11 Best DIY Hanging Basket Planters for Home Decor

Spring is approaching soon and in this season every plant is filled with colorful flowers. Enhance the beauty of   your indoor and outdoor spaces with adorable hanging basket planters in this season. Here are some lovely ideas that can help you to start with the hanging planter project. They are simple to do and also very economical.

1-Date Leaves Basket Planter

Use of date leaves is very common in making mates and baskets .Get a handmade date leaves basket from local crafts store, put inside your favorite planter pot and hang it at suitable place. It looks very amazing.

2-Steel Bar Basket

Get steel bar basket from local welding shop. Paint it using your favorite color, put plant pot inside and hang it where you want. Fill empty place between basket and pot with dry grass or artificial grass.

3-Steel Strips Basket

Local welder can fabricate a steel basket using steel strips .After applying desired paint, it looks very beautiful and charming. Just put a planter inside it a hang it where you want.

4-Can Rectangular Basket

Use of Can in furniture and gift items is very common now a days, it create a nice look and provide comfort. Can rectangular basket can be taken from local store easily .Hang it at desired place after filling it with a plant pot.



5-Can round Basket with wooden rings

Get a handmade rounded basket made by can from local crafts store, fill inside planter pot and hang it at suitable place. Decorate it using wooden rings for a nice looking hanging planter.

6-Copper Pipe Basket

Local welder can make a basket for you using copper pipes. Put plant pot inside and hang it where you want. Fill empty place between basket and pot with dry grass or artificial grass.

7-Jute Rope woven basket

Make a basket using jute rope. It is very easy to do, put inside a plant pot and hang it at the place where you want. It will increase beauty of your place.

8-Pallet square basket

You can create a basket using pallets, than hang it as per your choice after filling planter pots inside.

9-Wooden Sticks Basket

Wooden sticks baskets can be avail from market .These baskets look very nice and attractive. These enhance beauty indeed.

10-Metal Hanging Basket

Planter filled metal ware looks very nice when hang at your desired place after filling a planter pot inside.


11-Plastic Hanging Basket

Get plastic basket from local store and place your favorite plants inside it after hanging it at a suitable place they look very nice.

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