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Bugs That Enter Through Pipes, Drains, And Overflow Drains

Are you discovering bugs in your house? Even if you keep the windows and doors closed, they keep coming, especially in the kitchen and bathroom area. If yes, then maybe, they are entering through your kitchen and bathroom pipes and drains.

Yes, you read it right! Bugs, just like insects, can live in the pipe and overflow drains. In fact, not only do they live in these damp areas, but they also breed inside them. Generally, they need food, water, and shelter to survive. And, the pipes and drains of the house provide them all of that. They can feed on organic matter such as food waste, hair, grease, and even toothpaste.

Needless to say, their presence in the house can affect the health of your family. That’s why it is essential to get rid of them. But, first, let’s learn about the bugs that enter through the pipe, drain or overflow drains.

  • Cockroaches

They are the most common type of drain bugs. You can find them in the kitchen sink or bathroom drain. It is because these areas are a continuous source of food and water. Besides, they also like dark and humid places. Your kitchen and bathroom drains are an easy entry point for them to enter the house and infect it.

  • Fruit Flies

Fruit flies usually resemble gnats that are year-round trouble. However, you can distinguish them from other flies due to their red eyes. They tend to lay their eggs in fermenting material. It ensures that the larvae (young ones) have constant access to food. You can find them near the kitchen drain, garbage can, or damp organic matter.

  • Drain Flies

Drain flies are often confused with moth flies due to their hairy bodies and wings. However, they originally belong to Diptera and are much darker in color and also quite small. You can find these flies near contaminated sewage such as drains, sewers, moist soil, or septic tanks.

  • Phorid flies

Phorid flies usually have a unique “hump-backed” appearance which makes them indifferent from fruit flies. In addition to this, you can easily distinguish them as they tend to run before flying. They can dig up to 6 feet underground to get their preferred environment. That’s why your bathroom drains are a potential breeding ground for phorid flies.

How To Get Rid Of Bugs?

Each of these flies can infect your house and affect your family’s health to a great extent. Therefore, it is essential to get rid of these bugs immediately. All you need to do is to contact pest control professionals. They can help exterminate the bugs from every pipe and drains. Moreover, they can also locate their secret breeding places and disinfect them.

Precautions To Take

To avoid the entry of bugs into the house, you need to take some precautions. For instance, keep the home, especially the bathroom and kitchen area clean. You can also cover your drain stoppers, covers, and metal drain screens. Also, always remember to remove any hair, sludge, or food wastage from the drains.


For the better health of your family, it is essential to keep your house protected from germs, insects, and bugs. Use the method mentioned above or contact the professionals for utmost protection.

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