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Features You Will Find in the Best Sound Absorbing Panels

Sound manipulation can be done through two popular ways – soundproofing and sound-absorbing. While soundproofing is the solution to the noise menace that comes from your surroundings, sound-absorbing allows you to enjoy better acoustics within your space.

With the best sound absorbing panels, auditoriums, theatres, concert halls, lecture halls, and sports arenas can turn into more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Read on to find out about the significant features present in good sound-absorbing panels.

Thickness of Panels

Sound absorbing panels come in different sizes and thicknesses. Generally, panel thickness varies from one to four inches. The greater the thickness, the better will be the sound absorption capacity.

The thickness of panels must be considered along with the purpose of the room. For a classroom or theatre room in your home, a panel thickness of 2 inches can do the job efficiently. However, if the wavelengths are longer, more thickness is needed.

NRC Rating

NRC or Noise Reduction Coefficient rating of sound-absorbing panels indicates the level of sound that can be absorbed. The number lies between 0 and 1. For instance, if the NRC rating of a brand is 0.65, then it implies that 65% of the sound in the room will be absorbed. The best sound-absorbing panels with the highest sound soaking capacity come with 1 NRC rating.

Size of Panels

Sound absorption panels come in different height/width combinations. Generally, the 2 by 4 feet panels are used to achieve optimal coverage (it is recommended to cover a minimum of 20% of walls with panels for significant results).

However, smaller panels (1X 1 or 2X2 feet panels) are easier to mount and can be used with non-permanent adhesives. Therefore, damage or changes to space can be minimal. Smaller panels also offer more flexibility for your deployment plan.

The best sound-absorbing panels offer different size options to allow optimal surface coverage (larger panels) and ensure that irregular-shaped spaces are taken care of (smaller panels).

Alternatively, you can also customize your panels and thus choose suitable sizes.

Panels with a Touch of Style

One of the crucial reasons behind the popularity of acoustic panels is their ability to turn a place into a more aesthetically appealing one. Sound absorbing panels that come in different surface patterns (wedge or pyramid-like 3D designs) and colors can be applied to a wide variety of environments.

From restaurants to classrooms, the best sound-absorbing panels can be used to perform their intended function, along with adding more color and style to space.

Professional Assistance

While picking the size and shape of acoustic panels, you must consider the type of room and activities performed within the room and the existing furniture. Sound absorbing panels from retailers or manufacturers who can enlighten you with the appropriate knowledge come with an advantage.

For a space with the ideal acoustic setting, sound-absorbing panels are much needed. The initial experiments to determine the right sound balance can take significant time and effort, but the results are laudable. Picking out panels with the right features makes the entire process simpler and less time-consuming.

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