16 Amazing Kitchen Open Shelves DIY Ideas

Want to redo your old kitchen storage cabinets? Try open shelving, it is one of the easiest, economical and perfect way to update your kitchen. This is a common solution for a crowded or dark kitchen where you do not want to replace the whole unit. Whether you desire a full scale remodel or you just want a minor change these kitchen shelving ideas will take you toward right direction. Let us see the options in this regard!

1-Create open Shelving  in a Corner Space

It is super easy to run open shelving along a wall and take it at the end. Use this space for less attractive utensils because corners are normally hidden from view.

Image source shelterness.com

2-Pallet traditional coffee bar

Check  out this pallet traditional shelve idea which  provides sufficient storage space for coffee bar  in  easy and economical way .

Image source thespruce.com

3-Copper pipe supported

Copper pipe frame  has been erected to support these shelves .It is durable, very good looking and easy to made.

Image source shelterness.com

4-G.I pipe supported

G.I pipe frame has been used in this idea to hold shelves .This is very sustainable and adoring .It provide enough space for storing spices and many more.

Image source decoratw.com

5-Small two side of window

Try out this cool idea of open shelves to beautify your kitchen in which shelves are parallel to window  and create nice elevation too .

Image source decoholic.org

6-Full height shelve

Check out this idea in which full height of wall has been used to make  shelves .It provides enough storage space and looks elegant.

Image source decoholic.org

7-Iron Strip-supported Kitchen Shelves

Iron strip has been used to hold wooden planks .This is simple, inexpensive and looks beautiful.

Image source Pinterest.com

8-Kitchen Long Shelves 

Check out this shelf  which  has covered whole length of wall to avail enough storage space.

Image source omegaplc.co.uk

9- Two-way Corner Shelves

In this idea shelf  has taken two sides of walls at corners and supports are hidden.This is simple but looks amazing.

Image source 123homefurnishings.com

10- Thick plank Cum Short Length Kitchen Shelves

Thick plank in short length are used to make this good looking, durable and inexpensive shelves.

Image source  Pinterest.com

11- Planter holder, rope supported shelf

Check out  this graceful shelf in which rope has been used to support wooden plank.  Plank carries planter pots instead of kitchen utensils.

Image source  bhg.com

12- Exposed Brick Work

Exposed brick work behind shelf creates a wonderful theme and provides storage space also.

image source homeandhome.com

13- Tiny shelf with planter

Tiny shelf  having some planters looks very smart at kitchen which creates airy and green elevation of the kitchen.

Image source aliceinscandiland.com

14- Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are very attractive and elegant when provided at kitchen.

Image source elledecor.com

15- Shelves along with door opening

Check out this idea in which designer has beautifully utilized space along with door to create shelves.

Image source hgtv.com

16- Multi purpose shelves

My respectful readers will appreciate this shelves idea which provide enough storage space.

.Image source designrulz.com

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