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4 Tips To Keep Your Digital Lock Safe and Secure

People are using digital locks for securing their homes and other electronic wallets. There is no doubt that digital electronic locks provide a great measure of security and there is no way to get the duplicate keys (easily) of a digital keyless lock. But still, there are some few things that you should take care of to make your electronic keyless digital locks more secure.

Don’t Set Easy to Guess Codes

Usually, people set very easy lock codes which anyone can guess easily. Like some people set last four digits of their mobile number, or they can set registration number of their vehicle as a security PIN, date of birth or anything like this. Anyone who knows very little about you can try these things and can open the lock using this hit and trial method. Also don’t make the easy combinations like 1122, 1234, 4321 or any other code like this which anyone can try.

Hide keypad or Touch Screen While Entering The Code

While you enter your PIN code, there might be some observer around you, behind a pillar, or a wall, or watching you from behind a one vision glass and he might try to remember the PIN code you enter and at some later stage when you are not at home, he may try to enter into your house without your permission. Ask your other authorized users to take care of this and make sure that no one is around when you are entering your PIN. Also, try to hide the keypad or touchscreen of your digital lock so that any hidden person can’t see your PIN. You can hide the keypad by putting your other hand on the hand you are using to enter the PIN.

*Hint: In case of a touchscreen, make it sure that there are no visible fingerprints on the touch buttons. Make it your habit to clean the touchscreen with a soft cloth after entering the PIN.

Change Your PIN Code Every Month

Do change your PIN code occasionally. Don’t stick with your PIN code for a long time as it will provide you extra security because sometimes it happens that you have provided your PIN to some friend and you don’t want to allow him now to enter into your house without your permission. So it is a good practice to keep changing the PIN.

Use CCTV Cameras

Though digital locks are enough to provide you security, but as an extra layer of security install a CCTV camera that should capture the area of your front door and also the digital lock so that if someone tries to open your lock with hit and trial method, you can identify them with the help of stored footage.

These four tips will provide you extra security and no one can get your PIN code without your permission. A Keyless digital lock will provide your house security, but you are responsible to secure the PIN of your digital lock.

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