DIY Home Decor

5 Creative DIY Home Decor Crafts with Actual Waste Materials

DIY Home Decor

There are so many things and parts in a house that are totally useless (at least for those who are not creative). People usually throw these items out of their houses. But you don’t know how you can create amazing DIY home decor items out of these useless things.

Here you have 5 creative DIY home decor crafts with actual waste materials.

Phone Holder using Empty Lotion Bottle

When you want to plug in your mobile to the charger and the socket is high, the cable is short, then it is very difficult to find a place where you can put your mobile. Now, you don’t have to worry about it.

Obviously, you are using lotion in the winter and you have an empty bottle of lotion as well. Don’t throw this empty bottle as you can craft a DIY mobile phone holder.

Follow the steps described in the picture below, and you have a beautiful phone holder ready for you. Here you can find the art and craft supplies that you need for such DIY projects.


Great Wall Art from Broken Plates

If you have broken your plate then don’t worry and don’t throw that away. You can use it to decorate the walls of your home. Even if your wall is not looking good, it will be well decorated by using cracked plates. You can stick the plastic tape or any paper on the cracked part of the plate and can easily hang it on the wall.


Secret Storage using Old Books

Do you want to keep your important things in secret storage? You can easily create a storage box that will be hidden from other people. You can use your old books which are not in use to create this hidden storage box. Just follow the procedure described in the pictures below.


DIY Brush Holder Using Empty Cans

Obviously, you have empty cans at your home that might be of any soda drink. You can create a beautiful brush holder using those empty cans. No need to spend your money on buying a brush holder for your bathroom. You can craft the brush holder easily yourself using the empty tins.


Kids Geometry Box Using Shampoo Bottle

Do you have an empty shampoo bottle? You can easily create a beautiful geometry box for your school going kids. They can keep the colors, pencils, markers or other stuff in this beautiful DIY geometry box.

geometry box kids

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