Easy Table lamp makeover

Awesome and Easy DIY Lamps Ideas

Once I went in market to purchase some grocery items. There I saw many lamps, looking stylish and innovative. But I can’t afford it. I surprised and think to make them at home. I gather few DIY lamps ideas and gather material to make lamps at home. I became so happy to create my own light source. There are so many DIY lamps ideas. Making lamps at home is very simple. But you have to know some idea of how to make lamps at home. Lamps are the necessity of every home as you may need it any time. You can also decorate your living room and backyard with these beautiful lamps. They really look charming in backyard and create a pleasant environment. You can make lamps at home at very low cost and easily. You can use old items like spoons bottles, mason jar and soda bottles while making lamps. This technique will also minimize your cost of material. Let’s discuss about DIY lamp from spoons. Take spoons from your home, bend them with steel ring and attach supply cable cum bulb with it. Your own light source is ready. Another great idea of making lamps using soda bottle. Gather 12 to 14 soda bottle. Bend them around the circle and put the bulb and supply cable inside the bottles. Yes! Your rustic homemade lamp is ready. Place it in your room and enjoy your own light source. You can also make rustic hanging lamp using mason jar. You can decorate your backyard hanging them on a pole or tree.

While you’re sleeping there should be cool light in your room. Because whenever you awake and leave your bed you’ll need a light to see the things. So here another cool idea for DIY hanging lamp is to make lamps from hats. Hats made hanging lamp look awesome in your bedroom and create a very pleasant environment.

DIY Cute Lamps made from Spoons

Cool DIY lamps ideas

Cool DIY lamps idea

Easy Table lamp makeover

            Lovely homemade Lamps

Cool DIY lamps idea

Easy table lamp makeover

Easy hanging lamps makeover

Nice DIY table lamp idea

Cool homemade talbe lamp idea

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