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10 Things to Consider When Buying Doors

Unlike what homeowners may believe, doors are not primarily a safety and security measure to your home. They are also a great way of improving the curb appeal on your property, increasing its value in turn. Investing in the right doors involves choosing those that align themselves quickly with the home decor and theme.

Moreover, it would help if you also put in mind your taste and preference besides all the factors that affect the choice of your doors. This article focuses on enlightening you about the top ten thing considerations that affect the choice of your residential doors.

Door Location

Residential doors are classified as either indoor or outdoor, depending on their use. When choosing a front or garage door, you should select the strongest besides water resistance and durability.

As for the indoor doors, such as for use in the bathroom or bedroom, their aesthetic appeal matters a lot. They should be beautiful and blend into the home décor rather than being too strong. The latter should also be easy to maintain.

Energy Efficiency

Keeping the home energy efficient is the most effective way of minimizing your utility bills. Doors and windows are the biggest causes of air leaks and heat loss, causing your home to require more heating and cooling. To prevent such instances, you should opt for energy-efficient doors that preserve heat in the home maximally.

Type of Materials

Doors are made from different materials and styles, such as wood, steel, aluminum, and vinyl. Your needs, requirements, and preference determine your most relevant material. Wood, for instance, is the most popular option for indoor doors (visual appeal). However, steel is cheap, durable, and strong is the ideal choice for your front door.


The cost of doors varies depending on the material, quality, and features, among other factors. Before going into the market searching for the right doors, you should take some time to state your requirements and budget. With a budget and requirements in place, it is easier to find doors that meet your needs from the many options in the market.

Door Size and Panels

You should select your doors’ panel size depending on the door’s standard door size and material. You should, however, minimize the panels for greater visibility and easier maneuvering of gates. Thicker doors and panels also enhance energy efficiency in your home.


The primary role of doors is to keep you and your belongings safe and secure in your home. It is thus advisable to choose sturdy and front solid doors, especially in insecure neighborhoods, besides quality gates. Besides enhancing safety and security in your home, strong doors also make your home energy efficient and valuable.


The location and quality of hinges play a crucial role in the choice of your residential doors. The factor is even more critical for doors that are vulnerable to replacement. Out-swing entry doors should have hinges on the left side, while in-door swing doors should have right-side hinges. Always consider doors with quality and adequately placed hinges during the purchase.


Doors also exist in multiple configuration styles, such as single and double opening. You should pay attention to the track used in your home for a suitable door selection. Besides, it would help if you also took proper measurements when buying anything related to your doors for perfect fitting.


If you opt for glass doors, the double-glazed options are the best, especially in cooling your home over the summer. Doors should be energy efficient, and the single glazers, despite being cheap, significantly increase your utility bills. Failure to filter off the excess heat calls for constant cooling of your home, which is costly, especially in the hot months.

Ease of Access and Maintenance

While your doors should blend into your home, be strong and durable, they should also provide easy maintenance and accessibility. The safety measures should not overpower the simplicity of handling and maintaining them. They should be easy to close, open and clean while remaining the safest and most secure with an effortless blend into the décor.

Choosing your residential doors is a critical decision that requires time, knowledge, and patience. However, with all your needs and requirements clear, you should easily find doors that meet your expectations.

Besides all the above factors, doors, especially front and garage ones, should withstand the harsh climatic conditions and last long.

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