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Basic Things You Need To Know About Bullet Proof Shields

We know about the bulletproof shields. Usually, police use this shield as protection from gangsters and criminals. But what about using a bulletproof shield by civilians and is it possible to make a ‘Do It Yourself’ bulletproof shield?

So, let’s discuss a few things that you should know about these shields. In fact, we will try to answer a few questions that most people ask about a bulletproof shield.

What is a Bulletproof Shield?

Well, in a real sense, there is nothing like a bulletproof shield. They are actually bullet-resistant shields that can offer some resistance against the bullet and can save the person who is wearing that vest.

Different shields have different resistant levels and it totally depends on the cost and the quality of the shield. A simple bulletproof vest may protect you from the bullet of a gun, but the same shield might fail to provide you protection against the bullet shot from a rifle.

And, the vest that can protect you from the rifle bullet might not necessarily protect you from the bullet of a sniper. So, if you are authorized to keep and wear a bulletproof vest, you should know the rating and ability of the vest to resist different types of bullets.

Can Civilians Use Bulletproof Shields?

Well, the answer to this question can’t be simply yes or no. In different countries, there are different rules regarding using a shield by a civilian. Even in the same country, different states might have different rules about this.

Like in California, it is legal to have a bulletproof shield by civilians unless you were involved in a serious crime in the past. Whereas, in some other states and in most of the other countries you can’t buy a bulletproof vest until you have a legal license from the authorities.

Moreover, in some countries, it is totally illegal to have such a shield by a civilian. Authorities will not issue a license to have such a vest to any civilian. These shields are strictlry prohibited and are only allowed to the armed forces in some countries.

Can You Buy Bulletproof Shield Online?

If a license is required in your state or in your country, then it is recommended that first, you get your license. After that, check for the local laws whether it is legal or illegal to buy a bulletproof shield in your state or country.

Whereas, if you are in California, you can buy a bulletproof shield for yourself from any online store or you can buy it face to face as well from your local seller near you.

If you don’t want to get into trouble, it is good to always check local laws, and ask the lawyers about what the law says about it. Also, try to consult a retired armed force person who can guide you in a better way. Or at least ask the authorities about the legality of having a bulletproof vest by a civilian for protection purposes.

What is the Average cost of a Bulletproof Vest?

The cost also depends on the state you are living in and also the quality of the vest. Normally if you buy online, you can buy a bulletproof vest for as low as 200$ USD and it can go as high as 800$ USD or even more.

The weight of the vest, it’s rating, its quality, and the material used, all these factors are considered in the pricing of a vest. For more information, you should read the latest blogs at the Alibaba blog.

Can We Make DIY Bulletproof Shield

Yes, you can make a bulletproof shield yourself if you know what are materials are used in the vest. And it will be cheaper than any online bulletproof shield. You can make it in just $30 USD at home. But that will be very low quality and can protect you from the gun bullets which are shot from a distance.

But you can’t be sure about that as you made it yourself. So, it is good not to try this at all, because your life is much more important than saving a few hundred dollars on buying a bulletproof shield.

Always buy one from an authorized store and of a good brand. So that, it can save your life.

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