrel as converting it into lounge table.You can create two tables using one barrel, if you are good at DIY just some effort is required to do the job.Cover the top with glass as shown in image.

Image via motorcitybarrels.com

4-Wooden log Table DIY ideas

Wooden log are easily available in country area, they are  most suggested for use as a lounge table and they are create great rustic look at interior spaces.

Image via twelveonmain.com

5-DIY Pallet Packing Boxes Table

Pallet packing boxes are very suitable to be used as table and they may be availed without any difficulty from local area.  Just add wheels on bottom if you want or us it as it is.

Image via apieceofrainbow.com

6-DIY Door Leaf Table

What to do with your old door resting at store for month?Try this cool idea to re-purpose that old door leaf .You friends will admire your DIY skills.

Image via familyhandyman.com

7-Minimalist and Elegant Table

Want to create something minimalist and inspiring? check out this amazing, contemporary and elegant idea of coffee table which is super easy to create.

Image via madebydeborah.com

8-Fun with pallet fruit boxes

Have fun with pallet fruits & vegetable boxes by creating this nice looking, multi- purpose table to inspire guests.

image via wayfair.com

9-Wooden Planks Table with Iron Legs

Thick wooden planks looks very rustic create upper part of table with them and local skilled person may create legs for this beautiful table as show in image.

Image via clakecrain.togeatherco.com

10-Full wooden table

Test your creative skills by creating this full wooden table which has a cool rustic look.

Image via ana-white.com

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