5 Popular New Year DIY Crafts

The new year is the Time Which changes the whole world to Next year. It comes with full of hope, sympathy, love, satisfaction and with a lot of best wishes. People greet each other with full of happiness and joy. Everyone’s praying for the best year, which brings a lot of great things to them. The new year is the new and best gift to people given by Lord Almighty Allah. Our year 2018 came to an end. I wish this new year brings a lot of good thoughts and best future to us All, now coming towards DIY crafts, in the beginning happiness of new year I would like to share with you some amazing new ideas of DIY crafts. So, let start with me.


1.   DIY balloon clock:

Here, you will clearly see a balloon clock, it is the simplest and easy way to decorate your room wall with the help of balloons. It is the most surprising idea you can do at your own home, as a greeting to upcoming guests in the event of the new year Party. You just need some balloons, black chart paper, cardboard for the middle portion and tape for holding with the wall. Simply, fill the balloons hang them on a wall with the help of tape or glue, and use black chart paper for numbering. In the end, use cardboard for the direction pin.


2.   Happy new year Garland:

This garland is very easy and simple even kids can make it in seconds. What do you need in the whole project? Let me tell you, you just need black chart paper, string for hanging, hook for holding, some glittery foam letters for giving look like new year garland. First, cut the chart paper into pieces in the same design as I show you above. Then use glittery foam letters and write “happy new year” on it. Then with the help of hooks or clips hold it and string it on your door.


3.   Party Blowers:

These Party blowers are just amazing idea for new year Craft. It gives a totally funny and enjoying look to the party. It is very simple DIY, just need to draw different faces or emojis on the paper. Outline them withdrawing, paint it and then stick any Blowers to it. It will look like funny and happy faces in the party.


4.   New Year’s Eve DIY Noise Maker:

 There is no party which looks better without noise. Today I will share the best DIY noisemaker idea, which will add some more twist in your “new year party”. You can easily make it at home in minutes with the help of empty tissue roll, gold or silver sparkly duct tape, uncooked beans, colorful jewels, silver or gold ribbons, and glue. Take an empty roll, stick gold sparkly duct tape to one edge by bending it. Then from the other edge fill the roll with some beans, then seal both the edges with the help of golden sparkly duct tape, cover the whole roll with sparkly tape. For decoration use the jewels on top of the roll as I show you in the figure. Finally, cut the ribbons and stick it with glue to the roll. Your DIY craft is ready for the event.


5.   DIY Glitters Celebration Star wands:

It seems to be the best idea for kid’s happiness. It looks like the fairyland story or magical world, holding magical wands in kid’s hand for the celebration of new year. Materials are cardboard, 6 long sticks, glitters, scissors, cardstock pages, pencil, ribbon, mod podge, and craft glue. For making, trace out stars on cardboard, cut it in the shape of stars, cover it with the help of mod podge and add some glitters to it. Hold the stick with help of glue to it. Finally, use ribbons for more fun. I hope you would like my ideas of making “New Year DIY Crafts”.


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