6 Essential Considerations When Buying Custom Awnings

What should consumers look for in custom awnings? The history of awnings dates back to the use of “woven mats” in ancient Egypt and Syria. Today they provide many of the same benefits as ancient times, including protection from bright sunlight and heavy rainfall.

When in the market for customized outdoor awnings, here are some of the main features to weigh:

Company’s Offerings

As consumers shop for outdoor awnings, they might need other window treatments, including:

  • Indoor blinds
  • Exterior shutters
  • Retractable roofs
  • Exterior Venetians

Being able to purchase several items from one online retailer can save a person time, effort, and money. Buying indoor and outdoor window treatments from different internet stores, for example, can produce a less convenient shopping experience.

Custom Awnings

Company Policies

It is important to find out whether or not the awning retailer offers a warranty, returns, and exchanges. If so then you should also find out how long it is valid, what it covers, and any exclusions. Information like this is usually found on the company’s website and often in a downloadable file.


Different outdoor awnings use different mechanics. For example, there are “pivot arm” or “drop arm” units. As the name suggests, the awnings move outward and down when they pivot from the hinge brackets. This allows homeowners or businesses to change the awning’s angle due to changes in the sun’s angle throughout the day.

Another type of retractable awning is the “folding arm” type that is available in manual and automatic variants. The awning’s joints function like a human arm through extending and contracting.

Meanwhile, a chain connects the awning’s arms. The simple mechanics make folding arm awnings durable and quite easy to use. When selecting a type of customized awning, it is important to consider the particular needs of your home or business. In some cases, a full-cassette folding arm awning is the best choice, while in other cases another variant is a wiser choice.

Product Details

Before picking a customized awning, you should know certain specifications. For example, if you are shopping for a pivot-arm awning, some key features to consider include:

  • Applications
  • Features
  • Options
  • Width
  • Maximum projection/drop

Such details can help you determine whether a particular awning model is ideal for your home or office, or if another one would be better suited. Meanwhile, without important details, it can be very challenging to choose wisely.

Retailer’s Experience

When selecting an online retailer offering customized awnings, you should consider how much industry experience the company has. A key factor is how long the company has been operating.

The best option is a business that has long-term experience making and/or selling outdoor awnings. For example, some companies have one, two, or three decades of experience selling awnings. This makes them very practical options versus startups.


Informative/Interactive Website

If an online retailer of awnings does not have a website at all, then it could be a red flag. For example, over 47% (2015) of all Australian companies have an online presence, according to IT News.

An Internet store’s website can provide a lot of helpful information besides products, including:

  • How-to guides
  • Blogs
  • Contact info
  • Newsletters
  • Search engine

These and other features can add value to your experience, whether you are in the market for just outdoor awnings, or also other items like window blinds.

When shopping for an outdoor awning for home or office, a customized product can offer more options due to customization. You can avoid cookie-cutter units and pick an awning based on factors like mechanism, style, and size. Then you can be certain everything is covered after installing custom awnings.

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