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3 Best Money Saving Home Improvement Projects

Don’t tell me that you don’t want to save money. Every single person wanted to save money on everything. Whether he is buying home appliances, sports accessories, makeup kit or even on the wedding anniversary  function.

When you are saving money on everything then why not save some money from your monthly budget by making these 3 home improvement projects?

These money saving home improvement projects will not only save a lot of money every month for you, but these projects will also provide you facilities and makes your life easy.

Install A Water Filter


A lot of people are using water bottles because the tap water is not good in the taste or it is not pure. To get the purify water, people spend a lot of money on water bottles every week.

If you want to ditch expensive bottles then install a water filter at your home. You have to spend some extra money to install a small water filtration device. But once you install a water filter, you will start saving a lot of money every week and you will recover the installation charges and filter price in a few weeks.

After that period, now you are are saving a lot of amount on your drinking water. But don’t forget to replace the filter after the recommended time by the manufacturer so that you can drink purify water with no bad odor or taste.

Dishwasher to Conserve Water

kitchen dishwasher

It is obvious fact that everyone wanted to save water because now people are more aware of the importance of water than ever before. So, why to waste a lot of water while washing dishes or plates in the kitchen?

If you install a good quality auto dishwasher, you can’t only save a lot of water, but you will also save on electricity bill.

If you install a good Energy Star-qualified dishwasher you can save about $50 on your electricity bill every year. But this is not that much important, the main thing is, you can save more than 500 gallons of water which is huge saving if you know the importance of water.

If you don’t have any dishwasher, and you wash the dishes with hands, you are wasting almost 40 percent more water.

Install Programmable Thermostat

energy saving thermostat

When you are in Vancouver, you need heating your rooms almost for complete year. It adds up a lot of money in the power bills.

While in other areas where weather is hot, you need cooling which do the same with the electricity bills. If you can regulate the temperature setting you can save money on power.

If you consult with Vancouver general contractors, they will guide you how can you cut the cost by using programmable thermostat.

You can get the best programmable thermostat and your general contractor can install that for you. It will regulate the temperature and save a lot of electricity units for you.

With all these 3 home renovation and home improvement projects, you can save money on long term and you will get extra facilities as well.

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