DIY pallet shelves

Best Budget Friendly DIY Pallet Shelves and Racks for Books and Bottles

If you love crafting, then there is nothing better than the pallets. You can make almost anything you want from the pallets. For example, you can craft DIY Pallet frame bed for your kids or you can create a base for a table on which you can place a glass as well.

But today, we will show you amazing DIY pallet shelves and racks that are best for keeping your magazines, kids books or you can even showcase your bottles or anything you want in these shelves and racks.

DIY Pallet Shelves for Books

You can easily create a DIY Pallet wood shelf or rack to keep your magazines or children books. But don’t think that it is a matter of few minutes. You have to spend about 2 to 3 hours in measuring, cutting, nailing, varnishing and sanding.

DIY pallet shelves

Tools required

  • 3 Planks of almost 3.5″ in width from the pallet.
  • 2 Planks of greater thickness.
  • 10 to 15 sharp nails
  • Hammer, Saw, Measuring Tape
  • Sander, Brush to Varnish


  • Cut down the 3 planks using saw in equal length by precise measurement with the measuring tape.
  • Use the sander to sand the planks and then use varnish if you like with the brush.
  • Cut down the 2 planks which should be half in length as compared to other 3 planks.
  • Make an arch of these two planks to make your DIY pallet rack beautiful.
  • Join the two planks of greater length together with the help of nails and hammer.
  • Make it sure that both the planks are perpendicular to each other i.e. they make an angle of 90°.
  • Now attach the two planks of greater thickness but half in length on one of the planks which are attached perpendicular to each other. The two new planks should be on both sides of the same plank.
  • Attach the 3rd plank of greater length on the back side of two smalle planks. This third plank will be a support plank.
  • Now the final step, select the height on the wall where you want to fix your DIY pallet rack and use hammer it with nails. Make it sure that level is okay.

Its all done, now you can decorate your DIY Pallet Wood Shelf to keep books, magazines, wine bottles or anything you want.

DIY Pallet Wood Book Shelf Rack

DIY pallet book shelf


Pallet rack

DIY pallet shelf for bottles

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