5 Genius Fashion DIY Project

Once again welcome to my blog, here today I am going to show you some amazing ideas you can easily adopt at home. These are amazing top 5 DIY fashion project Craft. So, let start with me. What do you need in the whole project? just follow me step by step. So, coming towards number 1, I will show you the idea of “Frilly DIY Heels”.


We all know that for every Ceremony we wear different shoes, matching pair with the dress. It cost a lot and is not easy for everyone to buy different shoes according to dress that way, you can make your own DIY frilly heels with your own choice. Whether you can go to your relative’s home or to a simple night party you can easily wear these sandals.

     STEP NO 1:

What you will need in the whole DIY idea? Look at the picture above, you need a pair of sandals, some coins, a tie rope, some hooks, and tassels.

     STEP NO 2:

Firstly, put the rope in the holder as shown in the figure above. Then round the rope three to four times for perfect look.

     STEP NO 3:

In the next step you need to attach the hooks with the rope for knotting. Keep following the steps as I am showing you in the figure.


Now in the final step, you need to attach the coins and tassels together, as shown above, hold it in the hook. Here the whole project is ready now where your shows and enjoy the party.


Shirts are the basic thing for your look. If you really want to look decent and pretty, then keep your choice better. Every person has a lot of shirts in their wardrobe. It is the best and fantastic thing in your wardrobe. For every occasion, you need to change your look, your way of dressing. So, don’t you worry just follow me? Today I am going to show you how you can easily make your “DIY SHEER SLEEVES SHIRT”. It will give totally decent and change the look to you. Let start,

You need any kind of cloth for your DIY project. Now take your old T-shirt as a sample. Now note the size of the T-shirt and measure the sleeves, width, and back. Cut the cloth according to your dots and measurement. Then sew it or stitch it through any sewing machine. When your shirt gets ready then,

In the next step you need this screening kit for making your shirt more awesome. In this step, you need to screen design on your shirt like this. It is the best menswear T-shirt.

Now in final step place the screening frame on front and back side of your T-shirt with the help of glue. Add some glitters on it. You can use some more designs to your shirt for a different look. Your T-Shirt is ready to wear.

diy fashion crafts tutorial


This time I will show you some amazing idea of “Marble Sneaker DIY”. You need any kind of sneaker, different nail paints, and glitters.

diy fashion


  1. masking paper off any sections you don’t want to urge marbleized.
  2. Pour a pair of inches of water into an instrumentality that’s giant enough to suit the shoe.
  3. 1st pour clear cosmetics into the water. this may produce the bottom to marble the white on, however, you’ll decide what quantity to place in because of you can’t see it. you would possibly wish to observe a pair of times with some scrap material or paper.
  4. Drizzle the white cosmetics over the clear and use a keep on with marble the varnish. you have got to figure quickly because of it dries quickly!
  5. Dip the trainer material into the water over the varnish. Your “DIY MARBELED SNEAKERS ARE READY TO WEAR”.


In today’s life, Jewels and stones are mostly used. People are crazy to buy such things. It is not only used in making jewelry, but you can also use it for making a twist in the story. Did you get it what I mean? Absolutely not? So, let start with me, today I am going to show you how you can make your own “DIY THRIFTY BEDAZZLED BAG” easily at home. It looks unique and more fashionable than a simple bag.


  1. Jewels
  2. Stones
  3. Diamonds
  4. Glue
  5. Tape
  6. Small wire
  7. Hooks and tassels strip.

do it yourself fashion

You can also see materials as I shown in the figure above. Now let move towards the procedure.



You need to sew it with your sewing pin with any kind of thread, then in the next step, you need to put the stone as shown in the picture above. Follow the procedure and start decorating your own bag.

Now put all the stones and diamonds like shown in the picture. After completing decoration what do you need? Don’t be scared I will help you step by step. Now in the final step, you need to stitch the tassels strip with bag hooks. Your new thrifty bag is ready to wear.

diy ladies fashion



Today the DIY project which I am going to show you is very simple and easy. You can make it in minutes, you can easily dip it in nail varnish.



  1. Hairpins
  2. Different nail paints
  3. A paperboard.


  1. Put your hairpins on a paper board.
  2. Then dip the brush in the nail paint.
  3. And finally, color each pin step by step like rainbows color.
  4. Finally let it wait for dry, use it by wearing in hairs as shown in the figure below.

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