Bring Your Room Together With a Round Area Rug

After furnishing a room, an area rug can help enhance the décor and the shape can have more of an impact on the room’s aesthetics than you might think. Round area rugs, in particular, can be tricky to place correctly. Here are several things to think about if you’re considering one for your home.

1. Room Characteristics

Depending on the characteristics of a room, round rugs can be practical in several ways:

  • Definition in a circular room
  • Making a small room feel more spacious
  • Complement similarly shaped décor

In general, round area rugs are best suited for furniture arranged in a circle or to accentuate pronounced fixtures, like a chandelier.


2. Material

The materials used for area rugs fall roughly into two categories: natural and synthetic. Natural fibers are often preferred as they are usually more durable, environmentally sustainable, and typically don’t release harmful toxins (such as formaldehyde, acetone, and benzene) like synthetic substances might.

Wool is often perfect for families and active environments. It is considered rather comfortable and the dense construction tends to repel liquids, making stains less likely.

If you’re looking for a robust, durable rug, consider jute or sisal. These materials are also ideal for creating unique weaves and textures.

Seagrass may be an excellent option for an eco-friendly home; it is fast-growing, harvests efficiently, and is biodegradable. Rooms with a lot of activity can benefit from the natural noise insulation quality of seagrass.

3. Size

Arrange the furniture in your room before measuring for the area rug and pay extra attention to the following factors, but before that, click here to see the clearance range.

  • Dining rooms – Measure the diameter or length and width of the dining table and add at least 30 inches. A chair, moved back from the table should stay within the rug’s edge.
  • Living rooms – Essentially, a large seating area calls for a large rug. Round rugs can be used in a smaller space with a sectional, adding color, interest and perceived space.

4. Color

The color you choose can help establish the ambiance of the room. If you’ve decorated with brightly colored walls and furniture, muted rug colors are often harmonious without distracting the eye. Soft, cool tones usually bring a serene, tranquil feel to a room. Light-colored area rugs typically help a small space appear larger while rich, deep colors can balance stained woods and create a close, intimate mood.

Using the guidelines above, you should be able to place a round rug anywhere in your home confidently. Woven with natural fibers and colors that accentuate your existing décor, round area rugs can be a bold statement of which you can be proud.

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