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Why Life Admin Tasks Are Tedious and How Eggy Can Help

We have all encountered difficulties in completing administrative tasks, and we have probably all been driven up the wall at least once by our numerous failed attempts and countless hours spent trying to figure out the proper procedure.

Here in this post, we’ll explain why it is that administrative work is so tedious, and you may not be expecting the answer.

The number of boring, but necessary, administrative chores in the scientific community is practically infinite. Simple administrative duties, like labeling the chemicals in your lab, can be mind-numbingly tedious.

Expenses related to travel can be reimbursed.

Getting your own money back after paying to attend a scientific meeting requires filling out a form. You have, in effect, borrowed money from the institution and must now spend hours reclaiming what was rightfully yours, to begin with.

To place an order for a new computer

Your previous computer is too outdated to install the newest software upgrades, so you’ve been given a new one so you may complete the necessary studies for your next research paper.

You completed a form (again), cleared it with your supervisor, and sent it on to purchasing. Your computer’s expected arrival date has come and gone with no word from them.

A lack of response to your emails, disgust for your phone calls (how dare you to call! ), and an apology that you’re “truly sorry” but they have no idea when your PC will be delivered are all you’ve gotten so far.

An Answer to Administrative Problems

Eggy is an application that you can download and install on your Android device as well as on your iOS device. This app is pretty good at organizing the admin’s tasks. Here you can get more info about how this app will make things easy for you.

Almost all administrative work is performed without our input or ability to make significant changes at the top level. We must accept this, however bitter the pill may be.

You can avoid making silly mistakes by changing your perspective from that of a scientist to that of an administrator. You need to put your scientific mind on hold, realize that you are about to perform an administrative activity, dedicate yourself fully to that assignment, and then then return to your academic mode of thought.

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