Best Grout Available for Showers

Best Grout Available for Showers

Showers can be a bit of a challenge to grout. Let us take a closer look at the grouts that are available for showers.

Showers have the potential to be a tough place and a challenge to grout. Why is that so? You may quite logically ask so. Well, it is mainly due to the fact that showers have a heavy level of moisture within it.

This is not due to just direct contact with water but rather that is just one source of moisture. Showers also have to cope with the moisture that is produced by both steam and also condensation.

All of these can cause a lot of problems when it comes to grouting and it can be even more challenging if you choose the wrong type of grout. For instance, grout that is made out of cement is quite simply the wrong kind of grout to use in the shower due to the fact that it is porous and that it also absorbs moisture very easily.

This can be a reason for the grout to break down or it can even result in the growth of mold and fungi which is very dangerous to just about anyone that is living in the house. What this also means is that these types of grout possess the risk of cracking and also shrinking over a period of time. What this also implies is that grout that is cement-based should be avoided in places like a shower or also a bathroom as well.

Best Grout for Shower

One type of grout that you cannot go wrong with, even if it is for the shower or bathroom, is Epoxy grout. These types of grout, the Epoxy grout, is completely resistant to water and is made from resins and fillers that give it the properties of a sealing adhesive.

These types of grout are just a better choice of grout for areas that tend to be moisture-prone. This means that Epoxy grout is the type of grout that is good for places like showers, kitchens, bathrooms, and also other areas that may be damp.

This makes it the ideal choice of grout for these areas which are bound to get and retain moisture very often. You cannot make the residents of the house not use their showers or bathrooms, therefore you cannot avoid moisture in these parts of the house. This is a very good reason to use Epoxy grout in these places within the home.


Some of the very distinct properties that make epoxy grout the grout of choice for these areas is due to the fact that these are grout that is completely resistant to stain and that they also require no sealing.

This is completely different from Grout that is cement-based. While epoxy grout is the slightly more expensive of these two types of tiles, the value of this added expense cannot be underestimated.

It is worth the additional costs when you think about the durability and also the longevity of epoxy grout in environments that are moist. Because of these particular properties, many professional tile installers will use this type of grout for tiles and mosaic that tend to be in areas that are damp and also moist.

This also includes outdoor environments and also swimming pools. Epoxy grout that is waterproof is perfect for places like showers and bathrooms due to the bonding power that it does have. These grout will not crack, stain, or even skring, this makes them absolutely the perfect solution for environments that are wet.

How to use it

First, prepare the area that you will be grouting by cleaning it properly and thoroughly. Mix the epoxy grout that you have according to the directions provided in the packaging of the grout. This will vary according to the brand you are using.

Proceed to apply the grout with the use of a trowel in order to fill the joints and to also smooth it out properly. Be ready for excess grout by having a damp sponge ready with which you can wipe the excess grout. It is very likely that you will experience what is commonly known as grout haze.

You should make use of clean cloth and also water to remove the haze from your tiles. This last step will need to be done a few times. If you work in a slow and methodical way, you can cut down on the amount of excess grout present and that has to be wiped off.

Advantages of Epoxy Grout

This is a type of grout that is resistant to stains, only a few select chemicals can stain this grout permanently. These groups are also resistant to water, water in fact has very little effect on epoxy. This is an incredible advantage that this type of grout has over the other varieties.

Epoxy Grout

Epoxy grout also has a much longer shelf life than its counterparts. Most grout can only be stored for more than a period of two years. Epoxy can be stored for a lifetime almost. This is because it does not freeze and is normally kept in a container that is airtight.

Another very important benefit of this type of grout is that it does not require any sealant. Epoxy does not need any additional sealants. This type of grout is also resistant to mold and mildew as well.

This particular property of the grout gets amplified when a particular additive is mixed in with the grout before it is applied.

Showers and bathrooms are places where everything that is within it has to contend with a lot of moisture. Not all kinds of grout can handle that much moisture and they all will not last in conditions in which they are not meant to be used. Epoxy is the only type of grout that meets all the prerequisites of being installed in washrooms and bathrooms.

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