Beat the Heat With These Amazing Summer Bedding Ideas

During the summer season, you wouldn’t like to wake up uncomfortable due to hot bedding. If you know how to improve your bedding style for summer, you can enjoy your sleep even during hot nights.

Here I will provide you with a few best summer bedding ideas. So that you can forget about the high temperature and can sleep soundly on your favorite bed.

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Adopt a Light Theme in Bedroom

When you use dark colors like red, orange, or black, you will feel cozy during the winter season. But this color scheme won’t work for you during the summer. If you are using these colors in your bedroom and bedding, then it is the right time to change the color scheme and adopt some light and cool colors.

Sky blue, light green, and sunny yellow are a few colors that are good to feel good during the summers. These colors will make your bedding feel cool and lighter. Also, use light colors for your blanket and bedsheet as well because light colors don’t absorb much heat.

So, when you use the light colors not only for the bedding but also in your room, then you can sleep comfortably all night even if it is a hot summer night.

Top Layer Should Be Light

It is obvious that you can’t use thicker quilts, flannel sheets, or other dense winter bedding accessories during the summer season. During summer nights, your bedding should be like it doesn’t absorb and trap a lot of heat all day. If it does so, your sleep during the night won’t be comfortable.

For a comfortable sleep during a hot summer night, the top layer should be light and cool. Try a comforter that is made from linen, silk, cotton, or other such lightweight fabrics. Again, make sure that you are not only using the light material, but you are also using the light and cool colors as well.

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Choose Breathable Materials

When you decide to get rid of the winter’s heavy bedding, you need to choose the bedsheets, pillowcases, and comforter that are made from natural materials. Usually cotton, silk, and other such natural fabric materials are much better than synthetic fibers and they are good to wick the moisture out of your body. You can easily breathe if you are using a comforter and other bedding items made from natural fabric materials.

You can easily find cotton bedding because it is most popular for summers. But other than summer you can also use fabric made from silk and bamboo. You will love this because it is even more breathable than cotton.

Use Multiple Lightweight Comforter

If you use a single bedspread that is too thick or too thin, then you would feel bad during the night when the temperature gets changes. To avoid such situations, the best option is to pile multiple layers of lightweight sheets.

If you do so, you can remove a layer during the night when you feel it is hot. You can also add the layer back on the sheets when you feel it is cool outside and you need to feel cozier.

So, this idea of using multiple lightweight comforters or duvets will always work for you. Even if will work for you during the cold winter nights as well.

Use Cooler Bedsheets on Mattress

People normally don’t give a second thought to changing the bedsheets after the winter season because the sheets are already very thin and they feel that there is no need to change them. But they fail to realize that it is not the thickness that makes them hot, in fact, it is the color and fabric material of the bedsheet that makes it cool or hot.

Just like your comforter, you need to use the cooler bedsheets on the mattress as well. The bedsheets will be directly in contact with your body during the whole night. So, if it is made from a fabric that has the tendency to absorb heat then you will not be comfortable during sleep.

If you use cotton fabric, linen, or even bamboo, it would be a great choice. Once again, the light colors will work for the bedsheets as well. Not only for the covers but also for the sheets, you should use light colors that don’t absorb much heat, for example, light blue, yellow sunny, or light green colors are good. The white color also considered good for the bedsheet.

So, these were the 5 basic tips or you can say ideas for summer bedding. If you adopt these you can sleep comfortably all night long during the hot summer nights. If you would like to share your ideas with us, don’t hesitate and use the comment section below.

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