425 Park Avenue wears its Structure to Free Up Space

Foster + Partners has experienced a remarkably busy time. The well-known company now has its third recent skyscraper finished after finishing its Varso Tower and 50 Hudson Yards. 425 Park Avenue in New York City soars to a height of 206.45 m (677 ft), and is distinguished by an eye-catching exterior that features structural bracing on the outside, freeing up some space inside for flexible offices.

The structure, which occupies an entire city block like 50 Hudson Yards by Foster + Partners, was developed in partnership with L&L Holding. In fact, it’s the first full-block skyscraper to be finished in the Park Avenue neighbourhood of New York City in more than 50 years.

According to the firm, the structure is unusual in that the concrete core is located at the back of the building, while steel bracing is visible on the glass exterior and helps create more interior space. Although not as extreme, the effect is similar to Zaha Hadid’s Morpheus Hotel.


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