Build a Birch-Log Coffee Table

Once again, a warm Welcome to all my Smart readers!! I am very Glad to see you every time in my diary. Today I am going to discuss with you an amazing furniture technique, I hope you would like it. We’re seeing plenty of nouveau-rustic furnishings in fashionable catalogs and retailers right now—it’s one among the most popular looks on the furniture runway. We tend to be known there had to be a less expensive way to score this designer vogue. So, turns out some basic tools and materials are all you would like to induce the design for way less than designer worth tags and in precisely a weekend. We’ll show you the way.


  • 4×8-foot sheet birch plywood
  • Circular saw
  • Wood glue
  • Wood screws
  • Cordless drill
  • Birch logs cut 18 inches long
  • Miter saw
  • Grout
  • Grout float
  • Putty knife
  • 4-inch casters
  • Clear polyurethane


STEP NO 1: Build the Base:

First of all, cut the plywood base to 33×24 inches, then build a plywood box mensuration 27x18x16 inches by cutting 2 27×16-inch and two 18×16-inch items for sides and one 27×18-inch piece for the highest. Then glue the box sides along, then screw. Finally, center the box on the wood base, Congress through the box and into the bottom to secure.

STEP NO 2: Attach the Logs:

Cut logs to eighteen inches using a miter saw. We used thirty-four 3-1/2-inch logs, however, you’ll be able to modify the number supported the diameter of your logs. Bead wood glue on one aspect and on the underside of every log. Secure the logs to the wood base and box as shown above. For additional strength, screw through the wood box into every log.

STEP NO 3: Close the Top:

Top the box with the 27×18-inch piece of plywood as you cut in the Step number one. Screw the highest to the box to secure it.

STEP NO 4: Add Accents:

First of all, you need to cut approximately 1-inch birch rounds using a miter saw. We tend to cut 40 for this project. Use wood glue to secure every spherical to the box prime, orienting in rows as you glue.

STEP NO 5: Grout Work:

Spread grout over the logs with a grout float, smoothing between the sides of the logs. Wipe off further grout with the float. Use a spatula to scrape off grout to your desired look. Enable the grout to dry before continuing to the following step.

STEP NO 6: Finish with Wheels:

Now the final step came, in this step you need to attach casters to the bottom of the table with screws. Then position the casters one in. From the sides of the table. End by applying a coat of clear polyurethane to the wood. So how was the entire project? I hope you would like it. Thanks for your time here!! Stay connected to my site and don’t forget to add a comment.

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