4 must have garden tools

4 Must Have Garden Tools and Their Purpose

If you want to maintain your garden, then you must have to take care of it properly. You have to have some useful garden tools for the maintenance of your garden. In this article, we will give some information about the 4 must-have garden tools and their use.

4 must have garden tools

The Spade: Essential Gardening Tool

The spade is a must have tool for the gardener. It has a small handle as compared to other tools which provide good control over it. The blade of the spade is flat and almost square and it has straight edges. The main purpose of the spade is to use it on grass, at the upper layer. You can remove the upper layer of the grass using the spade. A gardener also uses the spade to break the tough roots, to remove the garden edges, sidewalks or cleaning the edging of driveways.

The Trowel: Planting Tool

Another useful tool for the garden is Trowel which has a narrow pointing blade and it is very handy if you want to plant flowers or vegetables in your garden. Even if you want to remove a plant of flower or vegetable, the trowel is a useful tool to dig it out. This tool can be used to make a hole in the soil.

The Shears: To Cut Extra Branches

The shears are used to cut the excessive grass or the branches of different plants. The shears are available in different sizes and you might need more than one shears with the difference in size. It depends on what you have planted in your garden.

Hose Reel: Watering Gardens

It is obvious that you need a hose to water your plants and the grass in the garden. If the garden is big, many people use to join small size hose to make it long and it is easy for them to use for various distances. But it reduces the life of the hose as it can be torn from different locations. A Hose Reel is the best garden tool that you must have. It allows you to use a single piece of long hose and can take it anywhere at any distance. It is easy to store your long-sized hose and use only one piece of hose.

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