DIY Wooden pallet feeder designs

Build Your own Horse Pallet Feeder

I like horse riding since my childhood; therefore we have three horses in our farm house. We try our level best to provide them their all living facilities and care. As I went to have a horse riding, I went to my farm house. I saw that horse feeder has become old. It needs to be replaced with a new horse feeder. I started for easy horse feeder ideas and there came in my mind to make a wooden horse feeder. I get some pallet wood slabs from my home scrap and find horse feeder designs on the internet. Following the design I make some pieces of different length of pallet wood. I joined the pallet pieces as per feeder designs instructions and used glue for joint strength. It’s looking awesome horse feeder. Although it’s looking beautiful in its original color of pallet wood however you may apply a color like white, brown or any you like.

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DIY Wooden pallet feeder designs

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