How to build a pallet swing

12 Amazing Pallet Swing-DIY Ideas

Building a pallet swing is a wonderful and recommended DIY project for beginners as only few items are required for this project with minimal DIY skills. A pallet swing is a wonderful combination of pallets and swings.

List of Supplies for DIY Pallet Swing Project

The list of items required to build a pallet swing bed is pretty short. You just need the below mentioned to build your own pallet swing.

Wooden Pallets, some lumber, a drill, rope, some screws, a saw and a mattress.

Where to find Wooden Pallets

You can find wooden pallets easily and on a very cheap rate or even free of cost. Visit your nearest hardware store to get wooden pallets of good quality. You can also get them from industrial scrap.

There is no rocket science to build a pallet swing. Just take two wooden pallets of equal size and fix these wooden pallets with steel bolts. Now drill all corners of pallets with drilling machine to make holes to attach the rope of iron chain. Be more careful while hanging the swing. It must be safe and secure.

How to make Your Pallet Swing Comfortable?

You can make your pallet swing bed comfortable by placing mattress on it. Use cushions on the mattress. You can also add armrests as per your requirements.

Although the wood has its own rustic look but you can apply two coats of your favorite color your pallet swing.

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Build your own Pallet Swing



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How to build a pallet swing

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