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Awesome Tree House-Dom’Up

Dutch Arboriculturist Bruno de Grunne and architect Nicolas d’Ursel from Trees and People have introduced a new suspension style cabin named Dom’up. It’s an innovative treehouse which attracts your attention and shows something innovative as compared to tree camping and traditional treehouse structures. In other words its easy to install tree shelter which leaves no impact on its surrounding environment and trees.

Dom’Up features a lightweight 16 sq m octagonal platform suspended between two trees, using Trees and People’s No Trace arboreal fixing system.

“The idea is to use the inner space of the forest, between the trees, rather than the inner space of a single tree which is full of branches and obstacles,” de Grunne tells Gizmag. “Using our hanging system, we can distribute the weight of the structure with greater support, while having a lower impact on the trees. In fact, a tree can adapt itself to the constant tension like it does naturally with constant wind and we can achieve zero impact on the landscape. It is much better for the trees to hang treehouses between trees with our No Trace hanging devices, rather than trying to build into one or more trees.”

Dom’up provides large terrace and wide open interior space which can be used as bedroom or living. Its equipped with UV-resistant double canvas tent shelter. Moving the bed to the terrace, users can enjoy night under the stars or just keeping the bed inside and zip up to enjoy cozy night in  tree tops.

The Dom’up structure has been made from steel. Wooden flooring and external railing has been installed to make it more secure which can be removed in winter or rainy periods how it can be reinstalled in spring. Access to the treehouse is possible by using wooden ladder or using specifically designed stairs or bridge, depending on the landscape.

It takes 2 days to install this treehouse and can be used for years.The body of the rig has been studied by the well-known engineering company Greisch, to be light, resistant and easy to build or remove, with no need of a crane,” says de Grunne. “The overall durability will depend on the weather conditions but the body of the structure can remain for decades and the tent materials for at least ten years.”

Ropes and Straps to be replaced after five years as per European safety standards. Tree and people are working on updated insulated version of Dom’up with a firewood heating system.

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